why did it have to happen to me

you would have to read it to find out:)


1. a tragedy

sara's  POV

yay!! yay!! yay!!

Today is valentines day. I am soo excited. I am sapposed to meat my boyfriend drake today.

I think today is the day that i should tell him those three special words. I have been dying to tell him for weeks. I guess i was just scarred of how his reaction would be. would he say the same thing back or will he break up with me? i think i gust need to calm down. im just thinking about this to much.

Anyway.. i am right now waiting at the park were we seid we would meet each other. Of corse Drake has to be late so i just started to playing with my iphone when someone covered my eyes.

"guess who" a deep voice seid to me

" i dont now, the cookee man?" i asked but i knew it was drake

When he uncovered my eyes, i saw him wearing a nice blue shert with ripped jeans

"So were are we going." i asked

"Before we go anywere" he started to say" i need to tell you something"

"Great cause i need to tell you something too" i was eager to just get it over with

"I took a deep breath then seid" i love you" right when he seid that he wanted to break up.

"what" my lips were quivering" why"

"Look you are a great person but you are not the type of person for me." he seid it like he didnt care about me at all. He seid sorry, with no expression, then left.

i was standing in the middle of the park with tears streaming down my face. I did not now what to do so i did the only thing i could think of and that was to call my best friend harry styles. yes the celebrity. The phone rang three times before i could here the cute british accent on the other line.

" hey, vas happenin sweet cheeks" harry seid

Then i broke down and told harry everything....


When i heard what happend i was beyond mad. how could Drake just heart her like that. i do admit i have a crush on sara and i should be happy...but im not. i hate seeing sara so upset and on valentines day.The day when you are sapposed to make good memories.

I had a plan. i was going to cheer sara up and maybe get a kiss from her.

i told her were i wanted to meat her, then went on my way.

An hour later...

I see sara slowly coming towards me. Her eyes were red and puffy. I felt so bad for her.

" hi" she seid in a hushed voice

"hey pumpkin" she always smile when i call her sweet and cheesy names but she didnt even cracked a smile

"I have a supprise for you if you cheer up" that got her attention. She loves supprises

"well'" she looked like she could hardly wait which made me happy"what is it"

"I told youit was a supprise"

"uuuuuuugggggg"  that made me laugh which made her look at me in an annoyed way which i now she is not annoyed.

"Ready to go" i asked

" ready as I'll ever be"

At the end of the day..

We were driving home with to 2 other people in the car. Please dont ask why. They were asleep so i talked really quitly to sara.

"I had a great time today" she seid with a smile

we stared at each others eyes when i started to lean in. Yes i am finally getting my kiss with her. All of a sudden i heard a honk and tearned to see a semi truck coming right towards us. but right before it went dark. i put my hand in hears and told her i loved her.

Third person POV

On the news it seid that 2 people were killed in a car accident. Apperently the big semi truck hit a small suv. 2 people survuved and 2 didnt.



So be honest. How do you like it. Have you guessed who were killed and who survived.


















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