Said I'd Never Leave Her

Amelia was best friends with Niall Horan when they were children, when Niall drifts away she tries to forget him, but she is made to be a part of his life, unvoluntarily. Everywhere he goes, she has no choice but to be there too, but when the other four boys step on the scene including another mysterious figure, she realises her fate..............


10. Dance lightly with life.


Later on, still Milly’s P.O.V:

I need to get out of here! I need to get out of here now! I kept chanting in my head over and over again. I was wheeling around the hotel room on my wheelchair which was getting to my mother so I rather enjoyed it. The hawk eyed witch was watching me the whole time now for no reason, I need to get away from her and Niall. That’s when I remembered that I have this date with this guy! To be honest, we don’t even know each others names or numbers. He's picking me up here but I know his hotel room as its right next door! I get up out of my wheelchair and rush into my room hopping on one foot, I check the time, dang its 7:35! I bring up a gorgeous midnight blue ball gown with a belt of sparkles at the high waist, blue shiny stilettos and a dark blue clutch. I sit on my bed and try to slip the second stiletto on when I realise something. I smack my forehead in frustration, how could I be so stupid? I can't wear one heel and then have the cast way below it, I’ll just have to wear flats. In no time at all I hop over and grab a dark pair of blue sparkly flats and shove one onto my one prefect foot. I rush and quickly put on a thin layer of foundation and mascara with eyeliner. I rush out the door to reveal my mother looking very at home with a cup of tea in front of the TV. “I'm going for a date with……” Then I pause, wait, we don’t even know his name! “Ehh Shane! Yeah he's taking me out for dinner so yeah, have my phone, see ya later!” Before she can refuse, I'm out the door with my two crutches and trying to walk stable to, well, ‘Shane’s’ door. I'm about to knock when the door is opened to reveal a white faced, shocked looking ‘Shane’. I will be forever cursed thinking his name is Shane now. “What.Happened.To.Your.Leg? I laugh half-heartedly thinking something was up but its just over my stupid leg. “Oh! Hahaha I broke my leg!” He doesn’t laugh, he still looks pale and stone like, “Did I do this to you?” “What?! NO! I got hit by a car!!!” “did you get the license plate? Did you see the driver? Did you recognise them? Was it a man? Was the windows tinted? Did they do anything else? Did they ambush you afterwards yet?” I take a step back, my eyes widening at all the questions, “What? How do you know they didn’t just go with me in the ambulance?” He turns back to me with a dark face, “Because you didn’t go in a ambulance.” I gulp as he changes the subject before I can comeback, “I hope you don’t mind but my father changed this into a dinner with some colleagues so we will be discussing work matters.” He smiles dazzling at me and I bravely smile back, thinking about how mysterious and dark he is. We both walk down through the lobby. 

We are walking through the lobby with me on his arm when Niall power walks into the lobby with a flushed face.

His face softens when he sees me all dressed up but then it hardens when he sees who I'm with. He gets angry, “Milly your…” “Stop!” I put both my hands up in front of my face like I'm in a boxing match. “My Dads bringing over your suitcase in the morning and replacing it with mine! Don’t worry.” I practically dragged my ‘Shane’ out of the lobby and into the limo which I thought he rented but he actually owns a few town cars considering his Dads in the business as well as him.  That’s when we got to know all his work mates.

He has me on his arm the whole time until he is forced to let go of me to get into the limo where we are greeted by three handsome young men like ‘Shane’, who are also dressed in work suits. On the way to the restaurant I find out that even though the guys all look fierce and business-like, they are all actually a right laugh. The one with sandy coloured hair and brown eyes is Cameron Sade who has a lovely Spanish accent, the one with black hair and gorgeous brown eyes and a strong British accent like Harry is Jonathon Taylor, the one with ruffled floppy blond hair and sea blue eyes and a American accent is Robert Cain and last but not least, my ‘Shane’. He has dark brown hair and leaf green eyes with a straight forward accent that didn’t have any real stereotype. 

                                       I just about figured out his name from all the lads talking and laughing with me, Brian Edwards. We had a laugh that evening helping ourselves to the bubbly champagne as we are all business like and in our own private room in the place. At first they were all weary about my meds and me getting drunk and hurting my leg again but Brian reassured them that he would make sure that I get to my hotel room safely. At the comment all the lads winked and chuckled, causing my cheeks to burn bright red and for Brian to scratch the back of his head awkwardly. At the end we all got into the limo and left the others home. Brian liked to be called Ry outside work, we both got to our rooms safely. When we came to my door he just kissed me softly on my cheek and left.


Liam’s P.O.V:

I woke up, panting, my breath catching in my throat and tears running down my face. I look around our room, I frown at the shadows in the room. All the furniture is positioned further and in different places than it was before. That’s when everything came crashing down, I'm sleeping in Niall's bed and Milly is in hospital. I grab my jacket and my runners and yesterdays clothes are still on so I quietly jump out of the room and out into the empty, cold silent hallway. I rush down the stairs quietly and rush out the door, into the cold morning air. That’s when I finally check my phone for the time, 6:36. Jesus, I have eleven missed calls and fifteen text messages. I go through them all and see that I have a voicemail for every time someone tried to ring me. By the end of listening to all of them I realise that Milly has been trying to reach me, the last time she tried to call was fifteen minutes ago so she must be awake, I hit the ‘call back’ button and hear the familiar ringing to notify you that the persons phone is on and that they are waiting for he/she to pick up. Its on its second ring when I hear a familiar voice practically breathing into the phone hoping that I'm there, “LIAM? Are you there? Please answer…” She didn’t give me a minute to reply but even if she did, I don’t know what to say. I sigh heavily and she stops, “eh yeah… I'm here.” I hear a sigh of relief at the other end, “Meet me at the diner Macys, its right down the street in five minutes, hurry!” That’s when she hung up and left my mouth open, staring blankly into space.




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