Said I'd Never Leave Her

Amelia was best friends with Niall Horan when they were children, when Niall drifts away she tries to forget him, but she is made to be a part of his life, unvoluntarily. Everywhere he goes, she has no choice but to be there too, but when the other four boys step on the scene including another mysterious figure, she realises her fate..............


24. Go ahead Niall!!!!!!

ATTENTION GUYS! Re-read chapter 23 thats called You're Nothing But A Player because I changed it a bit! Enjoy! 


Skips To Present Year 2013*

Milly's P.O.V:

I got the job with Ry in his company, managing shares and the likes is kinda hard and I'm glad I did business. Otherwise, I'd have no clue whats going on. It annoys me how people always ask me do I not get tired of looking at Ry as I work with him and then I go home to him every evening well its different. A:I barely get to see him during the day and B: We drive ourselves home from work and when we get home, we pretend that we don't work together. Now and then I do think of Niall and the boys and I have often met Louis as him and Leona are going strong. But the thing is, all my boys, the guys, got put in a band together. They're famous now, sometimes when I go to visit Lee-Lou and Lou is there, he tells me stories of how the boys are getting along. I have seen the papers and I know that Harry is exactly as I noted him years ago, a player. It doesn't bother me though as I'm perfectly happy with Ry and he's perfectly happy with the newest whore. Ry and I have agreed that if we don't work out that I keep this apartment and he uses his own one. Yes, we have two apartments! Its rather luxurious to be living in such splendor but there you go! I'm such a trusted employee in this company that my contract is for life. Did I mention I dropped out of school just when Niall got taken off the X Factor? I took up this job straight away with the life contract, my parents were definetly not happy with my decision and they made it clear but I didn't care. No, I just moved out.

Right now I'm checking the shares of the company on my laptop in my apartment. I often end up doing this on weekends and holidays too, I'm just addicted to my job okay? The shares seem to be going pretty well this year, it must be because I convinced management that having adverts online would bring in more business. I was awarded with a promotion afterwards when the company's stocks got higher, I refused to take it as it was just coming out of Ry's back pocket and into mine but the company insisted. Ry also insists that I have my own savings account with all my earnings in it in case anything ever happens to us. By us, he means our relationship. He's so caring, sometimes i wonder if this is just a dream. Like did I really drop out of school? Are you kidding?

I quickly use the hot water in the kettle to make myself a hot cappuccino, adding two spoons of sugar and a lot of milk, I don't like it too hot and I don't like my coffee too strong. I sit down, being careful enough not to spill any on the laptop. There's a knock on the door, I'm about to shout, 'Ry could you get that?' when I realise Ry is away this weekend on a business trip. I know this isn't an excuse for him to go cheat on me as I have heard them all planning it these last few months, that's the perks of working with Ry. I shuffle over to the door in my slippers and take a look out the peephole, I gasp and swing the door open.

Lee-Lou! Lou! GUYS!!!!

I pull Leona and Louis into a massive bear hug, I haven't seen either of them in like a month, besides the odd time Louis and the boys pop up on TV for an interview. Leona laughs as Lou lifts me off the ground in a big hug. We always have competitions to see who can hug the other the hardest. Louis always wins.

Hows my Silly Milly Billy been getting on?

Louis finally releases me from the hug to ask,

Fine how are ye two?


They shout together in unison, I swear sometimes that they practice that. I've tried to get Ry to do it together but he wasn't bothered in a playful way. I sit the pair down and give them hot beverages as its chilly outside.

So how have ye guys been getting on?

I am only asking this question as management are on Louis' back to get a girlfriend, they aren't counting Leona as a girlfriend even though she is one. They want Louis dating this student girl and the girl will be getting paid, Louis keeps refusing and management are trying to come up with threats for Louis but they can't find anything as he is loyal. Louis sits back on the couch and puts his arm around the shoulders of Leona who is starting to tense up at the mention of this subject. Its a soft matter and I know that Leona hates when I bring it up but they can't hide from it forever. Louis shrugs and plays around with his lips, pouting now and again. I sigh and sit back into the recliner I chose. I pick up my hot cappucino and take a warm swig, Louis and Leona keep sharing worried glances, I look up and shake my head.

Am I missing something? Do they not want to be my friend anymore? Is it because I'm slowly turning into a workaholic?

