Said I'd Never Leave Her

Amelia was best friends with Niall Horan when they were children, when Niall drifts away she tries to forget him, but she is made to be a part of his life, unvoluntarily. Everywhere he goes, she has no choice but to be there too, but when the other four boys step on the scene including another mysterious figure, she realises her fate..............


25. What you mean this?!

Milly's P.O.V:

I sit across from Zayn while he blabs on about what they have been doing these last two years. Hundreds of photoshoots, singings and concerts. I nod uncontrollably, I must have spaced out as Zayn mutters something to Liam before turning to me,


My head snaps up and I feel my cheeks go red in embarassment,

Sorry Zayn I just..-

He cuts me off,

Milly I know, this is kinda sudden to drop off like this without warning. I know it shocks you, especially from your reaction opening the door but well, we wanted to see you again. 

I sigh and nod, he sits back on the couch, proud of his little speech. I glance over at Harry and Louis, Louis is shout whispering to Harry while Harry is looking at me intently with his mysterious green orbs. I glance away, Louis stands closer to Harry to grab his attention. Harry mutters something and joins Liam and Zayn on the couch. I excuse myself to go to the bathroom, once inside, I brush my hair out of my face and lean my head against the cold mirror. I splash water on my face and sit on the toilet seat, pondering on whether or not I should just hide back here until they leave. I eventually gather up my courage and leave, I jump about fifty feet into the air when Harry suddenly comes at me from the other side. He growls hungriliy and pushes me against the wall of the hall, nibbling my ear, which sends shivers down my spine. He growls into my ear,


This brings me back to reality and I push him off me, I'm not as strong as him so it doesn't affect him. I push him harder which causes him to lose his balance, he bounces back and pushes me against the wall harder. Memories of Liam and I doing this in the X Factor mansion floods back. Harry takes it as me coming onto him so he kisses my neck, I hit him in the stomach but end up hurting my knuckle. He grins into the kiss, I push him hard which causes him to back off, hurt written across his face.

What the hell Harry?!

I shout at him, he looks at me weirdly, he shoves his hands into his pockets.

I'm not changing my mind, I want you.

I raise my eyebrows, not impressed. He shrugs and shoves his hands further into his pockets. I storm away and back to the livingroom, Louis looks concerned as I go back to my recliner and sigh as I plop myself down on it. I smile at everyone and ignore their unconvinced looks that I'm fine. Harry returns ten minutes later and walks out, I totally gnore his exsistence while all the boys turn in curiousity. I smile smugly, glad to be the cause of Harry Styles leaving. I enjoy the rest of the afternoon with all the boys, catching up on what I have missed and I trade my number with all of them. I pretend to forget everything that happened between Liam and I as I need him as a friend. We actually have a heart to heart later on in the evening once everyone has left. I sit facing him on the couch, staring into his eyes as he talks about his dancer girlfriend, Danielle. I smile at how he lightens up whenever he mentions her name. We go on to talk about Ry as well, he seems to either be ignoring or just forgetting the chemistry we had. Either way, it doesn't bother me as I have Ry and he has Danielle. We are just reunited friends, we laugh and talk for hours. It gets really dark outside,

Eh Liam?

He turns from gazing out the window to look at me with his gorgeous chocolate eyes, wait! Where did that come from?! Do I still like him? It makes sense if you think about it this way, Harry was just a rebound to Liam. I shake my head and continue,

Its getting really dark outside, how are you going to get home?!

His eyebrows knit together like mine do in confusion for a minute, he then smiles and shrugs,

I dunno.

I laugh and go to the kettle to make myself another cuppa,

Want a cup of tea?!

I shout it, not bothering to turn around as I pour the hot water into the kettle. 


I nearly jump, I turn to see him leaning against the counter behind me. His eyes are dancing, I gulp as I look at his strong biceps. you have anything stronger?

I smile and walk over to a press, glad for the distraction of his hot bod, wait, where'd that come from? I'm not even drunk! I've been drinking tea and coffee all day!

Here ya go!

I hand him a bottle of red wine, he grins as I walk back over to the kettle. I hear him look through presses, he eventually pulls out two glasses and walks back to the coffee table and pours two glasses of the red liquid. I bring my tea over and sat on the couch facing him once more.

What happened to the no drinking Liam?

I raise one skeptical eyebrow, my eyes dancing around. He smiles and shakes his head,

Its been a hard day, yeah?

