To me your face is a memory and One I wont forget. You have a feeling for me.


1. Remember

Your face to me is a memory

My thoughts at a peak

I remember the special

Beauty and grace


Your something special

It's very true

Hows and whys

There are


But they are all in you

Your the one for me

My spirit, body, and soul

You are in


Wherver you are

You are my whole

Two halves are together now

Forever entwined


The memory of your face

I remember so well

Those eyes so warm

Nose so strong


Lips like wine

A smile so charming

I want to trace

As I remember you


Now I see

Until I'm with you

So we can kiss and love

I'm not whole


My sweet honey

You will always be

So hug me and kiss me

For all eternity

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