The Grimelstein Family

This story was written during my sims' life on Sims 3. The names were the actual names my sims had. This is how they turned out. Thanks for reading.


2. Big News

The next day Mindy woke up and got ready for work. David did the same. After a long day at work David wanted to eat out. Mindy declined his offer and went home. Moments later, she discovered she was pregnant. She walked outside and sat on the porch, awaiting her husband’s return.

When her husband got home, she told him the news. They both rejoiced. She hoped it was a girl, and he hoped it was a boy. For the next several months while David was at work, Mindy was either setting up the baby’s room, or relaxing at the spa. She also went to the hospital for medical advice. She didn’t know when the baby would come, but she was prepared.

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