destiny leaves home and school to go and live with the lads but everyone likes her who will she choose but after she chooses will she go with her own band to start her own life or stay with the lads


5. that house

                                                              destinys pov          

  its been 2 mounths now and the lads just finished their up all night tourand eery one was going to their house in L.A hollywood i just called it that house any way it was a big house 7 rooms and 4 bathrooms a huge kitchen niall says them made it just for him.dylan and i was now going out and we both had accents from hanging out with the lads .and now zayn and niall was fighting

                                                             zayns pov

  OMG I HATE YOU NIALL you knew i loved  destiny shes my everything i shouthed to niall "wait you love her so does harry liam and louis but he has eleanor so dont blame me ok i just got a call from dylanand he asked if he could come on tour with us and any way this was two months ago niall shouted back

           oh well im sorry for yelling at youits just i loe her with all my heart i'll go yell at harry liam and louis can you take dylan out somewhere i asked niall ok he said in his irish attitude way.after they left i called liam harry and louis to sit on the sofa then i told destiny to sit in the middle.then i asked destiny who wold she date out of the 4 of us she asked wheres dylan and niall i told her their out doing things then she said 'i like all of you even niall who isnt here but out of the 4 of u guys i like noine of you guys cuz something werid is going on"she said after 12 mins of convecing destiny nothing is going on she started talking "fine i like you as a brothercause you are always their for me i like harry but i think louis took you and i like u like a brother also and louis your cute and everything but you have a girlfiend that loves you and liam i will talk to you later

                                                            liams pov

humm does destiny like me i thought walking to the bathroom after i was done harry louis and zayn was gone and i couldnt find destiny ether intill i found sitting on the couch i sat next to her and asked her what she wanted to tell me then all a sudden she kissed me on the lips for a while and told me she loved me since the prefomance at her school and she kinda didnt want dylanto come on tour with us then i stopped her and kissed her lips that was soft as cotton then she laid me down on the sofa and right then the door openedit was niall we pretended to look for the remotebut niall called me into the room and told me he saw me and destiny kissing i told him not to tell any one then i waked out he then called destiny she was in their for a while i wonder what they were doing.after an half an hour everyone came back and went to their rooms but niall he was in the kitchen eating pizza so i stopped bye destinys room and told her to come to my room she said she will be right in their.she came in with a one direction shirt and sweat pants on i could tell she  went to harry's room she came in and locked the door behind her and laid in bed with me i started to kiss her on the neck up to her lips and was holding her soft curly /straight hair in my hands i was getting my freak on ;p

                                                     destiny's pov

            While me and liam was making out i was thinking i love liam me and dylan dylan are dating harry and zayn like me also niall but if he saw me and liam kissing why would he kiss me and louis has a small crush too i asked my self what if i ruin the band 100,000,000, millon girls,guys,men,women,and babies would hate me omg what do i do. then liam asked me did i want to go with him some where i wondered where he gunna take me 6;oo am but i still said yea

                                                    liams pov

i took destiny to a place i always wanted to take a girl i loved snice i was 13 the holly eood snigh to see the veiw of L.A we got out our blanket and whatched the sun rise beautiful destiny said then around 7;30 we headed home

                                                 destinys pov

 After me and liam came home i laid in bed with liam and we talked for a while then i got up and stoped in zayns roomto find him in the mirror i rapped my hands around his waist and told him sorry for not saying i liked him he turned around and gave me a hug and said its ok sis and we smiled .i whent to nialls room next finding him organising his supra's and stuff i just said hi and good morning .next was harrys room and he was asleep so i decided to wake him up bye doing something simple and i put a white sheet over my body and i said his name in spooky vocies he woke up screaming withbarley any sound comeing out of his mouth i pulled the sheet of and went to gie him a big hug and asked him to cook breafest  so he got up and went to the bathroom the next room was louis and eleanors room eleanor wan awake but lois wasnt so i asked her to sneak out of bed and i replaced her and started to tickle louis i didnt even know he was ticklish and he was screaming to stop it  me and eleanor was cracking up. me and eleanor were close she was my sister to me and last was to dylans room dyaln was watching tv it was watching a channel like mtv and tmz but called omg reallyand it showed me and liam on the hollywood cam  the had a camera on the holly wood sign and it showed me and liam kissing i tried to walk out the room but he asked me is that me and liami said noo y would it be then theyhad to show a close up yes it is he said you know i think i should leave i miss my friends back home he said it was weird because he was already packed and he walked out the door so much for niall giving 1,000 dollars so after he left i went to liams room and told him me and dylan broke up and then he asked me out i said yea the harry called us to come eat we came out the room holding hands  

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