Forever Young - Another World

After the loss of Ava. Bonnie and Harry are faced with a whole new set of problems in a whole new world. Being constantly under the public eye may suit some but others cannot handle it. But this moment in time is the most important and the decisions made now will affect everyone forever.


9. 9.

Mel was chatting non stop the whole way back to Brighton. Nit natting along to herself going on about a new club in town and apparently the whole world stopped when we left the country, as soon as we leave there is no drama. surprise surprise. Me and Harry sat in the back of the small car our big luggage in the boot of the car and the rest on the chair next to Mel driving. i curled up my legs to my chest spinning to face harry.

"so what was the house like?" Mel asked after realising that she was babbling on

"it was lovely! you'd love it! we should go out sometimes" i said to excited that there's another excuse to visit back

"yeah definetly! we should make it a family trip!" she smiled in the rear view mirror

she pulled up to Harry's house, pulling the luggage out the car. walking into the house. Anne was in the kitchen reading a paper the radio gently playing. 

"mum?" harry shouted through the house closing the door behind me

"harry?" i heard anne say back quickly

"hey mum!" harry walked through the lounge and into the kitchen pulling his mum in for a tight hug me following

"wait? what are you doing here? i thought you were meant to be in France?" she looked at us puzzled

"tour got moved forward didn't it?! rehearsals start tomorrow" he said putting the kettle on. the subject of the tour was still a touchy subject but i think Anne soon realized and changed the subject back to France.

"so how was it?" she said getting 3 mugs out the cupboard and popping a teabag in each

"oh mum its amazing! we are going back when things have calmed down a bit!" 

"well while you've been soaking up the sun, we've had snow! its been bloody freezing all week! Gemma slipped and Katie's pram broke so she had to use Ava's"

Anne stopped in her tracks once she noticed what she said. there was an awkward silence between the 3 of us. we all just stopped in our tracks looking at the ground. 

"so what time you off tomorrow?" i ask harry wanting to get all the thoughts out of my head. 

he jumped back into life getting the milk from the fridge and adding it to the mugs stirring 

"erm, we have to be there at 12 but i'll check train times later" 

"how about i do it now?" i asked standing up from the chair walking towards the door. but harry was closer and stood in my way. 

"Bon its fine come sit down and we'll do it later" he said taking my hand

"harry go spend time with your mum, you've just spent 4 days alone with me and i'm coming up to London with you. you haven't seen her in ages, go talk to her!" i smiled gently

"thanks babe!" he kissed my cheek and let go of my hand and walked over to his mum sitting now at the table. a huge smile grew on both their faces and they started to laugh at the conversation. i stood their for a few moments watching them. they both seemed so happy with one another. she must miss him like mad. whenever he gets a free moment he's with me. they're so close. i hope to god that me and my son are like that. 

i walked out leaving the mother and son to their conversation. i walked over to the suitcase at the front door and pulled it up the stairs using both hands and all my strength i managed to get to the top of the stairs without falling or breaking anything. i walked into Harry's room. dumping the case in the corner of the room. i jumped onto his double bed, lying my side. i have this ocd thing where i have to be on my side of the bed at all times no matter what. i got out my phone from my bag. i had a few notifications from twitter. over the past few weeks ive received thousands of followers, all pretty much 1D fans. i scrolled through my timeline, i have followed a few accounts back and they have retweeted and updated things about me and harry. photos from the airport with the cheerleaders we're up online and fans were tweeting that we weren't meant to come back today but we did. these fans really do know about everything we're doing. 

i looked through my mentions which kept refreshing. one account asking me to follow them. 

its weird to think that by me following someone that ive made them happy. 

i scroll through more mentions. hate appears but i ignore it. why should i waste my time on people who don't like me. not everyone is going to like me because im dating harry. not everyone is going to like me full stop but to be honest im okay without them. i follow a few people on twitter and tweet a few people before looking online for train times. before i knew it i was asleep. again. 


Harry's P.O.V.

i hadn't spoken to mum like this in ages. before x factor and everything we had this thing on a Sunday night where i'd make fajitas and we spend the whole night at the dinner table playing games and just talking. we'd spend hours talking. i'd tell her everything. she'd tell me everything. we'd never keep secrets. 

i told her about the argument me and b]Bonnie had while in France. she said everything is going be to okay. my mum always had something to say but i left her speechless. she couldn't understand how either of us were feeling. and that is hard for her. 

we then moved on to her. feeling alone that both her kids have grown up so quick. its difficult being busy so much but i promised her that whenever  i can i will come back down to visit and if i cant then Bonnie will. it made her smile. she loved Bonnie like her own daughter. which im so pleased about. 

it was turning into evening when we were wondering where Bonnie went to. she went upstairs to check the train times but i think she just wanted to get out he way. i went to check on her walking up stairs it was silent. i walked into my room and she was there lying on the bed curled up in a ball fast asleep. she hasn't been sleeping well recently whenever she does sleep she gets nightmares and i wake her up and she starts crying in my arms. i feel so helpless sometimes, like i cant do anything about it. i feel like the dreams are all my fault. 

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