Said I'd Never Leave Her

Amelia was best friends with Niall Horan when they were children, when Niall drifts away she tries to forget him, but she is made to be a part of his life, unvoluntarily. Everywhere he goes, she has no choice but to be there too, but when the other four boys step on the scene including another mysterious figure, she realises her fate..............


29. Jump!!!

Milly's P.O.V:

The boys perform even better after our little get together backstage, the crowd roars and goes wild at Zayn talking to them. Its time to answer questions, one of the fans ask Zayn to kiss Louis but instead, Louis walks over to us. He drags Perrie unwillingly onstage and brings to Zayn as he loudly proclaims,

Naah! I think he'd rather kiss her! I'm not jealous btw!

He doesn't say by the way he actually says btw. I laugh from the side of the stage until Harry walks up to me grinning from ear to ear. I shake my from side to side in fear. With every step I take back, he takes a step towards me. I walk into the wall behind me until I can't back up no more, Harry grabs my arm a little too harsh for my liking, and drags me onstage. He grabs my wrists and forces me to sway to the music with him. I smile reassuringly at Liam who is glaring at Harry with such evil eyes, if looks could kill, Harry would be long dead. I pull away from Harry gently as there's thousands of fans watching our every move. Especially considering that Harry and I are the ones on the big screens above, I run over to Liam and he opens his arms. I'm about ten feet away from him when he stops me in my tracks.


I stop and feel my cheeks go red, I shake my head shyly at the show he's making of us. He repeats it and then starts chanting it whilst clapping his hands, the whole crowd joins in.

jump jump jump jump jump

Liam looks into my eyes and beckons for me to hurry up, I throw my head up to the roof dramatically before taking a running jump into Liam's warm grasp. I'm halfway through the air, my eyes closed when I think I jumped the wrong way and end up on the ground. I open my eyes and realise that Liam has caught me in one of his special, warm hugs. I smile, he puts his hands under my arms and lifts me in the air, spinning in circles. I giggle and close my eyes while stretching both my arms out as wide as they can go. Like a swan! I breath in the glory of just me and Liam, no-one else. I don't notice that Liam has lowered me to his height until I feel his lips crash onto mine. The whole crowd goes wild, some are crying, some are shouting profanities that are too rude to repeat and some are questioning things like,

What about Danielle?

Where's Danielle?

Liam and I ignore them as our kiss deepens, once again we are disrupted by Louis. God dammit! He pats Liam's shoulder,


Liam still has his lips on mine as he replies with a moan,


Louis sighs and continues,

There's kinda, thousands of people waiting for the question to be answered.

We were so locked in our little world that we didn't realise that the boys moved on to another question, once I read it, for some reason my stomach churned.

Which of the boys are single?

I looked at Liam who had no problem at all, Harry put up his hand bravely. His hand is the only one raised, he glares at Niall who shrugs,

I got together with Ruth from my old school!

Harry glares at him, Niall turns to the crowd,

Everyone follow @ruth space collins!

I think he meant it to come out like this, @ruth_collins. I smile at the irish boy as he blushes red. How cute! I remember Ruth! She's really pretty and looks alot like Nina Dobrev. Liam uses this moment to pick me up and spin me around in circles once more. 

I amn't FOSHO! Not going SOLO!

I laugh at his slang but can't stop myself from adding my own bit in.


Liam laughs and puts me down, grabbing both my cheeks in his big hands, he pecks me on the nose.


Louis squeals uncomfortably, fidgeting with his hands awkwardly.

Okay! We will!

Liam grabs my arm and pretends to walk off stage but we both know that Louis will stop us, we both grin seductively while Louis shouts again,


He storms up to us, tears our hands apart and lead both of us back to the middle of the stage. He holds mine in his left hand and Liam's in his right and drags us over to an affected Harry, loved up Zayn and Perrie and a thoughtful Niall who is probably thinking of Ruth. Niall always had a crush on Ruth and its lovely to see that he now has finally asked her out. I was a bit heartbroken when he told me but I got over it, clearly. On that train of thought, it didn't take me long to get over Brian did it?! Wait! It just hit me there that I never actually broke up with Ry! I don't have feelings for him so it won't hurt. Its the one thing that I have to do to make this relationship work and I forgot! So when the boys finish up their questions and start 'Little Things' I walk backstage and go to the bathrooms, dialling Brian's number. He answers on the secong ring,


He sounds out of breath like he's been running a marathon,

Hey Ry? You jogging or something?

Eh no....we need to talk.

Let me go first.....I'm breaking up with you.

I decide to get straight to the point as the boys are still performing and I want to watch them, its my first concert! What shocks me is there's no gasp or sigh from the other end, just more panting. If I think in a dirty way, it seems like Ry hasn't been faithful.


His voice isn't anymore flat or emotional, just the same. Liam starts to walk off stage as his solo comes up, he grabs my hand and drags me out as he starts,

Gotta go! Bye!

I quickly hang up and shove my phone into my blazer pocket. Liam sings straight into my eyes, his voice is so sweet and harmonic!

I know you've never loved,

the crinkles by your eyes when you smile

you've never loved, your stomach or your thighs,

the dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine but I-Love-them-endlessly.

He turns to the crowd singing the chorus while holding my hand in his firm grip. I smile and look at him while my body is facing the crowd. Liam flaps his hands up and down as in to say 'Sing along louder!' The crowd obeyed and soon the whole arena is singing the chorus along with the boys. Harry laughs really loudly into his mic and shouts,

Welcome London!!!! Lets make SOME-NOISE!!!!!!!

