Said I'd Never Leave Her

Amelia was best friends with Niall Horan when they were children, when Niall drifts away she tries to forget him, but she is made to be a part of his life, unvoluntarily. Everywhere he goes, she has no choice but to be there too, but when the other four boys step on the scene including another mysterious figure, she realises her fate..............


8. Oh No!


Milly’s P.OV:

“Look I know we just met but can I say that you are so beautiful. I can pick you up for a date anytime; I’m not trying to sound cheesy or anything but you are just so lovely and gorgeous and…..Oh God!” He face palms himself while I giggle foolishly, “I’m mumbling amn’t I?” We have been talking for so long now that I am actually comfortable talking to him, “Maybe a bit but its cute.” My hand flies up to my mouth which has now formed an ‘O’ shape. He grins at me, both of us blushing red. He is wearing a gorgeous black suit which is weird for people my age, which he is. But he explained it to me earlier that his Dad has a big record company and he often misses school to help him as it’s a family business and he will be taking it up someday, he wasn’t boasting. “So um….. how about tomorrow night, eight o’clock?” He’s such a gentleman for a sixteen year old but I knew there was a trick, he was home schooled for most of his life. “Eh…… sure!” I was just trying to find something to piss my mother off with and this is a perfect excuse. We part at the door of my hotel room with a handshake and hug, he doesn’t even grab my butt or anything like the guys in school do. I smile and wave while he walks off grinning ear to ear with his hands in his pockets.

                   When I get into the apartment, or Hotel Room I should say, all our suitcases are sitting in the middle of the massive cream carpet. It’s the sitting room you walk straight into from the hall, over to the left the kitchen is jointed into the sitting room. There’s a massive cream coloured sofa and a few recliners. My parents are sharing with Niall’s, to the left of the sitting room/kitchen is a white door where there’s a beige bathroom with a massive shining white bathtub, shower, sink and toilet. I walk back into the massive room again, I’m now facing the right side of the room. I cross over to three white doors, the first one has a double bed with brown and cream quilts and beige walls. Jesus is everything white, brown and beige? It has a perfect white en-suite bathroom with only a tub and no shower. The next room is a beautiful shade of purple with matching duvets and curtains, and a balcony! In the en-suite there’s dolphin pattern tiles and a tub with the usual stuff, toilet and sink. The next room is the same as the first; I sink onto the couch and differ over my choices. All the bedrooms have bathrooms, double beds and plenty closet space. But I do like the colour blue and purple, and the balcony! My choice is decided, the purple room. I lug my massive red suitcase, small purple suitcase and my Channel bag into my room. I collapse onto my bed and wonder how Niall’s and my Dad lugged all that along with everyone else’s.