I didn't realise that I was thinking aloud until Louis shared another look with Leona,

Its not exactly that.....

Leona speaks out in her formal tone that she always uses with adults and important people like teachers. She shrugs Louis' arm off impatiently as he plays with her curls. I know she hates that but there's something else behind her behaviour, she usually lets Louis play with her curls. I sternly look into her brown eyes, studying her body launguage. She shifts uncomfortably in her seat at my gaze. She clears her throat and glares at Louis, he catches her gaze and turns to me,

Eh, Milly?!

He looks guilty like a boy thats been caught stealing from the sweetshop. He stutters and glares at the floor, not being able to look me in the eye,


It came out impatient and thats how I feel right now. Before Louis can say anything more, someone knocks loudly on the door. Ry left his keys here as he would probably lose them when he's away. I don't even bother checking who it is, I'm too tired at this point. Whats the bet its Ry anyways? I open the door but before I can look at who's there, I see Louis and Leona jump off the couch out of the corner of my eye. I watch them as they tiptoe up to the door, almost like they're afraid of me, why would they? I laugh and turn to the door, I look into those eyes, those eyes......I take a step back and mutter all the profanities I know under my breath, I stop and take a breath,

son of a bitch..........f**k, sh*t, bast*rd, c**t!

I look behind him and continue, from their point of view I probably look like a crazy person muttering crazy nothings. I lock gazes with a pair of chocolate coloured eyes, hazel brown eyes and ocean blue eyes. I glare at all of them and turn to the pair that are now cowarding in my flat,


I turn away from the door and shout at Leona and Louis, Louis hides the whimpering Leona behind him. 

What the hell guys?! I thought ye were my friends!

I start whimpering, I don't realise that I'm shaking uncontrollably until Louis comes over and gives me a friendly, tight hug. He squeezes my shoulder before turning to the four guys. I wipe my face with my shaking hands before looking back at the four guys standing outside my door, nearly three years since I've seen them in person. I shake my head and bury my face in my hands, I walk over to my recliner and sit down. I bury my head in my folded arms and whimper. I hear Louis quietly invite them in and they know that the tension in the room is so heavy that you could slice it with a butter knife. They slowly and silently take their seats and sit there, I peek up through a gap in my arms to see nearly every pair of eyes on me. Louis is talking to him quietly over in the kitchen while Leona is standing with them, glancing worriedly over at me now and again. The others are sitting across from me where ten minutes ago, Leona and Lou were sitting. Ten minutes ago, I also felt safe in my apartment but now they know where I live, he knows where I live. I rub my tired face once more before regaining my confidence, I sit up straight and start my interrogation.

What are ye doing here?

I look at Liam, knowing that he's the most responsible. My tone is dead and has no emotion, exactly like my face. Liam looks at me with his puppydog eyes, his eyes are so sad. I look at him impatiently, he lets out a heavy sigh.

We are in town....

So they have no actual official reason? Well, other than the fact of wanting to annoy the crap out of me. I glance at Niall who constantly keeps turning his gaze to the fridge, I chuckle at my Nialler.

Go ahead Niall!!

He turns to me in suprise, he grins and sprints over to the fridge. I chuckle, I glance around and realise that I'm not the only laughing at Niall's eating habit. The kitchen is behind the couch so Zayn and Liam both have to turn to watch him. Zayn turns back around and sighs, 

Aaaahhh I think my stomach hurts! So how have you been keeping Mills?

He smiles at me trying to break the tension. Seriously! Its like walking on eggshells. I smile at him, he's such a nice kid!

Well, I have a job! I forgot to mention to ye guys that I ehh.....well.....dropped out of school when Niall left the X Factor.

I smile at the end in spite of myself, talking to an old friend like Zayn is nice. Sometimes all I do is work but this little holiday is nice. Zayn is a nice guy and if Harry and I, Ry and I and Niall and I didn't happen, I wouldn't mind a piece of that cake. But if I get with him (I'm not planning on!) I'll be known as a slut to all the guys. I won't be to the paps as they didn't know I went out with Harry or Niall or Ry. I will be to all my close friends though and I can't leave Ry! Even though we aren't close like people should be when they're in a relationship. Its not a big deal though, it doesn't bother me because Ry is like that. I turn to Zayn, now curious,

So how have ye guys been?




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