Said I'd Never Leave Her

Amelia was best friends with Niall Horan when they were children, when Niall drifts away she tries to forget him, but she is made to be a part of his life, unvoluntarily. Everywhere he goes, she has no choice but to be there too, but when the other four boys step on the scene including another mysterious figure, she realises her fate..............


30. Movie!

We all decide on The Unborn which sounds super creepy and its super scary. Ruth sits on Niall's lap beside Liam and I, who are in the same position. Ruth screams lowly and hides her face in Niall's arms which are wrapped around her protectively. I hide my face in Liam's right arm but leave my eyes as I wanna watch it but I don't want to. Liam chuckles and because I'm sitting between his legs and lying on his torso, I can feel the vibrations of his laugh rock through me. I smile, this has got to be one of the best moments of my life.

We all sit watching the movie in stunned awe, Zayn and Perrie share the same look of shock at the TV screen, Leona's dark eyes are wide in confusion while Louis is grinning at Leona's face, Louis isn't watching the movie at all, his movie is Leona. Liam silently studies my features and expression. We watch the movie for another bit until the doorbell rings,

Liam frowns at the reason for the movie to be interrupted, Zayn hops up considering its his apartment,

Eh what the hell are you doing here?

 Zayn emphasizes 'you' at whoever is standing on the other side,

I'm here for Liam.

I immediately recognise her voice, its strong and is dripping with pure confidence. Zayn half turns to everyone sitting down and nods to Liam and beckons him to the door. Zayn's face is just a total frown and he doesn't care that Danielle can see. Liam scuffles over to the door, a look of pure anger plastered across his face.


I get up to stand by Liam's side but Niall grabs my arm,

Don't. Give him some space.

I nod quietly biting down on my lip. I listen in to their conversation as its a little too hard to avoid as Liam is shouting and Danielle's voice is so bitchy that I want to walk over and slap the face of her. 

Liam's P.O.V:

 I rub my tired, stressed forehead as I listen to what she has got to say, yes, her. She arrives here out of the blue not five minutes ago and I already want to smash my fist against the wall, run out grab Milly and take her somewhere where they won't find us. This just can't be happening! I close my eyes and rub my temples as I hear Danielle take a deep breath before launching into her full blown story,

I called them and told them everything, they're not happy Liam. They want to know why the sudden change of heart, they thought you loved me and I told them you do, because you do. Liam, Amelia is just a bump in the road, you don't need her. You need me! Amelia is just a flimsy, you'll have dumped her in no time, don't think I forget when I met you. We belong together Liam and you love me..-

I cut her off, sick of her shit by now,

Get to the point!

I growl at her smirking face, she sighs happily, clearly pleased at how pissed I am right now.

Well anyways...I rang Management and they want to talk to you, they aren't pleased Li, they said Amelia is nothing but a blip and you'll be over her in no time and if you don't get rid of her A.S.A.P, they will. They explained to me how they're going to get rid of her if you don't Li, and believe me, you should dump her fast if you don't want to break her heart.

I growl harsher this time,

Fuck you Danielle and don't ever call me Li! What are they going to do to her?!

She laughs like a bitch, even though she is one and replies, I can tell she's smiling happily as she snorts,

Oh Liam baby! You don't think I'm going to tell you! I will if you take me back which you will anyways but if you don't, you will find out. Love ya babes!

She's about to turn and leave when Milly appears at my side, scowling at the sight of my clingy ex. Danielle snorts as she turns to Milly and stabs her pointy index finger at her.

I'd watch my back if I were you.

Milly raises her eyebrows, wrapping one arm protectively around my waist and the other has a firm grip on the door,

Oh really?

Danielle nods, losing half her confidence at how cool Milly's being in this situation, what did she expect? A bitch fight here and now? I scoff, sure Danielle, sure. The two girls turn to me, Danielle opens her mouth nastily but Milly swings the door shut, her face squirmed up distastevly. Danielle bangs and knocks on the door,


She continues shouting outside the closed door while everyone remains in their seats quietly and doesn't move even though Danielle can't see us. I try and lighten the mood, its my fault after all. I jump up and clap my hands together brightly,

So guys! Lets get back to our movie!

It comes out more of a statement than a question but it doesn't matter as everyones quiet, besides the few who mutter 'sure' under their breath like zombies. Everyone's mood is dampened and its all my fault! I feel a raging anger build up inside of me, one I have never felt before. I click play as we all sit here, some of sad while others feeling awkward to have witnessed that. Nobodies watching the movie, just staring off into space deep in their own thoughts, even Milly is distant. I look around, even if we tried we wouldn't be able to watch it as Danielle is still outside shouting obsanities about Milly and repeating the same thing over again. Eventually she leaves but no-one notices, Zayn is watching the ground rubbing Perrie's back lovingly, Ruth is wrapping herself in Niall's arms, her eyes are widened in fear, well great! I might just have ruined Niall's chance at love by scaring her off with my crazy ex. Everyone sits here for hours quiet, Milly and I decide to go home, along with everyone else. Danielle is long gone as Milly and I get my car out of Zayn's flat's garage, there's a pink note addressed from Danielle but I quickly crumple it up and hide it in my pocket, I've caused enough trouble without making it worse for Milly.

Milly's P.O.V:

The whole car ride home is quiet, I try talking with Liam on light subjects that'll get his mind off Danielle but all his answers are either silent or just grunts. He quietly drives us back to my flat, bidding me goodbye and ignoring my invitation for a cup of tea inside before driving off too fast, surely breaking the speed limit. I shrug as tears start to blur my vision, was it what I did? When I snaked my arm around his waist and shut the door on Danielle? Maybe Liams blaming himself, or worse.....,maybe me.

I open my door and barely make it to the couch, I leave the lights off and cry into the pillow. How could one good day like that turn into crap with just one appearance of a hated person. Puzzles me really.

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