The Grimelstein Family

This story was written during my sims' life on Sims 3. The names were the actual names my sims had. This is how they turned out. Thanks for reading.


1. The Big Move

          “I love it! It’s much better than our house in Pleasant View,” Mindy said excitedly. “Well this is where we can start over. No parents telling us who to be with and what to do,” her husband, David, said.

Before they had moved to Sunset Valley, they lived in Pleasant View. David’s dad wanted him to be a doctor, but David wanted to be a scientist. His father also did not approve of Mindy. Mindy came from a poor family, and she ran away when she was 16. David didn’t care what his father said, so he ran off with Mindy after their privet wedding.

“Well let’s just get settled in.”


After Mindy and David got settled in, they went job hunting. David went straight to the science lab, Mindy searched other places. Eventually she ended up becoming a scientist with her husband. That night they went home, ate some soup, and went to bed.

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