Said I'd Never Leave Her

Amelia was best friends with Niall Horan when they were children, when Niall drifts away she tries to forget him, but she is made to be a part of his life, unvoluntarily. Everywhere he goes, she has no choice but to be there too, but when the other four boys step on the scene including another mysterious figure, she realises her fate..............


12. Be Here Now.


Milly's P.O.V:

I invited my best friend over because I really didn’t want her to be missing out on the wonderful experience I was having here, sarcasm clearly. Her name is Leona Richards, she's really nice and funny. She has a definite career in modelling as she's really pretty and her sisters are already in it. I rang her a week ago and we made the plans, I made them right after Niall started getting on my case, really bad. But now everything is fixed up so I think I’ll just go enjoy the big break off school with her. She was standing outside my hotel once I crossed the street, I know, you are probably thinking, ‘Oh I hoped she looked both ways this time!’ and as a matter of fact, I did. I got across safely and gave her a massive hug, “What has it been? A week!” I squealed at her, she started giggling into my shoulder as we were still hugging. Aoife, my other best friend, steps out from behind her. Okay so maybe I wasn’t all that honest with my mum, maybe I invited an extra friend? She wont mind I’ll just say that Aoife had to get away for a bit and ended up here, the capital of the country. I hug them both and we all squeal happily. “I'm so happy to see you guys! Ye don’t know how lucky you have it!” Leona looks at me like I'm crazy, “Oh you don’t know how easy you have it either! Missing the last week of school before summer holidays!” “She's too right but we understand what you mean Hun, how has it been? You know, with him?” They both bombard me with questions and statements but I hold my hands up defensively, “Alright guys! Enough! Its all sorted out so lets just have fun from here on out!” “Well actually I need to go into town to do some private shopping so maybe could ye two could go have fun of your own? I'm not going near that X Factor mansion anyways. Read in the magazines, nothing but trouble.” She shakes her head, I nod knowing what she means, we talked already and agreed that she can do her own thing while we are visiting my friends. “Okay Lee-Lou and I can bring your stuff up to my room and you can start now. See ya later!” Lee-Lou is my nickname for Leona, its cute and short. Lee-Lou and I both hug Aoif goodbye as we go up to my hotel room. At one point in the elevator we forget to get out at our floor because we were laughing so hard that we had to wait for the elevator to go down all the way to the first floor again, there was something weird up but we didn’t mind as we just shrugged and laughed it off.

                                                         After leaving the girls bags up at the room we continue over to the X Factor mansion, I took my mum’s pass off her and thanked her before putting it around Lee-Lou's neck so we could get in. we went to the den and found Zayn sitting there watching a scary movie. He looked scared to death as he was clutching a pillow for dear life. I recognised the scene from an movie I saw before, “Wait! This is Friday The 13th!” I accidentally made him jump twenty feet off the couch, oops, he must have never heard or seen us enter. We both laugh our heads off as Zayn turns around, using the pillow as a weapon. “Oh you two are gonna pay for that!” Leona can barely keep from laughing, “Oh really? Cus I'm gonna ninja kick your ass!” I replied making emotions in the air with my sassiness. He grunts in reply and walks out to the hallway, we both follow him as he steps onto the first stair and shouts, “LIIIAAAAAMMMM!!!!! YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS HERE! She says she’s gonna kick my ass!” “Not if I do first!” That’s when Louis runs and jumps on top of Zayn, where the hell did he come out of? He's laughing and joking while Zayn is trying to wrestle him off his back. “Get off me MAN!” Zayn's gone red in the face from struggling, Liam walks down the stairs looking cool as a breeze and stops. He glances around at all of us and stops at Leona. “Uh…..?” He looks confused at Leona and her face is mirroring the same emotion, they clearly don’t know each other oh great! This is where I come in, “GUYS! This is Leona! My friend but I call her Lee-Lou!” All the guys shout mumbled ‘hellos’ but Louis waits until its quiet so he can be heard. “HIIII!!!! I'm Louis!” Leona and him both start laughing and start their own conversation, Louis doesn’t realise that Zayn is very close to passing out. He just sits there on Zayn's back, as comfortable as a pig in mud, and is thick to the world around him. We eventually get him off and we all go to the den to sit down and watch a movie. I glance over at Louis and Leona, they have seemed to hit it off pretty quickly. I smile at them, what a cute couple.            

Louis’ P.O.V:

Milly's friend is super cute and really nice; she has a lovely smile and great fashion sense. Her keen look for stripes is what made her stand out most in my mind, especially considering that I love stripes too. She was wearing a Beatles t shirt with their logo of a tongue tucked into a pair of high waisted denim blue worn shorts that were stripy. Her black curly hair was down and she was wearing funky that were cheetah print and blue. Her make up was just simply eyeliner, mascara and foundation. The natural look that made me fall head over heels for her, she had a long strap furry bag and sunglasses holding up her hair at the front. As I was talking to her I realised something, jet lag doesn’t affect her at all, how amazing. She didn’t say it but I could tell, she wasn’t one of those annoying girls who never shut up one you got them talking, no. She was sensible about what she said and she is a clear speaker. She’s just simply amazing, she had Jamaican bangles around her left wrist and every so often she would pull back a strand of her hair and the bangles would clink. She had cross earrings in her ears, how sweet. I looked into her eyes and realised that when she looked up to me with her lovely dark brown eyes that neither of us were talking.  I'd stop talking forever to be with her.     



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