destiny leaves home and school to go and live with the lads but everyone likes her who will she choose but after she chooses will she go with her own band to start her own life or stay with the lads


7. Disneyland,interveiw,puppy,??

                                                                   Destiny's ;pov

    wake up everybody i yelled today you guys are gettingout this house.Iwas already awake so was harry we cookto take est for everyone and i woke up niall first so he can eat then everyone else we all sat down and ate while they were eating me and eleanor had to call disney land for secrity because today was diseny day i we were gunna take them out to disney land.after everyone showerd and got  dressed me and eleanor wore shorts and matching to what are boyfriends were wearing eleanor was wearing red toms shorts and a red and white tee with suspenders hanging off her shorts i was wearing white converse shorts and a blue plaid shirt that i tied to just show my belly button and louis wore toms plack pants with red and black stripped shirt with suspenders on sholders and liam was wearing converse blue plaid shirt and tan pants.

                                                                    ZAYNS POV

              sigh,even tho liam is her boyfriend i love destiny verymuch i told niall as we walked and then destiny came over and she took my hand and yelled to the group "we'll be back"we walked to a part where secrity was and since nobody was in the store we asked to close it for 10 min

                                                               DESTINY POV

         i was telling zayn taht im always will be there for him i gave him a kiss i wasnt trying to cheat on liam he just needed a kiss i felt him smile in smiled too then i stopped and told him that i lie and choose liam but you can still spoil me look zayn you stopped talking to me so i want you to know i love you and you never know it could change be tween me and liam . i hugged him and he stopeed and ran to the other side of the store and found a daisy duck tedybear and bought it and said your liams miney and my daisy.after 3 hours at disney land we went to goget ice cream and liam kinda didnt want to go i didnt know y but we went anyway it was about 9:35 we all orderd our ice cream and sat down i asked liam if he everhad cookie dough ice cream and he shook his heaad no so i put some on the spoon and put the spoon out to him everyone was laghing and i didnt know y but liam refuse to take the spoon then eleanor told me liam didnt like spoons i smiled and put the ice cream on my finger but harry took it so i went to ask for a fork and they had one liam tried it and loved it so we traded ice creams .

                                                                            NIALLS POV

   WAKE UP i shouted going donw the hallway and seeing liam and destiny makeing out agin WE HAVE AN INTERVEIW i yelled and they stopped then harry yelled what time 9am oh YEA ONLY AN HOUR AND 20 MIN everyone got dressed and we headed their.

                                                          DESTINYS POV

      we all managed to get dressed and a limo picked us up and when we got to the interveiw the lads barley made it they only had seconds so me and eleanor was backstage and we were listing then we hear "so liam i see you have a girlfriend "'yes i do ""what about bringging her out also eleanor we both came out and sat down after an hour we left and the lads had to go to an photoshot and they had to take pics with puppys they had to pick between labs or germansheperds and the lads let me and eleanor pick we picked the labs because they were playful and so cute after an hour of that the people who owned the pups were saying they needed homesso me and eleanor begged for a dog and liam got me a germansheperd to protect me and we named it woody and louis got eleanor a lab and named it sparkle then we headed home before we got home i asked louis to drop me and eleanor to a pet store to get supplies i knew eerything we needed because i grew up with 2 dogs 2 cats a rabbit 4 birds a hermit crab lots of fish and a hamster so yep when we got their i asked eleanor to get assories and clothes and all that cute stuff and i got food and health stuff and at the end the total was 2,509 dollars but it should last a while so it was a good price when everyone got home every one helped make the buby room we used the room dylan was in because it wad a wood tile floor so if the dogs pee or poop it wont stain the floor.we took everything out and used the closet for the storage of the puppystuff i put  down puppy pads to train  them where to pee and i put the food and warter beds and toys down and it was done now i had to move the bed to nialls room and the dresser to louis's room now everythig was done and then i fell asleep so did everyone else

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