                          I finally get up and try to make it look like I tried to unpack, I start with my purple suitcase, I turn to the mahogany wardrobe and foolishly realise that there’s a walk in wardrobe! I finally finish unpacking the purple one, I try to pull my red suitcase onto the bed but I’m so tired now that I just decide to unpack it on the floor. I open the zip and jump back so high into the air that when I land on the carpet, my back must be bruised in a million places. After lying on the ground in the position I fell in for what felt like a century, I got up after biting on my lip and tongue willing myself not to scream out in agony. What’s worse is that when I opened my suitcase it didn’t reveal my Hollister clothes and my onesie, it revealed a guys Calvin Klein boxers and jeans and runners and stuff like that. Unmentionable to anyone, it was his suitcase. Shit! We both have the same red suitcase from camping when we were little, I sit against the wall tears running down my face, why is my life so crap? I’m crying because my back is killing me and leaning against the wall isn’t helping and the fact that no matter what, I am always dragged back to square one along with him. Its so annoying, I brush my hands back through my hair as I lean my head down on my knees. I go into the walk in closet and I choose a summer floral dress and red heels with a straw bag. I go back into my room and change into those and trash my travelling clothes strewn across the floor and bed. I slam the door behind me not bothering to go back and get a cardigan, another way to annoy my mother. I continue out from the lobby into the sunny, warm fresh air and cross the busy street out to the X Factor mansion. I show my pass to the bulky security guy at the door and he looks at it making sure its real, even though it puzzles me why people would go to all the bother but I suppose they would considering Simon Cowell is just prancing around with no security guys on his case. I walk straight to ‘The Den’ not bothering to look for my parents or Niall. I enter to see Liam sitting on his own watching Toy Story again. I roll my eyes and sit down; he’s sitting down stretching his whole body down the length of the couch. I sit where his torso is, blocking his view. A minute hasn’t passed when I hear a massive “HEYYYYY!!!!!!!” I giggle but still don’t move, “Look, your hot but this is no way to make a move on me. Tut tut interrupting my Toy Story time.” I turn around to face him, “Oh Liam! I didn’t see you there!” I turn my whole body towards him and lean in like we are about to kiss, “You know Liam?” His gorgeous chocolate brown eyes meet mine; he takes a gulp and replies. “Yes, Milly?” I try to keep from giggling; I can’t believe he is relieving the pain of my back. I signal him to lean forward so I can whisper to him; he leans closer so I can smell his breath, weird he smells fresh like jasmine and vanilla. “I hate Toy Story.” He screams and jumps off the couch to chase me, I run out the door laughing my head off, totally forgetting the pain in my back from running. Two girls are coming down the stairs so I lean against the wall beside the stair, Liam stands the other side of the stair and smiles at the girls who giggle childishly, who wouldn’t? He’s gorgeous, when they leave to go to the dining room. Liam runs over and accidentally presses me against the wall. I rope my arms around his neck, he looks at me unsure, I nod. “You are totally going to pay for that……..” he whispers into my neck while kissing me tenderly, “And then……. I’m going to make you watch all three and then watch them over again with commentary…..” I giggle as he bites my neck, “Oooooh… I’m scared.” I giggle making emotions with my fingers, “don’t worry babe…. I’ll protect you.” I giggle, “So you are going to protect me from yourself?” He giggles foolishly but its smothered by the bite he gives me, it takes him awhile to comeback because he can’t keep his mouth and hands off me. “Whatever it takes my dear.” I giggle and pull his head away from my neck and I kiss him head on, we both smile into the kiss. I frown as he pulls away from the kiss, “The girls don’t make the first move.” I raise my eyebrows at him incredously and pull his head down to mine, “Well this one does.” We kiss harder and he wraps my legs around his waist so I’m clinging to him like a bug or a child. He presses me against the wall but the moment is so intense that I don’t even feel the bruises shouting out in pain. We could have gotten further into the moment but a figure appeared at the top of the stair, we both ignored the person and hoped they would go away but instead they ran down the stairs shouting, “Liam YOU ASS!” Liam pulls away but I leave my legs and arms wrapped around him, its Niall, I roll my eyes and scoff, “You again.” Niall looks at me weirdly and looks at my legs and arms wrapped around Liam, he pulls me off Liam but I kick and squirm like a little kid. “Niall get off you JERK!!!!!!!” He leaves me down and pushes Liam up to the wall and grabs his shirt like he’s trying to lift him up, Liam holds up his hands to say ‘I’m not going to fight you’ kind of way. Niall gets angry at this and I smirk until he hits Liam in the jaw, he then hits him again but at the nose this time, causing blood to run down Liam’s right nostril. I run up to Niall and hit him head on the cheek, he steps back looking shocked and taken aback. “I’ve been wanting to do that for years” I smirk at him, “You really do hate me don’t you?” I throw my hands up to heaven, “No I love you, what do you think? I have every reason whereas you don’t, but I would love it if you hated me as well then I wouldn’t be here with YOU! Look what you did to him! For no REASON!!!!” He takes a step back with every word but I follow back all the way until he stumbles into the door of the dining room and opening the door and closing it quickly behind him. I run back to Liam who is now sitting down against the wall rubbing his nose, “Are you okay babe?” He looks at me and even though he is bleeding, he smiles at me. “Of course Hun, are you?” I nod and help him up, putting his shoulder around mine for support up the stairs even though he didn’t need it. This time when we got back to the room, it was my turn to get out the first aid. There was a bruise on his jaw and his nose was still pumping blood. I bend down to get the first aid out of his cabinet, my hair falls in front of my face, leaving my back cold. “JESUS! MILLY!!!” I turn around to a shocked looking Liam, I rush over to him and hold his shoulders forcing him to look me straight in the eye. “Your-you-your b-b-back!” I grin foolishly, “What’s wrong with my back?” “Its all bruises…. I didn’t do that to you… did I?” I gasp remembering earlier, “Oh NO! It was just earlier I fell on my back and it hurt pretty hard…””But did I hurt it when we were making out and I pressed you against the wall?” I feel my cheeks going bright red like a tomato, “No….. I was rather enjoying myself…” “Oh really?” I nod biting my lip, “So you won’t mind me doing this.” That’s when he pushes me down on the bed and starts kissing me passionately and my neck, about ten minutes later Niall walks through the open door. He meets my eyes looking horrified and angry and then he slams the door, him on the other side. Liam looks up from my neck curiously, I push his head back down “just a ghost.”……………………………………………….


