Forever Young - Another World

After the loss of Ava. Bonnie and Harry are faced with a whole new set of problems in a whole new world. Being constantly under the public eye may suit some but others cannot handle it. But this moment in time is the most important and the decisions made now will affect everyone forever.


8. 8.

"we're so sorry to be leaving so soon! we wish we could be staying longer but Simon wants us all there tonight" harry said walking in to give Mrs Davidson a hug goodbye. 

when we said we had to leave earlier that morning her face dropped. she looked devastated. i suppose most of the time its her alone and it must be nice to get visitors but i bet she rarely gets them. however she told us not to worry and that we must visit soon before laying the breakfast on the table. i felt so bad leaving so soon but it was Harry's career we were leaving for and we promised to visit once we both had the chance. 

once harry and her had broken their hug it was my turn. this visit to France was a life changing one. and i felt like the bond i had made with mrs davidson was a strong one. she made the way i think different. to take the good things instead of the bad. 

"we'll be back before you know it!" i walked over to her

"it was an absolute pleasure meeting you!" 

"the pleasure is all ours! thank you so much for everything!" i wrapped my arms around her tightly 

"dont worry about anything! things will sort themselves out soon enough!" she whispered

"i wont! you look after yourself, we'll be seeing you soon!" i kissed her cheek quickly before walking over to Harry and picking up our bags.

we walked out the door to the car waving goodbye to mrs davidson standing by the door waving as we got our bags into the car and climbed in rolling the windows down. the car started to go down the drive turning away from the beautiful house. we waved our hands out the window as she stood there waving goodbye. up in our room we left an envelope with our holiday money which we didnt get to spend for Mrs Davidson to use to get her kids and grand kids round the house for a week. she's been alone for too long. and we wanted to make a difference. 

the journey to the airport was quiet, i guess we were both taking the last few moment of france in. harry was sitting on the right in the back of the car me on the left hanging my legs over harry's. 

we slowly made our way in the airport pulling our luggage, holding hands. you could tell niether wanted us to leave but you both knew we had to. 

once we got through security and baggage and walked into the lounge with a couple shops. we both seemed more relaxed as we walked through the shops. harry tickling me making me giggle as we picked up some holiday memorabilia for our families. we walked to a small cafe near the boarding gate and got a small leather sofa to sit on and 2 large coffees of some sort. we were an hour early for the flight as we thought it would take longer going through security so we just sat and waited with our coffees on the sofa my feet tucked up leaning against harry. talking about the usual rubbish. 

"you looking forward to the tour?" i asked him

"yeah should be good" as soon as i asked it i knew i would regret it

"im so proud of you babe" i said cupping my hand on his cheek. he turned his face towards me kissing my hand

"thats the best thing i've ever done. made you proud. im glad you are!"

"i love you" i went in to kiss him on the lips

"i love you too" he said in between kisses

our plane was called to board so we walked to the gate swinging hands messing around. being teenagers. 

the flight went pretty quickly, most of the time i was asleep on Harry's shoulder, he woke me when the plane was almost empty. i looked outside the window and it was miserable, pouring it down with rain. typical English weather. we got our hand luggage and carried it outside the plane. walking through the terminal we got a few more glances. of course we did a member of the biggest boy band in the country was walking past them at Gatwick airport. there was a group of girl coming back from a dance or cheer leading trip away who wanted a photo with harry. it took us about 10 minutes to get through everyone, but i didn't mind. they wanted to meet him and i didn't blame them. he was amazing, he took a photo with every girl.  started having conversations with them all. he was their idol. my boyfriend being thousands of girls idol is a hard concept to get your head around. 

we collected our luggage and made our way through the airport to meet Mel, she was the only one who was able to pick us up at such late notice. as soon as she saw me she came hurling towards us. slinging her arms around our necks

"hi guys! how was it?" she said quickly, so excited to see us

"we would tell you but we cant breathe" harry giggled gasping for air

"oh sorry" she quickly took her arms away

"we've only been gone 3 days!" i smiled at her

"i know but that's 2 days too long!" she joked

"you're crazy" i laughed picking up our luggage again

"you're crazy" she repeated taking the mick walking out the airport towards her car

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