The Time Traveler 2: Joe’s Return

Forgive and forget.... Unless you are Joe. Who by the way, returns.


4. Britney and Alexis Are Back

     “Mom I’m home,” Alexis hollered through the door. “We’re in the kitchen sweetie,” Alex said. That night Alexis watched television until six and went to bed. The next day Alexis got ready for school and called Britney. “Oh, I’m sorry Britney has a 102 degree fever and has to stay home,” Britney’s mom informed her. Alexis replied, “Okay. I’ll just ask my mom to drive me then.” Alexis hung up and asked her mom to drive her. “I’m sorry sweetie,” her mom said, “but I have an interview in five minutes. I don’t have time to take you to school.” That day Alexis walked to school by herself. After school Alexis’s mom picked her up. “Mom I saw Joe!” Alexis said eagerly. “What? You saw Joe?” her mom questioned. “Well that will be the last time.”

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