The Time Traveler 2: Joe’s Return

Forgive and forget.... Unless you are Joe. Who by the way, returns.


1. The Note

     “Hurry up Britney. We don’t want to be late for our first day of school,” Alexis yelled. Alexis and Britney were starting their first day of first grade. Alexis was at Britney’s house waiting. Britney responded, “I’m coming! I’m coming! What’s your rush? School doesn’t start for… five minutes.” “We live two blocks from the school. I don’t know what would happen if we’re late. Plus, I’m not as fast as you,” Alexis commented when Britney was ready. Britney and Alexis ran to school. They made it right on time.

     After school was out Alexis and Britney walked home. They had just had P.E. before they left. When they were a block from their homes Britney saw something that shocked her. “Is that what I think it is?” Britney asked Alexis. Alexis looked over and said, “Yeah. It’s a time machine so what?” “Didn’t that guy Joe say he was from the future. Well if that’s his then he’s still here,” Britney said.

     The girls ran the rest of the way. Britney told her mom that she was going to Alexis’s house. When they got there Alexis yelled, “Mom! Mom! Mom! Joe is still in town. We saw his time machine.” “He’s what? Still here? Oh my gosh. We have to tell your father,” Alex said worried. Alexis and Britney ran upstairs and Alec walked in. “Tell me what,” he said. “Joe is still here. The girls saw a time machine,” Alex said. Alec said, “Well let’s go check it out.”

      When Alexis, Britney, Alec, and Alex got there they saw branches covering a strange object. Alec went over and removed the branches.   A time machine laid, in perfect shape. “Why didn’t he leave? His time machine is… is… perfect,” Alexis complained.

     Alec saw a note and said, “Here’s a note. It’s from Joe. It says, ‘Dear Alec and family. I am from the future, but I wanted you to trust me. When you didn’t trust me I decided to confuse you. Now I will seek my vengeance on you. From, Joe. P.S. If you tell the police I will destroy you all.’ What do we do?” “We have to…,” Alex said, “send Britney and Alexis somewhere else. We’ll tell Britney’s mom everything and have to send the girls to… well we’ll let Britney’s mom decide that.”

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