Said I'd Never Leave Her

Amelia was best friends with Niall Horan when they were children, when Niall drifts away she tries to forget him, but she is made to be a part of his life, unvoluntarily. Everywhere he goes, she has no choice but to be there too, but when the other four boys step on the scene including another mysterious figure, she realises her fate..............


6. Chapter Six

Niall's P.O.V:

I keep trying to find her, and when I do, she runs away. Ok, I am being a jerk but those guys don't even know her, not like I do. Besides, I need to find a way to get them to back off from her, the worst things is, is that she is beautiful so every guy wants her. Back at home I had all the guys told off to leave her and don't even look at her or they will have to come to me. But here, all the guys don't know any better and by the time came that she was with this guy, Harry, I was ready to punch someones face in.

Milly's P.O.V:

I finally left Zayn, obviously wasn't my choice. It must be my lucky day today, I have met three good-looking guys and they all seemed to like me. Zayn made it more obvious than the others, I stumbled down the halls trying to remember his directions but also floating on Cloud Nine. That was when I noticed a dark haired fella walking down the hall towards me, I looked up and nodded. I didn't realise until he passed that it was Simon Cowell! My mouth fell open as I stared after him, finally I made it to the dining room where both mine and Niall's parents were reading the newspapers, waiting for dinner. Everyone looked up at me but then went back to their occupations, except my mother who just loves to annoy and embarass me. "Amelia? Did you see Niall? He was looking for you." "Yeah...." "Well go find him, dinner will be ready soon...." Thankfully my lovely Dad stepped in for me, "No need, Niall's a big boy, he can mind himself."

But my mother, being the annoying cow she always is, shakes her head tight lipped and gestures to the door for me to leave, I glance at my father with a pleading face before he shakes his shoulders, forcing to go find the last person on earth that I want to talk to.

I turn out the dining room and to my left, is a door with a copper plate. 'The Den' It looks

inviting and as its an easy excuse to get lost, I open the door not bothering to knock. Behind the door is a vast room filled with comfy looking couches, cushions and a massive flat screen TV which is playign a scene, which I believe, is from Toy Story 2. On the cream carpet is Zayn and Liam wrestling on top of each other, Liam wrestles to the top. After waiting ten minutes to see if they notice me, I clear my throat, they both stare in shock when they realise I'm here. Liam gets up first as he was winning when I walked in but Zayn wasn't fast getting up after him. "Hey Milly!" They chorus together, then stare at each other in shock. We all talk for awhile and then resolve to watching the movie after Liam resentlessly shouting, "I LOVE TOY STORY!!!!" We were about halfway through the movie, I was sitting in between Zayn and Liam on a comfy cream couch right in front of the TV. The door burst open, I jumped a mile off the couch, landing like an idiot on my butt, on the ground. Two guys come running in, well actually one, As in fact, the other was on his back. I recognised Harry's curls but I didn't know the other, Harry was squirming away from the other boy's kisses. "I loooovvvceee yoouuu Harold." I snorted at his British accent, thats when he noticed me there, he jumped off Harry's back and sat down next to me. "I'm Louis." He held out his hand for me to shake, I try to shake it but he pulls it back and presses his thumb against his nose and wiggles his other fingers up in the air, giggling. I join in, he then quickly stands up, runs over to Harry, places a wet kiss on his cheek and shouts, " BYE HAROLD HUNNY!!!" And runs out the door laughing, Harry winks at me before running out the door screaming, "I'm going to get you, you massive BOOGER!!!" I laugh and turn back to the boys, who are also in fits of giggles.

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