destiny leaves home and school to go and live with the lads but everyone likes her who will she choose but after she chooses will she go with her own band to start her own life or stay with the lads


1. the prefomance

                                                              nialls pov

 "Are you sure your ok to preform today'? i asked liam yea im ok he said in a tierd tone.i need to find a good friend or girlfriend for liam i told zayn

                                                      destinys pov

I cant belie my grandpa got one direction to preform at are schoolim glad im the host for today i told my close friend dylan.30 minuets later they showed up i was excited but i wasnt fangirling or anything

                                                           liams pov

when i saw destiny she was beautiful her hair was nice and curly and her eyes they were also beautiful ugh i think i was truly madly in love

                                                         destinys pov

it was 12 minutes after they showed up and we talked then i told them to go behind this wall and i went out to the audianceand started to get the crowd wild up and i left it up to one direction.

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