destiny leaves home and school to go and live with the lads but everyone likes her who will she choose but after she chooses will she go with her own band to start her own life or stay with the lads


6. suprise!!!

                                                               liams pov

       ok everyone please come to the living room i yelled .when everyone camei started to talk,ok everyone eleanor took destiny out shopping so we dont have a lot of time anyway as u know me and destiny has been going out now for 3 mounths and one direction starts rehearsing take me home soon and also friday is destiny's birthday what sould we do? i asked

                                                                 harry's POV

     well we only have three days what about something small destiny is like you liam shy and every thing lil is big so what about just a B-day where we all get her a girt and....... go take her to dinner then go bowling i suggested "humm thats a good ideal"liam replided "what about a cake "niall said "one direction"louis said ok i quess so louis you wanna order the cake and also tell eleanor the plans.

                                            dewstinys pov

      eleanor,you and louis are so cute together i told her well you and liam are cute i never saw him sooo happy eleanor said .then i stopped OMG look at that outfit its soo cute it was light blue jeans with a ruffle blue top and toms that where highheals and it came witth a matching ruffle blue dress it may have been simple but i never really had nice clothes so we went and i got it for me and eleanor so now we can wear it to our next dinner


                        3 days later       3days later

                                                                   destinys pov

     I woke up and i got right in the shower when i got out i put on a outfit eleanor gave me a while ago it was a red,white and black plaid shirt with black jeans and white converse after i got dress i blowdried my hair with all that took 45 min i walked out the bathroom and looked for liam and i couldnt find him so i looked for zayn and i couldnt find him etheir  i checked the hole house and all i found was a note saying "we will be back later xoxoxoxo".so i went to liams room and got his ipod and plugged it into a sterio and sung to my favriote songs i was a good singer  i won some talent shows by myself and won some taket shows with my band "belive' i can also play the clarinet,trumpet,piano,guitar,and the drum i was a hard worker i thought to my self then i  took a nap on the sofa an half an hour later i hear SUPRISE and i didnt just wake up i wanted to play a joke on them so i stayed laying down on the sofa and i could tell they found the note i put by the door before i took a nap it said " i have to go out too be back soon xooxxooxxoo i was trying too not give up then zayn started to get mad"where is she does she know that people hate her because shes dating liam and their are people out their who would kill her "zayn said then i gave out i got up and they were all facing the other way so i went up to zayn to tell him everything was ok and to give him a hug but when i did that i also scared him he jumped and everyone said suprise i looked and louis was holding a one direction cake then harry walked past me and whisperd in my ear "dont you look sexy ' i knew he still liked me so i put my hands on his abs and said what till tonight.After louis put the cake away niall handed me a present i opened it and it was the iphonet5 and it already had my  favorite  apps and music and all my phone numbers i was so happy cuz i needed a new phone i huggged hi and gave him a kiss.Next was louis he gave me a ring it was real gold and a real dimond ring it was beautiful and on the in side it said forever mine and eleanor didnt know that then i hugged him and gave him a kiss then eleanor gave me a pair of real gold and dimonds to match my ring i gave her a bigg hug then harry was next he got me a few gifts 1st one direction toms 2end a bracelt that said harry got me this 3erd one direction beats i gave him a huge hug and kiss i was so happy zayn was next he got me a phone case for my new phone and they all signed it and a varsity jacket that says one the frount left destiny and on frount right malik and on the back it said zayn' princess i also gave him a hug and kisslast but not least was liam he got me a necklace it had a infinty signand inside the ovals said foever liams he also got me a pink and white baby g and a bracelt that says me and liams name and also an anklet that says"niall liam louis harry zayn eleanor i gave him a big hugg and kiss and then liam said to get ready for dinner so me and eleanor put our new outfits on and did our make up and hair then i put on all my new jewlry and put my case on my phone and put it in my purse and i was ready to go

                                                          liams pov

we all got to the reastraint we sat down and everyone started to look at the menu and a few min later we all ordered our food,ate,and talked and after an hour we went bowling after bowling for 2 hours harry won one game and destiny won the other when we got home we had cake and after cake everyone went to bed.

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