Said I'd Never Leave Her

Amelia was best friends with Niall Horan when they were children, when Niall drifts away she tries to forget him, but she is made to be a part of his life, unvoluntarily. Everywhere he goes, she has no choice but to be there too, but when the other four boys step on the scene including another mysterious figure, she realises her fate..............


28. Perrie?!

Milly's P.O.V:

I check Twitter for any news in the celeb world, one particular thing catches my eye.


I'm sitting on the couch and he's in the kitchen, making himself a cup of tea. 

Yeah babe?

He calls in from the kitchen,

Do ye have a show tonight?

Eh, yeah. We do. Why?! 

I can hear a hint of confusion in his loved up voice. He doesn't give me a chance to reply.

You should come tonight!

He says it proudly as he walks in from the kitchen, holding two mugs of tea. My eyebrows automatically frown at the idea,

But people will take pictures, Danielle will see you have just moved on straight away.

He leaves the mugs down and takes my hands in his, a thing that we both do quite often,

Listen Milly, I told her, remember? I told her I have feelings for someone else and that someone is you in case you haven't figured it out! Milly, I really like you and it killed me letting you go once, I'm not gonna let you go twice! That would be so foolish of me! 

I nod and bite my lip which is another habit of mine,

You should thank Lou and Leona, they were the ones that told me about how you've been getting on.

I smile bravely and release my bottom lip from the trap of my sharp teeth. Liam rubs my now red lips gently with his big thumb, its a bit sore after biting down so hard on it. He smiles and looks deep into my eyes, I bring my eyes up to meet his gorgeous chocolate ones, how is he so perfect? I think as I reply to his statement earlier,

Yeah! We should go! It will bring closure to Danielle and you and to Brian and I.

He nods happily at my understandment,

But you do realise Milly, there's another thing you have to do.

I search in his eyes for any recognition of what I'm meant to do, I'm about to dare to ask when it hits me. Somewhere, someone in my mind tells me. 

Break up with Ry.

I gulp loudly and bring my sadened eyes to meet Liam's soft ones. His expression loses an inch of happiness at my sad face, I shake my head. If I want Liam so bad, whats stopping me? I mean, Brian has been preparing for us to breakup for so long so it shouldn't be a big shock to him, heck! He'll probably move on to another work mate in no time! I'm not into the whole commitment thing that he's glued to. I want to have a taste of different things! It may sound dirty but I'm sticking to my rule! Brian and I aren't close and we barely talk besides the obvious 'Morning!' and 'Goodnight!' But then there's the odd time he tells me that I have an afterwork assignment or meeting with clients. I mean, Brian and I are practically friends with benefits. We would still talk everyday and continue with our everyday thing of being at work and hanging with Cameron and the boys too. So, I'm not really saying goodbye to anything besides the rare kiss at Christmas or New Years and I'll actually be gaining alot more than losing. I'll have Liam constantly texting me through the day, giving me kisses every minute we have together, sleeping in the same bed every night (I'm not gonna even mention what we'll be doing) and watching him on TV and going to his concerts! I'll have a totally new perspective of relationships! I've experienced being with Liam before and its the best thing I can imagine!

Liam sudden;y stands up, a triumphant smile spread right across his face. He heads towards my room,

Hey? Where ya going?

He half turns, smiling in joy.

To get dressed!

I smile slyly,

Eh, what about me?

What about you?! 

I jump off the couch and prance over to where he's standing in the doorway, I snake my arm around his waist and hug him tightly, leading him in.

Don't worry Liam! nothing I haven't seen before!

He chuckles and ruffles my hair in admiration as we both help to get him dressed for tonight.