He hands me a glass and gives a toast before taking a big gulp, I sip it. I'm not much of a wine person, more spirits and alco-pops. He smiles as my face scrunches up at the taste. I walk to the kitchen and take out voldka and shots. I pull out some Smirnoff Ice as well, I love the stuff on nights out! I bring it over to a grinning Liam, he has all his wine gone from his glass! I pour shots and we take a round. I don't even remember how many rounds we have taken until Liam grabs me, he lifts me up by his hands on either side of my ribs.  He put me in his lap, I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. I don't know why but it felt so much more right, Ry and I never had passion like this before. Liam chuckles as he leans in, my breath hitches as I lean in too. The alcohol is controlling my body, well kinda, the other half of me just wants Liam. This is the moment when I realise that all those feelings that I felt for Liam years ago havn't left, I just buried them down further but when Liam came back, they flooded back to the surface. I kiss him back and plant soft kisses further down his neck, I don't mean to but I give him a bite, leaving a red patch of skin after me. I kiss him again, he picks me up, me clinging to him like a spider-monkey while he carries me to my room.

I wake up to the light streaming through the curtains. I look beside me to reveal the only person I honestly want to see right now. Liam is still sleeping, his muscular chest rising and falling in his steady breaths. I climb out of bed quietly, I give him a kiss on the forehead. I put on a bedrobe before going to the kitchen to cook breakfast. I make pancakes and cook bacon and sausages with eggs. I make some toast aswell, I put everything on its own individual plate and pour two cups of tea. I go to the bedroom to see Liam sitting at the edge of the bed, his head in his hands. I stand there quietly, waiting. He looks up at me with love clear in his eyes,

Breakfasts ready.

I'm glad that my voice came out even as I lead back to the kitchen. He doesn't follow me out straight away so I sit and sip on my tea. The kitchen stools have their backs to the bedroom door so I obviously jumped when Liam came out of nowhere, patting me on the back. He takes a seat next to me and grabs a piece of toast, he munches thoughtfully on it before turning to me.

Do you regret last night?

I turn to him, searching his eyes. Of course I didn't but did he?

No. Do you?

He looks into my eyes and picks up my hand thats resting on the counter, he gives it a gentil kiss before continueing,

Of course not, I loved every minute of it!

I smile, he puts his arm around my shoulders. I rest my head on his shoulders, he leans his head down to kiss my forehead. His phone buzzes from Ry's bathrobe pocket, 


He moans, kissing my head again. I look fearfully into his chocolate eyes,

I'm gonna have to deal with Danielle.

I gulp loudly, my heart beats loudly and faster. He must have heard it as he leans his head against my chest, listening. I sigh and pull his head up, I meet his soft lips with mine and move in formation. I smile at him as I get up and walk towards the room, he slaps my butt on the way. I turn round, red in the face.


I say each word clearly and distinctfully, he smirks and slaps me again. I turn around, my face now scarlet.

What you mean this?!

He laughs loudly and slaps it again,


He chuckles and rolls back on the balls of his feet,

You're so cute when you're angry, Louis would love you for your sass.

My eyes widen and I point to the kitchen,

Eat your breakfast!

He groans but obeys. I smirk at my control over him and go to my room. I put on a royal blue summer dress that has a thin black belt at the waist, my Gucci nappa leather knee high boots, my favourite vintage black jersey quilted Chanel bag, a white gold and diamond Dior ring, a blue blazer and I leave my hair down in waves from yesterdays plait. I walk out to try and find my makeup bag, I hear a loud wolf whistle from the kitchen. I start to smile but it quickly fades as I see Harry picking at Liam and mine's breakfast. I snorted and turned to Liam,

Whats HE doing here?!

Liam frowns before replying quietly,

You look beautiful by the way but he came round and I invited him in to wait for you as he came here for you.

I nod quietly and walk over to the door, I open it wide and point to the door. I face Harry and point out,


He grins at me, obviously getting a kick out of my childishness. He walks over to the door and stops in front of me, he's so close that the fringes of my open blazer are touching his white shirt. He leans in closer and breathes his minty scent onto me,

Goodbye princess.

I slam the door shut before he's fully out, it slams on his heels which causes the door to bounce back. He lets out a yelp while I laugh loudly and slam the door again before he can coem back. I swear, sometimes that annoying kid is just trying to mess with my head!

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