The Grimelstein Family

This story was written during my sims' life on Sims 3. The names were the actual names my sims had. This is how they turned out. Thanks for reading.


6. Devious Charlotte

Charlotte always caused trouble for Tim, but was an angel for Missy. They took turns taking care of her, and teaching her. When Charlotte was in kindergarten, Missy got engaged to Theroe. Charlotte got so upset when Missy left. She bottled up her anger, until she was in sixth grade.

That was when the tradition of cleaning up the house started. She just acted all innocent when her parents were around, and ordered Tim around when they were gone. “Bubby, do my chores for me,” she would say. Tim would say, “Why, what’s so important that I have to do our chores?” She would simply say, “My school work.”

Tim would just do all the chores. He didn’t care because if all the chores got done, he got to see his girlfriend after school. His girlfriend’s name was Stacey. They loved each other with all their hearts. The sad part was that Stacy was a whole grade ahead of Tim. They made it workout though.

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