Forever Young - Another World

After the loss of Ava. Bonnie and Harry are faced with a whole new set of problems in a whole new world. Being constantly under the public eye may suit some but others cannot handle it. But this moment in time is the most important and the decisions made now will affect everyone forever.


24. Lil catch up xoxo

Hey guys! so its been like 4 months since I  last posted. and i am so so so sorry! HOWEVER i am planning on starting up the fanfic again! but before i thought id give you an update on whats been going on so if you dont want to know then just skip this chapter and i will post by the end of the month (fingers crossed) 

SO the last time i posted was just after my school prom (which was amazing!) it was so cute and lovely seeing everyone dressed up and looking gorgeous! Then after prom i started a production of Grease! where i played one of the main characters (the headcheer leader - Patty Simcox) so i had a lot of lines, lyrics and dance moves to learn! im not making excuses but i was one busy little lady! so after weeks of rehearsals and costume fittings we performed Grease! for 3 nights and 2 performances on each day so in total 6 performances! and we performed to over 1000 people which is incredible!! 

So after Grease! i finally had a break from school and exams. after 16 exams over May & June i desperately needed a break however it was my dads wedding the following week and i was chief bridesmaid and maid of honour so i was busy getting everything ready, writing my speech and getting pampered with the bride!! The wedding was lovely! and my dad and his new wife are perfect for each other and it was such a happy day which i spent with all our family and friends! The day after the wedding we went on holiday to Turkey! to finally relax was so so nice i did write one chapter in a notebook on holiday however lost it travelling! 

So once i returned all tanned and relaxed i went into my summer holidays! meaning going to the beach and seeing all my mates for the final time before we all separated and went to college. I spent everyday of August out with either my friends or family and to be honest i wanted a break from my laptop and writing. Also during this month i got my results back from my May/June exams i got - 3A* 4A 3B 4C 2D! which meant i could go to the college i wanted.

And at the beginning of September i started College. When i started college i didnt know anyone so spent the few first weeks making new friends and settling into my classes. i have created some amazing new friends and ones that i will keep a lifetime! i also met my boyfriend at college (Hi George if you're reading) who i love to bits and cant wait to share experiences with. With a new college comes new and more work. i am doing 3 4000 word essays every week along with 5 hour drama rehearsals and all my lessons. so i havent had the time to even think about anything else however i have caught up with my work and am able to start writing again!! (YAYAYAYAY) 

This month is really really exciting for me too! Apart from Christmas and new years! i have a film audition! I KNOW A PROPER FILM AUDITION! LIKE HOLLYWOOD FILM! The film i am auditioning for is the new disney star wars series and i have just sent in my audition tape and fingers crossed i have gotten further! if any of you have auditioned let me know! 

So the past few months for me have been HECTIC! and i am so so so sorry i havent been able to update however this will all change. i am planning to update at least once a month and i know that isnt much at the minute but i promise they will be good chapters and the fanfic will be so much better than the first! 

Lastly id like to thank everyone for their constant support and love for the series. even though i havent posted in  months i still get notifications saying how much people love this story every week and i love getting tweets from you guys. i love talking to you guys and want to talk to more! so tweet me! -@X1DGang. I can PROMISE you that this story will be getting better i already have some chapters planned out which will make your hearts ache, your smiles dazzle and your eyes cry but this is the beginning of something good! 

ALSO WHO GOT WHERE WE ARE TICKETS? i got tickets for the 7th June so if any of you are going to the same date tweet me and we can meet! and omg the album i love every song so much and cant wait to hear them live! anyways im rambling now so it was lovely catching up and we will all talk very very soon!! 

lots of love

Beth xoxo

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