Said I'd Never Leave Her

Amelia was best friends with Niall Horan when they were children, when Niall drifts away she tries to forget him, but she is made to be a part of his life, unvoluntarily. Everywhere he goes, she has no choice but to be there too, but when the other four boys step on the scene including another mysterious figure, she realises her fate..............


14. Be All You Can Be.


Milly’s P.O.V:

I’m in Starbucks with Ellie xx ye can come over with the guys xx our booth is fairly far away from the door ;) xx !!!!!!

Lee-Lou was texting me updating me on where they were so we could all meet up, I sighed aloud and hopped off the hotel room bed. Aoife was in the bathroom getting changed so I logged onto Twitter to see if any famous people were tweeting lately, then I remembered, how could I forget? Louis mentioned yesterday half way through the movie, between the slaps Liam was giving him for interrupting the movie, that all the boys were on Twitter. I looked up Liam first and his name was pretty close to the top, I tap on his name and it brings me to his homepage, his picture is cute, him smiling out in the sunshine. I follow him but unluckily I don’t have time to follow the others as Aoif has now come out of the bathroom. I stand up, “Ready to go?” I ask and she nods, I quickly reply to Leona while we are walking out of the hotel,

On our way!!!! Will ring boys and tell them to meet us there xx cya in 5!!! ;)

I get a quick reply, Okay xx see ya xx J

I exit out and bring up my contacts, I only got Louis’ number yesterday so I tap on his name and click Call. Its only ringing for about five strokes when I hear his familiar chirpy voice through,


“Yoooo!!!! Millllyyyyyyy!!!!! What's up?! Any crack?” I sighed dramatically and stuck my hands on my hips, even though he doesn’t see me, he definitely heard me. “Eh yeah hey Lou! So you could and the guys meet us girls at Starbucks in like…….. now?!” “Um yeah sure babe! I’ll tell them all, talk to ya in a bit!” “Kay, see you there!”

I took the phone down from my ear and pressed the hang up button before sliding the phone into my skinny pocket. I link arms with Aoif, its so good to have no crutches. I  sigh quietly as we head down the street, that’s when I have the flashback.


“NO let me take her! I know her longer!” Liam, Niall and I were standing out in the freezing air, Liam and him were debating who should take me to the hospital to get my cast taken off. I really didn’t care at that point as seen as I was sure my cast was going to harden due to the fact that’s its freezing and that it will fall off itself. I shiver and run my folded arms up and down the other, trying to preserve some heat. I walked over to Liam's white range rover and got in. I look out the passenger window to see an angry looking Niall and a pleased looking Liam. Liam walks over to the driver seat and waves at Niall one last time before jumping in and driving off, I glance back in the rear view mirror to see an upset Niall walking back to the mansion, kicking the dirt and dragging his feet. Defeated.

End of flashback#

I shiver at the memories and I certainly don’t want to dig deeper into that memory to remember the doctor peeling off the cast. That was the day I decided I was chicken so I let Liam come in with me into the hospital room. I was wearing Hollister shorts and when the doctor peeled off the cast, I couldn’t help but gasp and quietly ask Liam to leave. I was so embarrassed, I can feel my cheeks going pink at the thought, one of my legs was just so pale and abnormal and the other one was well, normal.

Aoife’s P.O.V:

I look into the fancy hotel room mirror and comb my fingers through my short, black hair. I shiver, maybe my black tank top is a little too cold for today. I shrug and turn to see myself in the full length mirror, a simple puffy black tank top with a perfect trail of black sequins going straight down the front, simple grey skinny jeans, black shiny heels with a black bow at the side of each shoe, black drop down jewel earrings with little black jewels running around the big one in the middle, a silver late Victorian styled ring with a big black jewel in the middle and an emerald green clutch bag that has a big bow on the front and a small handle for my hands. I quickly lashed on a layer of clear nail varnish and some eyeliner with mascara. I kinda limped out into the hotel room, gosh! Milly was right, its nearly impossible to walk around on these carpets! We both try to stand straight and not fall over while exiting the hotel, clutching each others shoulders for support. When we got out onto the straight, instead off praising the lord over flat ground, we squealed at the big gusts of wind blowing towards us now and again. The worst part is, is that we are walking against it. Milly is walking, holding her clutch in one hand and her plait in the other, she was desperately fighting against the wind and not letting it blow her perfect hair away. We finally stumble into the café and sit down in the booth that Elida and Leona are in. they were deep in converse when we came up. Elida gets up and hugs both of us tightly, hopping excitedly, a little. Everyone knows she's super close to Milly and Leona, she's like family. Her outfit is amazing, as always, like she has just stepped out of a movie scene. She starts to tell us about her job here and what's it going to do to her portfolio. I nod, I'm really happy for her. By the time she reaches college, she could get into any modelling college she wants! Her stories are always super amazing and funny, she entertains us for awhile until a waitress comes over. Milly orders for all the guys as she knows what they all like, I order an iced coffee like Elida and Leona and sit back. Keen to listen to the rest of the story.    


Milly's texts: Bold

Liam's texts: Italic  


Liam’s P.O.V:

The boys are getting ready for coffee,

Hey! Liam here…… Louis gave me your number xx J

I finally convinced Louis to give me Milly's number but it came with a cost, I had to get Leona's for him. Almost immediately she replied,

Heyah xx already here J I ordered for you and the boys xx have ye left yet?! J  

No…. sadly L Zayn keeps messing with his hair and we had a little problem…… xxx

Oh! Do tell?!.......

Well its not that big a deal but……. Niall stood in front of the mirror that Zayn was doing his hair with and well……. Zayn wouldn’t stop crying until Niall moved so we are trying to get Niall to say sorry xx might take awhile :/ don’t worry though J we will make it eventually J  

Haha poor Nialler! He probs doesn’t know what's going on!;)

Actually true……. If you didn’t know, he's actually very innocent J may be hard to believe though xx just trust me J

Somehow its safe to say I do trust you xx J

Thanks xx finally got Zayn to stop….. on our way J

K xx cya there! Xxx J


My heart strings twitched when I read over her text, I trust you. Maybe I'm just crazy, did I make up the whole afternoon we met? Is all of this made up? The boys and I were finally on our way, I was wearing my favourite green Jack Wills hoodie, blue jeans, Nike blue high tops and my hair just down. Well what other way could I have it? Niall was obsessing over how we didn’t eat in an hour. I tried to hush all the boys down but that was four against one. We all didn’t really know each other but Milly and her friends brought us together. I smiled and put my hands in my jeans walking along the path, not caring if the lads were following, no. nothing was going to stop me from seeing her.

 Aoife's outift:,r:37,s:0,i:262

im not goin ta bothr sendin links 2 d boys clothes cus dey r harder ta find fir clothes nd ders reali no point xx i will send links fir pics thou! xx plz lyk and fave guys cus i kno my movella is crap nd lyk no1 is likin and favin! plz guys xx send me a feedback plzzzzzz xxxx Special shout out to Leona and Elida!!!!! brill fans xx luv ye guys lots lyk jelly tots ;)

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