Said I'd Never Leave Her

Amelia was best friends with Niall Horan when they were children, when Niall drifts away she tries to forget him, but she is made to be a part of his life, unvoluntarily. Everywhere he goes, she has no choice but to be there too, but when the other four boys step on the scene including another mysterious figure, she realises her fate..............


16. Thats Just The Way It Is

 So guys I'm noht 2 sure if i shuld keep doin this movella cus like theres barely any feedback and im beginning to think this movella is shit! (excuse my launguage!) maybe ye guys could like and comment? comment the word 'Cookies' if you have read it and like it! i need feedback peoples! oh yeah i was reading the movella the other day off my friends phone and i realised that where i had smiley faces in the texts, they were replaced with the letter j. it kinda pisssed me offf but i just wanted to warn ye cus even i was confused and i wrote it! enjoy!


# 2 Weeks Later

Nobody’s P.O.V:

Aoif, Elida and Leona had to go home. Leona and Louis ring each other everyday and promise to. Milly gets private lessons for school as she has been missing school for months. The X Factor scenes and rounds that the boys have been in aren’t on TV yet.


Milly’s P.O.V:

I was really sad to say goodbye to all the girls but they do have lives as well. I was being tutored by this weird German lady but my parents agreed she was too suspicious. I now have this English teacher who is so kind and friendly. Her name is Ms. Kane and is tall with long dark hair. She has grey coloured eyes and today is Wednesday so its subjects that I actually kind of love. Geography, Science, English, Irish, Math, French and History. I have math, English, Irish and French everyday. I have been seeing a lot of Brian recently and a lot less of Liam.


I think it was down to the fact that he never forgot about what my mum said and I was too stupid to realise that. Every time I text him asking to meet up, he makes up an excuse like vocal or dance practise or rehearsals. I get that he's getting famous because of the X Factor but I really thought we had something. I had another date with Brian tonight, this was like our tenth date, I tried Liam's cell phone before getting ready. It rang for a bit and then went to voicemail. I know it sounds creepy but I cherish the twenty second recording of him, of his voice. It made the nerves in my stomach queeze down a fraction of a bit. I sat down on my hotel room bed and sighed loudly, taking as much air as I could, filling my lungs. My phone beeped, I practically jumped over to my phone on the dresser.

Milly’s Texts: bold

Elida’s Texts: italic

Heyyy Hun! J okay so I was thinking…..girlies night out? Its okay if you can't make it! Leona and Aoif can't either so I think I’ll just have a night in xx get to know my ice cream a little better! J


It was Ellie, trust me, I would love to go out with her or even have a night in but my parents had my night already booked out.


Would love to of course! But my parents have me booked out all night! Xxx have a date with Brian and then they are dragging me off to the X Factor xx dreading it! Wish me luck! J


She doesn’t take long to reply,


Oh! Hun that just reminded me of something! Need to talk to you later about Zayn! Xxx ;) don’t get worried! I can almost see your face frowning while you read this! Chill out xx I’ll tell ya tomorrow? If you survive that is hehe lol xx !!!!! J  


I wasn’t going to be worried until you told me not to be! Xx don’t do anything I wouldn’t J


Well then that’s nothing! You never do anything outrageous! Need to take you out and get you pissed one of the evenings! Gtg!! TTYL xxxxx !!!!!!! J


Bye!! But I warn you…… time you come down….you’re getting your ass kicked! Ninja style! Xxx J


I put my phone down and walk over to my wardrobe that’s walk in, I actually getting tired of this room now! I slip out of my grey Hollister tracksuits and tank top and decide on a cheetah print strapless dress, simple square black purse with an alligator texture, simple black stilettos and a simple long black big jewel necklace. I pull my hair out of the plait and tangle my fingers through it. My hair sits on my shoulders in a wavy way and I apply eyeliner, mascara, both black and red lipstick. I shivered slightly but didn’t care. Brian and I had a few dates to ourselves but I told him truthfully that I enjoy the company of his mates. When I did he looked happy and told me that he was glad considering that he wouldn’t have to go to all these work dinners alone. He's still in the hotel room next door so its handy to be able to walk out to the town car together.


I coughed slightly and limped out of my room and into the living room, my mother wasn’t drinking lately and she was actually happy that I was going out with Ry. “Am I ever going to meet this Brian?” I shrugged and left. I continued out into the hall and as usual, he opened the door just as I was about to knock. Should I bother trying anymore? I smiled at his suit, he never fails to amaze me with his glamorous suits. He doesn’t really look sixteen, more like eighteen the youngest. It’s a colleague dinner tonight and I was glad, I love the guys. We stepped out of the elevator and into the lobby, Ry knew a lot of the staff at the hotel. Well he actually knew all of them but still, he liked to know his whereabouts and all possible exits. He's very straightforward and honest with people, that he places his trust in. he trusts me as a colleague, he is actually offering me a place in the business with my nearly full school degree on all types. I smile as he opens the door of the town car for me, holding it until we both get in. Cameron greets me with a grin that stretches from one ear to another, “You look simply ravishing m’dear.” I giggle like a little schoolgirl as he grabs my hand and places a gentle kiss on it, “Mr. Sade that’s very inappropriate of you as I am Mr. Edward’s companion for this evening.” I went along with the role-play in an English posh voice but this made every one of the guys eyebrows shoot up. I smile around the car, “Mr. Taylor, Mr. Cain, its very nice to be in the company of all you fine gentlemen this evening.” I nodded at each of them as I said their names, they couldn’t hold it in any longer though. Laughter burst through the atmosphere, I scrolled down one of the windows. We all had a glass of the complementary champagne and took gentle sips. The evening was filled with laughter but it was all too soon over. “I'm sorry that I have to part company with all you fine gentlemen but I have a show to attend.” They all looked at me curiously but I gently tapped the side of my nose knowingly. I parted them all with a gentle kiss on the cheek each and walked out of the fancy restaurant. I kinda got used to being in all these important places, its makes me think of the last few mornings that Harry has dragged me away to Macys diner to get breakfast. His excuse is always that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but I think he's just trying to get with me, too late. I want him to understand and stay being my good friend. I stood outside in the cold street waiting for my dad, I texted him the address of the restaurant when we got here so he shouldn’t have any problem. Twenty minutes later he pulls up with a flushed face, I hop in and not bother to ask questions. At this rate I just want to go home and ignore the fact that the X Factor is on. We pull up to the place where it is, I'm not going to even bother identifying it, and stalk in after my Dad.


The whole evening was fairly boring but I did notice that the background dancers are really talented and there's a few good singers. I knew Niall is a good singer anyways so it wasn’t any surprise that his solo was amazing. By the end I'm practically falling asleep, champagne has that knock on affect on me. But I felt my parents tense up so I knew it was decision time. Niall got through this week and afterwards we were forced, well actually I was, forced to go backstage. Niall was looking flushed talking to a tall man, performing has that affect on him. He strides over with a bounce in his step, gosh, ever since I forgave him he has been so much better. He's nothing like the old Niall, I mean the one that was a man-whore. I looked around for the other four boys, they aren’t really seen together like ever. I spot Liam over in a corner talking to someone, I walk over and. “Hi Liam!” The person he was talking to turns around……. she's a really pretty brown haired girl. I recognise her as one of the dancers, she is still in her costume. Liam tries not to look annoyed but its clear, the look of solid guilt in his eyes….he gestures with his arms, “Milly this is………”



I didn’t give him a chance to finish, I ran, I just ran……………..



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