Its half eight when we leave for the nine o'clock show. Thats when Liam finally decides to turn his phone back on. There's loads of missed calls from the boys,

Lou (21)

Zayn (10)

Harry (05)

Niall (16)

Lou must really care for the boys, heck he does! Everytime he comes over he never shuts up about them and Leona! Liam decides to text Lou,

Hey mate! On the way to the arena! Don't worry! Mills is with me ;)

Liam doesn't wait for a reply, he just locks his phone and returns his arm to its place around my shoulders. The taxi pulls up at the back of the arena and Liam pays the fare as I jump out and wait for Liam. Its super cold outside as its late March. Eeeeeppp!!!!! Easter is coming up soon!!! Yipee! I love Easter! Liam finally gets out and wraps his arm around my shoulders once more and we head over to the backstage door. He shows the bodyguards his ID even though they know him. They look me up and down and open the door for us. The minute we're inside, someone comes running at us full speed. They crash into us and the three of us end up on the cold, hard ground. I'm at the bottom of the heap so I got the hardest and most painful side of the impact. I yelp in pain as Liam quickly jumps up and throws the laughing Louis off me. He helps me up and wraps me in one of his warm, safe hugs. I gladly enter his arms, I yelp quietly as he hits the sore spot on my back. 

It must have gotten hurt after Louis knocked us down, Louis looks at me sorrowfully.

Man! You hurt Milly! What was that for?!

Louis is about to reply when we hear a loud pair of heels clicking on the concrete floor. Louis quickly dives behind the stage's long curtains as a wavy brown haired girl comes into view. Her brown eyes are searching beside us, behind us and all around as we stand here quietly lacking the presence of Louis. She stops, her designer dress that was swaying when she walks stops too. She stamps her legs tiredly and gives us looking on her own so turns to us for help,

Do you, by any chance, know where Louis Tomlinson is? Hi Liam.

She waves awkwardly at Liam who smiles kindly, he shrugs and turns to me. I put on an innocent face and shake my head. Liam speaks up for both of us,

Nope, haven't seen him all day!

She leaves without another word, clearly not caring as Louis isn't here. I turn to Liam, my eyebrows shoot up. He leans in and whispers to me,

I'll explain later.

I put on a taken aback look and question him,

So there'll be a later?

He nods,

Of course babe! Now c'mon! Its showtime!

He wiggles his hands side to side like people do when they're shouting 'Jazz Hands' ! I laugh and bow my head as I follow him around backstage. I don't want to look like a lost puppy but I don't know where I'm going! Liam stops but because I have my head down, I walk straight into his hard, muscular back. I rub my nose self-consciously as its probably gone red by now. I peek around Liam's shoulder to see a skinny, pretty blond haired girl who is their stylist. I'm guessing as what Liam is saying to her you would say to your stylist or fashion expert. She notcies me and tells Liam to introduce us,

Eh, Milly! This is Lou, our stylist.

Score! Guessed right!

Lou, this is my girlfriend Amelia who we all call Milly.

Lou smiles as both her hands are on her hips, she smiles lovingly at me until Liam blows the 'G' word. She hisses something at Liam and drags him away, she points her dark brown eyes at me for a milisecond,

Be back in a min hun!

She drags him into a room and leaves me standing here, clueless to my whereabouts or who any of these people are. Some people give me strange looks but others ignore me totally as they think they're too good to even acknowledge my presence. I stand here for another ten minutes quietly, I check my phone for the time and realise that they should be going onstage soon. I stand here looking around helplessly until a puffed out, blondie runs up to me.


He traps me in a big bear hug joyfully, smiling from ear to ear. He pulls away to talk face to face,

Did you come here with Liam? Do you know where Liam is? Have you seen Liam? Have you seen Louis?

He doesn't take a breath for air or to give me a chance to reply. When he stops, he takes a big gulp of air dramatically. I laugh and pat him on the back,

Louis is hiding from this girl and Liam is with your stylist, Lou?

Niall nods, understanding all over his face,

Aaaah yeah! Thats Eleanor! The girl that Management are trying to get Louis with for publicity. She's pretty but I think Louis loves Leona! Where did Liam go with Lou?

