Said I'd Never Leave Her

Amelia was best friends with Niall Horan when they were children, when Niall drifts away she tries to forget him, but she is made to be a part of his life, unvoluntarily. Everywhere he goes, she has no choice but to be there too, but when the other four boys step on the scene including another mysterious figure, she realises her fate..............


17. It Feels Like One Of Those Nights

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Liam’s P.O.V:

I honestly don’t know why I didn’t just run after her, my feet were cemented to the ground. I gulped, the dancer girl was staring at me intently. I gulped loudly again and turn to her, her cheeks flushed but she kept her ground and stared back into my eyes. “Liam?” She tried to sound concerned but her voice was flat and uncaring, her posture was clear that she was bored and considering if she should just ditch me and find another guy. She could find any guy I suppose, look at her. We talked for a bit but I found my eyes constantly flickering from Danielle’s face back to the exit where Milly left.


Harry's P.O.V:

I was talking with the stage director over my performance and how should we tackle next weeks performance, “Harry!” She laughed rolling back on the balls of her feet, the bubbling water in her bottle of water wavered along with her. “Relax! You got through! We will come to that next week!” With that she left, I puffed a curl off my face that was hanging down slightly. I really hated the director I was given by Simon, I knew he hated me and this is one of his ways of saying it. Besides the fact that he is incapable of having a serious conversation with me without calling me kid or saying things like, don’t worry Harry, your little inexperienced mind can't handle that! Its safe to say that I am close to punching him every time we have a conversation and its mainly those reasons. He put me with a director that’s so bad she left my performance to the day before the show, she doesn’t even realise how complicated it is to rehearse choreography and vocals in just one day. She tells me it prepares me for these kind of dire situations but mainly I just wait until she leaves to start screaming furiously that if I am ever put in these situations, I am totally going to tell them to f**k off and walk away. Simple as, I smile cheekishly to myself and turn back to the party of people. I see Milly's face light up in shock, I frown as I realise it wasn’t me she was looking at me but at one of the back up dancers talking to Liam. She stalks out, well she actually kinda storms out. I lick my lips, I love a girl with a temper. She has tears in her eyes as she speed walks out, I soon realise that she wants a caring friend right now and considering the girls are gone back, I can put on the façade of the guy friend that girls have. everyone knows that when I do it, its just an act to get in the girl’s pants but Milly is blind and I'm glad. I quickly close the distance between me and the exit and the first thing I notice when I step out is the cold crisp air. Its so bleeding dark outside! I shiver and pay attention to the huddled figure in the corner, there's whimpers coming out of them and they are shaking furiously. I step over the puddles being careful to not ruin my new white British Knights, I like this girl but I love these shoes! I kneel down and put my long arms around her tiny figure that’s huddled. “H-Harry?” Her voice is wavering madly and by the glimmer of the moon, I see her face is wet. “Sssshhhhh.” I pat her back gently and help her up; I use the sleeve of my shirt to wipe the wetness of her face, thank god her make up is waterproof or we would have a problem covering it up for Liam. I roll my eyes at my sudden realisation of this problem, Liam. She is falling for him and he's pushing her off. Well I’ll be the shoulder to cry on, well more than that but ya know……….I smile in the dark, a very knowing smile indeed. We get her cleaned up and I suppressed her cries and whimpers, she then tried to suppress a hiccup but ended up burping. Her mouth stayed open in a ‘O’ shape for about two seconds until I snort and we both burst out laughing. She can be so carefree sometimes, sometimes people say, Oh I wish I was like that! But that’s the problem with me, I'm too carefree. I get drunk, I party, I go home with girls and trash them the next morning. That’s the cycle of my life and I ain't gonna change it, not for anything or anyone. I shrug, it’s a part of my bad boy teen attitude, you don’t like it, walk away. Like I do for a lot of things, just walk away. Bit I'm not going to walk away on Milly because for once in my short lived bad boy attitude of a life, I actually care for her, a girl. I smile smugly as I drape my arms supportively around her shoulders and lead her back into the backstage part of the arena. A few people turn but then turn away again, probably noting us as lovesick, drunk teens. Liam and the mystery girl have disappeared but Milly's parents, Niall's parents an my parents were still hanging round. When I mean my parents, its just my mum, to be honest I really don’t want my dad to be here. I asked mum not to tell him and she didn’t, gladly. I really want to sit in his sitting-room with him, see him flickering through the channels until he sees his son on TV. Boy! The smirk on my face would be from ear to ear. I smiled and braced myself for the flood of questions I would get from my mum once she got me in private, I could hear them running through my mind already, You have a girlfriend Harry?! You didn’t tell me? I never let my mother or my past girls ever come in a 2 mile radius of each other, it happened once and it wasn’t pretty. I didn’t tell my mum and when they both met in the local supermarket and I wasn’t there, well, lets just say there was a lot of confusion. My mum still mocks me to this present day about it. She looks Milly up and down and raises her eyebrows at me, I shrug. All our parents were in a circle talking, Milly got her parents car keys as she decided to heat up the car for them, I guess she did it for us. To spare us the embarrassment of parent talk and introducing ourselves to each others parents. I walked her out into the now empty car park, it was pretty dark and I actually cared about her getting hurt or possibly mugged. I felt my jaw tense along with the muscles in my neck. Her parents had a black SUV, damn. I forgot that she was with me and I did a full turn of the car, checking out the wheels, the likes. I didn’t realise she was standing there smiling at me, “The keys?!” She spoke up which snapped me out of my reverie, I forgot about my love of cars. She had handed me the keys when we were walking out because she had to take her heels off, how do they wear those things for hours?  I mentally shrugged and clicked the panel button with the padlock open, she smiled gratefully at me and hopped in. she didn’t ask for her keys back yet so maybe she wanted me to get in as well? I didn’t think twice before hopping into the passenger seat. I handed her the keys when we got in, she grabbed them out of my palm. I retreated my hand quickly afterwards, her hands were freezing! Did I take that long to check out the car? “Nice car…” She glanced up quickly, I had to smile at her shocked expression, exactly like a deer in caught in headlamps. She shrugged it off, “Not that bad but I'm going for a Mercedes.” This took me off guard, I raised my eyebrows and she laughed, “I like my cars, fast ones.” I smiled liking her even more now, I honestly didn’t think it was possible.


