Said I'd Never Leave Her

Amelia was best friends with Niall Horan when they were children, when Niall drifts away she tries to forget him, but she is made to be a part of his life, unvoluntarily. Everywhere he goes, she has no choice but to be there too, but when the other four boys step on the scene including another mysterious figure, she realises her fate..............


13. Attitude is everything.


Leona’s P.O.V:

After meeting Louis, I knew my life was complete. Its just something about him that screams The One. I'm so pathetic…” I sigh out loud, trust me, by an accident. We all decided last night after nearly falling asleep to Toy Story we would all meet up today and maybe introduce Aoif to the guys. I slipped on a perfect white strapless top, blue Hollister flip flops, faded Hollister denim shorts that had the ends folded up and a white and navyish scarf that wrapped around my neck in a circle. I pushed my tired hands through my dark curly hair. I groaned, ughhh, why does it just have to be like that. I signalled in the mirror how it just went poof. Louis called me beautiful yesterday, I watch as my cheeks go red in the mirror. He didn’t mean to let it slip out of his mouth but when he did, he went pink. I liked the fact that he didn’t care what people thought of him, he was just himself. I look around Milly's empty hotel room. Aoif, Milly and I had to share the same bed but we were all decent sizes so we fit in like pigs in blankets. I scoff loudly at my private joke, Jesus! What's wrong with me? I'm so hyper and in a joking mood today. I shrug my shoulders and continue towards the door, thank god no-one was in the room, the noises and laughing for no reason was bound to make someone consider putting me in a mental home. I shake it off with a shrug and check my phone, my friend has been constantly been texting me all day about recipes for cooking and I'm about on my last straw. She’s nice though and its nice to have a friend like her in dire situations. She's really pretty and kind but her boyfriend is a jerk, always getting drunk and having bar fights. He seriously doesn’t deserve her for what she is. Like I said she's really pretty, she could have any guy she wanted. What's even better is that right now she has a modelling shoot here so I can meet her afterwards for coffee. She's so lucky, she gets to keep all the clothes she models as the business people count them as useless the minute they are shot on magazines and crap. I meet her at a Starbucks, well I'm meeting her but she's late, as usual. She arrived looking very glamorous and business-like in a close fitting teal-blue strapless top, grey suit trousers that I swore I saw in last months issue of Vogue, a matching teal-blue clutch that had a fancy knot on the front and creamy beige simple heels. Gosh I loved her but also hated her due to jealousy. Her fairly short cropped brown hair was straight and framed the sides of her face professionally.

She smiled and elegantly walked over to the table and purposely twirled around like those movie stars at the Oscars. She smirked at my mouth that was hanging open, “Jealous much?” I glare at her from across the table as she sips from her iced coffee, staining the coffee cup.


Milly's P.O.V:

Time here has been much better since the girls showed up, but especially because Niall and I made up and decided that we could just be friends. As in to say that we will probably never make it to best friends. I know, most of ye were probably thinking………… they are gonna try and get together? What about Brian….. and Liam? I slipped on a maroon coloured tank top with white line going down near the top like icicles, blue skinny jeans, a sleeved black blazer jacket, black strappy heels that kinda looked like boots with a small black clutch that had a strap over the front. I kept in my black pearl earrings and plaited my long dirty blonde hair to the side. The boys were planning on meeting us all today and I was just so excited for Aoif to meet the guys. But also for Elida, Leona and my friend to meet them as well. Its so fun how nearly all my friends and I ended up in the same city, well nearly the same room! I put eyeliner and mascara on as well as red lipstick and hobbled out the bathroom door. It was kinda hard to walk around on the carpet in the hotel as it was really soft and squishy. Weird? I know.

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