The Time Traveler 2: Joe’s Return

Forgive and forget.... Unless you are Joe. Who by the way, returns.


6. The Terrible Day

     It was the day. The day Jane and Joe did their terrible deed. Jane pulled out a switch with a microphone. “Yes, now that she has the mind control wristband on she is mine,” Jane said to herself. She turned on the wristband controller and said, “Alex you are my slave. Alex you are my slave. You will rob the bank at exactly 2pm. No sooner and no later.” Then Alex walked out of her room. She went downstairs and ate breakfast. Then she went to the bank and parked to a parking lot next to it. Then at noon she got McDonald’s and returned to her spot. At 1:58pm, Alex went to the bank. Then she got in line and it took her a minute to get to the front counter. “Hello, my name is Mary. I’m an accountant. How may I help you?” said the lady at the desk.

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