Milly’s P.O.V:

i had a painful time backstage but Harry tried to make it better, hell he did! He made it so much better for me cus if he wasn’t there, I would have been back at the hotel crying my eyes out hours ago. I shrugged my dress off, making sure the blinds were drawn in my hotel room, and snuggled into my midnight blue silk pyjamas. I tied my hair up in a messy bun at the back of my head, I always tried to go for that effortless messy bun that sits on your head but mine always shrugs down. No matter how hard I tie it, sometimes even so hard it gives me headaches. Mom and dad dropped me home and left again to go out with Niall’s parents. I smiled at myself glad to have the whole hotel room to myself. Niall’s parents were very quiet and never had anything out of place. I grabbed a bowl out of one of the cabinets. My soft slipper boots making swishing noises on the shining white marble tiles of the kitchen area. I opened another press to find the cereal, yuss! I found cornflakes! I know, normal girls eat popcorn or whatever but I eat cereal when I'm hungry. I grab the milk.

Skips pouring in food.*

I sit down on the soft carpet in front of the couch and munch on my lovely cereal. I think back over the drinks with the guys.


We smile and strut through the fancy hotel to the bar, neon lights light up the shelves behind the bar. Lovely bottles of different colours shine in the lights, so much to offer. I turn my back to the bar and lean on it with my elbows. I notice Cameron's hair isn’t as floppy as it usually is. I frown as he pockets his hands and smiles at me, “Problem Saunders?” I frown deeper at him, “How did you know that?” He shrugs, he's so hot, I shake my head and listen. “Eh background check duuh.” I look in to his eyes and gape, “What the fuck?” I blurt out; I immediately smack my hand up to my face, he grins and chuckles, “Back onto the topic…..” I fold my arms as I continue, “What did you do to your hair?” “Whatcha mean?!” He started to panic, “Its not floppy.” I frowned and pouted like a five year old, he laughed out loud a bit too loud, causing a few people to turn their heads. He smiled awkwardly at them and turned back to me, “I gelled it, like it babe?” “No…” He frowned and pouted exactly like a did, I shrug, “At least I’m honest.” Robert steps over, eyes shining. He hands Cameron and I a glass of champagne each. That’s when the whole evening started, Ry led us into the dining room.

End of Flashback!*

I smile smugly, my phone buzzed.

Harry, Liam or Ry?    

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