The Time Traveler 2: Joe’s Return

Forgive and forget.... Unless you are Joe. Who by the way, returns.


2. The Split and the Mystery

     They told Britney’s mom everything, and Britney’s mom sent Britney and Alexis to a relative in Nevada, one states East. Alex and Alec called the girls every night for a week. Joe never came. Alec went to the police and told them about the note. The police looked for Joe but couldn’t find him. Alex had the police warn the police of Nevada. Joe was still never found.

     “They will never find me,” Joe said hiding in a bush. The bush was in front of Alex and Alec’s house. No one thought to look there. “Mister and Misses Ladson, we can’t find Joe. If you see him, then call us. Until then… stay here,” said Officer Jake. He looked at Alex, the Alec and he left. When Joe saw the coast was clear he stepped out of the bush. He went to a costume store and bought a disguise. 

     Joe went to the Ladson residence and knocked on the door. “Hello,” he started, “I would like to…” Alex slammed the door and called the police. “Hello,” Alex stated, “Joe is in my front yard” Knock. Knock. “Hold on one second.” Joe began again, “I need to talk to you and your…” Slam.  Alex slammed the door again. “Please come to my house officer Jake.” The officer agreed.

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