I pointed to the door, he knocks before entering. He dives in without me, I stand here once again all alone at the big empty space backstage. There's speakers and mic stands standing around unused. I look around until I see the back of a curly haired figure. I turn quickly and look at the other side of backstage in fear that if I look at him too long, I'll go over and rip him to shreds. I hear footsteps behind me but I ignore them, until someone puts a firm hand on my shoulder. I turn slowly to reveal the only person I really don't want to see right now besides Danielle. His green eyes are looking straight into mine as he brushes his curls to the side with his free hand. I shrug his other hand off and wrinkle my nose disgusted at the sight of him. He smiles cheekily,

Hey Milly!

I growl at him and turn back to the door where the three disappeared behind. I ignore Harry standing there waiting for a reply until Niall and Lou ducks out the door. Niall stands beside me, hands in pockets and he fixes his earpiece for onstage. He starts telling me jokes, I laugh as I keep my eyes on the door. Lou talks to Harry, impatiently fixing his bow tie that keeps moving out of place according to her. I laugh at Niall's latest joke until Liam finally comes out. He's in a different outfit and he hands me his batman earpiece. I look up at him like 'Are you serious?!' He shrugs and nods, bringing his head closer to me so I can put it in. Once in, I turn his head for a kiss. I pretend to go in for his lips but move my head at the last minute to kiss the corner of his mouth lightly. He sighs and stands up straight,


I smirk up at him and turn to Niall who is frowning sadly at the ground, Harry is watching Liam and I, and Lou's gaze is swaying between Harry's bow tie and Liam's firm grasp on my hand. Eventually we all get the boys onstage, Eleanor is out in the crowd singing along and staring at Louis. About halfway through the concert, there's alot of noise coming from the backstage backdoor. I know! Tongue twister right? Well, the stylists and people for the boys have gotten so comfy with me now that they asked me to go see whats going on. I walked back out the way from where Liam and I came through to see a pink haired girl rushing through the door. She has light pink at the top and hot pink dip dye. Her hair is lovely and totally suits her! When I see her face it hits me, its Perrie! She has come into the studio once or twice for different stuff but those two times she had blond hair and then purple. She walks in, a muddled up expression on her poor face. When she sees me, she instantly lightens up.


She hobbles over in her high heels, her pouting face has instantly left and is now estatic. She's so pretty! I'm so jealous!

Hey Perrie!!!! How have ya been?

She smiles, 

Oh you know! The paps won't shut up about how Zayn and I are bad together but I say that They Don't Know About Us fits our situation perfectly. Zayn and I, sure, we go through bumps but our love is stronger now than ever!

We clap our hands together at the same time, something we have in common along with loads of other things. She smiles and grabs both my wrists in her hands,


She screams 'ages' at me and pulls me into another hug, she counts me one of her besties and occasionally texts me updating me on what she's doing and has invited me out with Little Mix a few times. We enjoy catching up for about twenty minutes until the boys jump off stage. Zayn comes out last pouting, he looks really sad. Louis hides Perrie behind a curtain and turns to Zayn.

Zayn boi! Whats wrong mate?

I watch as Zayn frowns and looks even sadder, Perrie can see him but he can't see her,

Its Perrie mate! I miss her so much, sorry Milly but this is lads talk, I think I love her! I miss her so much and I'm really worried, she didn't tetx me back at all today, what do ye think?

Louis pipes up as he's the only one that knows that Perrie is here,

Well mate....

He calls out as he pulls Perrie's arm to pull her out from the curtain,

I think you should tell her yourself!

There are silent tears running down Perrie's face, she smiles through the tears streaking her face.


She nods, bursting into bigger tears, they run down her face faster. She pulls Zayn into a tight hug as he breathes into her hair,!

Liam turns to me and uses this romantic moment as he kisses me for what feels like years before pulling me into a hug. The rest of the boys stand awkwardly around with their hands in their pockets before Louis calls out,


Zayn chuckles before giving Perrie a quick kiss on her nose,

Oh! WE WILL!!!

Perrie giggles like a little schoolgirl as Liam kisses me goodbye before jumping onstage full of life.

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