Liam’s P.O.V:

Milly and I must have fallen asleep on the bed as we were awoken by Niall slamming the door and shouting for us to wake up, you could tell he was told to because he was not happy to be there. Milly and I reluctantly woke up, eventually, after Niall coming up about five times and trying to wake us up. Milly told me to stay as Niall had explained that it was her parents looking for her, I wanted to meet them for two reasons, one to tell them how much I love their daughter and two that Milly wasn’t doing anything she shouldn’t and that we only fell asleep but Milly is tough and from what I gather, she sticks to her choice. Being her independent self, she gladly kissed me goodbye in front of Niall and walked downstairs of her free will. Niall kept the conversation going, trying to block out the screams of Milly’s mother from downstairs. We occasionally heard Milly scream back or from what I think was her Dad trying to calm both of them down, eventually Milly stormed out and we watched her from our window leaving and going out onto the street.

Milly's P.O.V:

I was so angry with my Mother, the mintue I got downstairs she was shouting alligations like 'WHORE' and 'SLUT' at me. If I wasn't tired I would just take it in my stride and ignore her and talk to my Dad but today I wasn't having any of her crap,no, today I went full blast on her. She deserved it of course, I told her exactly what I thought of her, did I mention I'm wrecked tired? I told her how I bet that her marriage was a gunshot wedding and that I was never planned, I never really thought about it until the kids in school started bullying me. Thats where Niall stepped in and filled the gap in my heart liek a big brother, but then that happened. I shook my head and stormed out onto the street, the cold breeze now hitting my face and eyes causing me to squint, the best day of my life has gone from being lovely sunny and warm to being cold wet and windy.

Liam's P.O.V:

Niall and I were still watching Milly cross the street, she cringed at the cold air but she still continued across the street. I almost knew something bad was going to happen when she didn't look both sides crossing the street. A car came out of nowhere and hit her right leg, it braked but it was too late, damage had been done. She was still conscious but she couldn't get up, her Dad was trying to lift her off the road but she was fighting him off. Her left leg was twisted and hanging at an awkward angle, she was squeezing her eyes shut chanting one word, "Liam?" I was sure it was my name she was saying over in her head, I raced out of the room and down the stairs, Niall stayed at the window, frozen on the spot. I eventually heard him running down the stairs whne I was at the door, I waited for him and we both rushed out onto the street and tried to help Milly's Dad carry her off the road. Milly's face immediatly lit up when she saw me and while I kept her gaze she forgot about the pain. That gave Niall and her Dad enough time to take her up and off the road. Niall, Milly's Dad, (Greg) and I stopped dead in our tracks when we heard the scream of her mother, "STOP!!!! dON'T YOU THINK YOU HAVE DONE ENOGUH ALREADY? I want all of you to leave her alone and never come back!!!!" This is when I was sure Milly's Mum was crazy, you could tell it in her eyes.

Milly's P.O.V:

I woke up with a purple cast on my left leg which now had such a massive pain I wanted nothing more than for someone to cut it off. And of course for Liam to be here. My Mother, being the idiot she is, told Liam and Niall to never come near me again and that it was their fault this happened even though as a matter of fact its hers. That was when I fell asleep and here I am, fucked up with a massive cast and a date with some random stranger tonight. Yesterday I was overjoyed with the thought of going out for dinner with this guy but now all I want is to snuggle up with Liam on the couch by the warm fire, I'd do anything right now for that, I'd even watch Toy Story with him if it makes it all better. I started humming and singing the words I knew to the song from the play, 'Oliver Twist' . "I'd do anything, for you mean everythinggg... to meeeee! I know that I'd go anywhere, for your smile, anywhere! Yes I'd do anyyythinggg, anythinngg forrrrr youuuuuu!" I started nodding my head back and forth to the tune even though I had it all messed up and backwards to front. "Would you climb a hill? Anything. Leave me all your will? Anything. Even fight my Bill? What fisticuffs?" Thats when one of the last people I ever want to see in my life now, besides Niall, walked into my room looking all saintly like a martyr. "What do you want?" I growl at her, she's the reason that I'm not allowed to go aroudn the X Factor mansion on my own anymore. She's afraid that I'll do something I will regret, her exact words. I didn't take her crap again as I never will, I just simply replied in an angry voice dripping wiht acid, "You mean like you did? Having me?" The minute I said it I knew I'd never regret it, "Oh sweetie don't be like that, you know I planned you." "Oh really? And don't sweetie me and tell me what to do, I'm not a little child and you will NOT! i REPEAT NOT, STOP ME FROM SEEING LIAM! Please leave i'm tired, I'm asking nicely, if you don't leave now I'll call the nurses." She looked as pale as a ghost, I smirked thinking how much i'd love her to be a ghost, aren't they dead? She leaves shell shocked, "Fine...... I'll come back later when you have cooled down." She is about to leave when I call after her, "Please DON'T!"

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