Forever Young - Another World

After the loss of Ava. Bonnie and Harry are faced with a whole new set of problems in a whole new world. Being constantly under the public eye may suit some but others cannot handle it. But this moment in time is the most important and the decisions made now will affect everyone forever.


7. 7.

"i cant believe the only time i get with you for more than 2 days and im being snapped away!" i put my hand on his cheek trying to calm him down. 

"hey, hey babe! its fine! don't worry, how about i come up to London at the weekend? and see the boys!" i said looking into his eyes

"im sorry babe" he kissed my forehead slowly, leaving his head there for a while before shifting

"its fine harry! honestly! we'll come out here again!" i said moving a curl out of his eyes. he leaned into me pressing his lips to mine.

"plus we have condoms at home" i smirked my lips still touching his. he giggled lying back on the bed. i stood up pulling the duvet off and walked around to the wardrobe picking up the suitcases in the bottom and placing them on the end of the bed open. harry moved his legs so they were in the way. he was in one of those moods all day. 

"shift" i giggled moving his legs away and walking to pick up a pile of clothes putting them next to the suitcase. i started putting the items in folding them and placing them in the suitcase. i turned away to get another pile of clothes and turned back and the clothes were thrown over the floor and had disappeared from the suitcase. harry lying on the other side of the bed smirking pretending to be asleep. 

"harry! don't be a knob!" i moaned, he pretended to wake up yawning hugely.

"wh..what?!" he stuttered stretching

"oh you know what i'm talking about! the sooner i pack the better!"

"just come to bed and we'll do it later!" he said patting the bed next to him

" and means we don't have to tomorrow!" i picked up the clothes off the floor and folded them up placing them in along with the other clothes

" let me help then" he said standing up walking over to the wardrobe picking up the remaining clothes placing them in the case. 

"done! can you come to bed now?" harry sighed, seems like his mood was dampened and his energy disappeared. 

"oi ugly whats wrong?" i said dumping the suitcase on the floor and climbing in bed with harry resting my head on his chest

"oh nothing, just tired" he rolled his head away from me getting himself comfy

"harry" he moved his head back to face me

"whats wrong?" i asked him looking at him 

"im sick of making you second best. yeah i love the boys and yeah this opportunity is once in a lifetime but im sick of not being able to see you as often. im sick of not being there when you're upset or need a hug. im sick of always having to put you second after this. its not fair on you. You're always my main priority. whenever im not with you im worried about what you;re doing. are you okay? when ever we finish a call im waiting for the next whenever we separate im counting down the hours til i see you again. i get one week with you all to myself and it gets ripped away after a day. i hate it Bonnie. its not fair on you. and im fucking sick of it." he spat the final words

its true that's how i felt about him. counting down the hours til i next talk to him or see him. but i didn't feel second best and harry made sure of that. yeah its annoying that we have to leave but hey that's life. plans change. people change. we just have to get on with it or none of us will get no where. 

"harry listen to me, calm down, hey listen. its fine. we're fine. okay? go to the tour rehearsals i'll see you at the weekend and i'll come on tour with you for a few days yeah?" 

i took his answer as he planted a kiss on my hair lingering there for a few seconds before turning his head and falling asleep. 

but i knew that this was only the start. after the tour, they would be recording the album, the management would want them living in London so its easier for them to travel around. they'd be travelling the country for the majority of the year. they'd be travelling the world making the album, meeting new people. who would stay for little old me?

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