Did I mention my flat is in London? Thats where Brian's firm that I'm working in is so I kinda had to move with my work. Liam claps while shouting into his mic,


I laugh until Liam sticks the mic in my face, the rest of the boys have now finished the song and the twitter questions have popped up again! Liam pushes the mic closer to my lips,


I moan, my hand flies up to my mouth and covers it after hearing my voice echoed through the arena. Liam laughs but its silent except to me as Liam somehow managed to slip my hand around the mic. I turn to look at the big screens to reveal that the cameras are directed at Liam and I. I feel my cheeks go crazy red and the screens reveal my worst fears, do I have stagefright?

My cheeks!

Damn! I keep forgetting that I'm holding the mic!

See! That just goes show that you mumble all the time!

Liam whispers into my ear, I shout an offended 


Into the mic, a fan at the front shouts to me,

What'd he say?

I walk closer to her so she can hear but then I seemed to have forgotten that I have the mic! I'm so silly!

He said that goes to show how much I mumble all the time!

Louds of fans laugh or giggle, some shuffle on their feet awkwardly and another fans shouts,


Liam rushes to my side and grabs the mic ruffly,

Whoever just said that isn't a Directioner! If you were, you'd want us to be happy and that just hurt me, the fact that my own fans don't support who I go out with!

Liam places the mic back in my hand and returns his arm back around my shoulders. The crowd cheers, Liam gives me a peck on the cheek which makes the crowd go wilder. I mumble but it echoes thorugh the arena because of the god damn mic!


Fans start asking questions about us, Harry looks interested as he's dying to know the answers as well but Louis stops them and points to the flatscreen where a tweet is there.

After the concert, the boys drag all of us to Zayn's flat. Its like walking into Ikea how they have all the rooms colour cordinated and desinged to look so fashionable. Zayn clearly doesn't care as all he has been doing is eyeing Perrie's clothes like he wants to rip them off, which is really awkward for the rest of us. Believe me, none of us wanted to come back here only Harry. I think he was just trying to be smart when he piped up that we should all come back here as everybody else wanted to go home to or go home with their other half. And as seen as Harrys the only single one, of course he wants to be a third wheel to all of us! It annoys me on how he can mess up one special evening just like that. Everyone doesn't want to be here but Zayns expressing it a bit more than anybody else. 

We should watch a movie!

Harry pipes up as he plops himself down on a beige sofa. The flat, from first impressions, is pretty much made up of greys, black, whites and a bit of beige here and there. It reminds me alot of Barney Stenson's flat from How I Met Your Mother. I mentally laugh in my own head at the familiar character from one of my fav tv shows. Zayn grunts as he heads towards the kitchen which is just open to the livingroom, Perrie follows him over and grabs his wrists in her hands and has a silent lecture about something. Liam sits himself tiredly on a single couch chair and pulls me onto his lap, I wriggle around. I hate sitting on people's laps, it just bothers me. He places me sitting between his open legs and lies back, I lean back to halfsit, half lie in his muscular, toned torso. He smiles and plays with my hair, something he knows I love. I can hear him smiling while he whispers to me,

Whatcha wanna do tommorow if you're not busy?

Harry takes this opportunity to be a third wheel again! 

We should all go lasertag!

Louis smiles as he taps around on his phone, Harry calls out to Zayn in the kitchen who is glaring at Harry,

Mate! Movie?!

Zayn nods his head and waves his hand like he's trying to swat a fly, Harry rolls his eyes and looks around at all of us. Louis and Niall are both on their phones texting, I jump a little when Niall unexpectedly speaks up,

Eh mate? We can't start yet! Ruth is on her way! She came from Ireland! 

I can't help but speak up in reply,

Aww thats so nice of her! To hop on a plane like that?!

He nods in admiration to the mention of his lady friend,

Yeah! She's staying a few nights!

Harry is seriously getting on my nerves! He punches Niall on the arm while winking,

Yeah mate! Yeah!

Niall gives Harry a disgusted look like Harry's a snail trying to squirm around on his arm, Louis speaks up without tearing his gaze from his phone screen,

Yeah! Leona is coming too so don't start!

Leona has gone on well, half the tour with the boys. Its nice to catch up with all my old friends, and new ones!

We all sit down in silence for another twenty minutes. Perrie and Zayn finally joined us all and took seats together. They were wrapped in each other quite literally on a seperate couch being all lovey dovey, Liam and I remained seated and talked among ourselves all romantic, Niall and Louis continued texting their friends. Harry sat there the whole time staring at Liam and I, jealousy written all over his face but Liam and I totally ignored him like everyone else was doing. Like I was saying, after twenty minutes, there was an excited knock on the door. Both Niall and Louis ran to open the door, Louis backed off and sat down as Ruth walked in, beautiful as ever.


Niall entrapped her in a big hug, her pretty face wore a shocked look before registering what is going on. She walks in and Niall guides her to his couch like she's blind. She smiles at everyone and then looks and Liam and I,


I wave politely and smile,

Hey Ruthie!

She smiles and hobbles over like Perrie did earlier in her heels, she bends down and gives me a tight hug.

I haven't seen you in ages!

She talks to me, full of warmth and kindness. I smile and enjoy the converse while she takes a seat nearest to me which is right beside Harry. Her back is to him, he grins at her back looking her up and down. Niall goes purple in anger from where he's seated and glares at Harry who's smiling cheekily like he's up to something. I try to concentrate on what Ruth is saying,

So hows it been? We miss you so much back home!

She shakes my hand playfully and brushes her gorgeous brown hair behind her ear,

Same old, same old ya know?

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