The Grimelstein Family

This story was written during my sims' life on Sims 3. The names were the actual names my sims had. This is how they turned out. Thanks for reading.


7. Stacy and Eugene

After Tim graduated high school, he and Stacey were planning on getting married. She wanted to wait until she had made enough money for their home before they did though. Tim got a job at City Hall to help pay for the house and the ring.

Stacey stayed a few nights at his and his parents place with Charlotte sometimes. One day he finally purposed. Stacey was so excited, and she said yes. They decided to have a privet wedding, so they headed to her house afterwards because her mom wasn’t home. Right before they got married, Stacey went into labor.

 Tim scolded her, “Why didn’t you tell me you were pregnant?” “I was going to after the wedding. The baby isn’t even due for another week,” Stacey replied. Tim rushed her to the hospital. There, she had a beautiful boy named Eugene. They went back to her place, had the wedding, and went to Tim’s place.

When Tim got home he took Stacey and her baby into their new room. Then Tim went to tell his parents. “What?!” his father shouted. Tim calmed him down, “I can’t move out yet, you said to stay here until Charlotte was old enough to live on her own.”

“That doesn’t mean she can stay here too… I want her out!”

“Well mom…”

“Your mom has nothing to do with this. So long as I am the owner of this house, she will not stay here.”

“Okay. I’ll tell her.”

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