destiny leaves home and school to go and live with the lads but everyone likes her who will she choose but after she chooses will she go with her own band to start her own life or stay with the lads


4. who to love

                                                           destiny's pov

i was telling all my friends bye b ut when i was telling dylan the boy i liked since 5th grade i was kinda sad cuz i wasnt going to see him for a long time so i told him i loved him he told me the same i had a tear he hugged me and gave me a kiss and i felt bad cause his parents died in a car crash and lives with his abusive brother zack who barley cares about him when i was about to leave he asked for my phone and walked away 15 mins later he came back and gae me my phone i hugged him and i went home

                       Iwas getting in the car and when i got to the airport i new the boys where there because there was a few fans around them and i went up to them and we were ready to go .we got on the plain and liam put my luggage up for me he was such a gentleman.we were in first class so i went to sit next to liam and zayn.when the" flight attendent" came all of the boys said suprise and there was dylan thats i was so excited i ran up to him and hugged him but my face was facing the boys and harry,louis,andniall looked happy but liam looked mad and zayn was looking from me to liam and looked ery mad what was wrong with them

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