The Time Traveler 2: Joe’s Return

Forgive and forget.... Unless you are Joe. Who by the way, returns.


5. Forward In Time

     Joe was in the time machine. He pulled a lever and went back to the future. “Honey, I’m back… again,” Joe said. “Where have you been. We are still wanted. Did you do anything? You are so lazy,” his wife shouted. Joe said, “Well, that’s nice. I was just here to say… they don’t trust me.” “Good. I’ll get them to rob the bank. Maybe that will get them to cancel out the thing we did. We still have 5 days. I’ll be back soon,” Jane said. Jane went into the future and found Alexis’s house. “Hello, I’m here for Alex,” Jane said. “Alright are you a friend of hers?” asked Alec. “No, I’m a long, lost, relative of hers. I wanted to tell her I was recently found and wanted to tell her in person,” Jane said with an awkward smile. Alec let her in and had his wife come to the living room. Alex was a bit nervous, but was able to start the conversation, “Hi, how are you? I wasn’t aware I had a long, lost, cousin.” Jane looked at her and said, “You don’t it’s just Alec wouldn’t of let me in. I need you to do me a favor.” Jane pulled out a wristband. “Wear this,” she said. “It will be very useful in the future.” Jane put it on her and walked out the door. Alex thought nothing about it and kept it on.

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