Forever Young - Another World

After the loss of Ava. Bonnie and Harry are faced with a whole new set of problems in a whole new world. Being constantly under the public eye may suit some but others cannot handle it. But this moment in time is the most important and the decisions made now will affect everyone forever.


6. 6.

"who knew you could cook so well?" Mrs Davidson said setting down her knife and fork, licking her lips

"well we do dabble" harry said smiling collecting the plates and walking them into the kitchen

"it was delicious! you must give me the recipe!" 

"oh sure! i'll write it down tomorrow!" i said filling up our 3 glasses with wine. 

Harry walked in holding 3 plates in one hand and a chocolate gateau cake thing in the other placing them down on the table

Me and harry had spent most of the day in town. we went out for lunch in the harbor. them looked around all the little shops and tourist information to see what we could do during the week of our stay. we then went to a small market to get ingredients for the meal and found a small bakery for the dessert. 

we finished dessert helping ourselves to seconds. harry practically licking the plate clean. 

i started to clean the plates up. piling them up on top of each other

"its alright dear, i'll clean up!" mrs davidson stood up taking the plates from my hands

mrs davidson and i had gotten really close over the first 2 days we were there. its like i knew her my whole life rather than 2 days. i told her things only harry knew. as soon as we met we just clicked. 

"no its alright, i'll be quick then it's done" 

"please bonnie let me! you cooked dinner" 

"okay then let me help!" i instsited

"no you kids go have some fun" she smiled

"are you sure?" i asked

"yes go on!" she took the plates through to the kitchen as i took harry's hand and walked upstairs

"hot tub?" he asked winking as we walked into our bedroom

"i completely forgot about that!"

i got my bikini out the the wardrobe and put it on while harry checked his phone

"you go down and i'll meet you in a minute" 

"okay whats up?" i said walking over to him

"liam rang but i missed it so im going to ring him back, i'll see you in a minute" he said kissing my nose

"okay tell him i say hi"

i walked out the room, pulling my hair back into a bun. walking through the house Mrs d]Davidson was no where to be seen. i walked out the back door after getting mine and harry's glasses of wine. i pulled the cover off and turned it on making bubbles appear. i climbed in slowly getting my body used to the heat of the water. once i was in and the water was covering my shoulders i rested my head on the edge looking up at the sky. it was night the stars were out, bigger and clearer than ever. the moon taking up most of the sky. Ava's up there among the stars looking down. i soon heard harry screaming and shouting my head span around to the door and harry came running out stark naked. jumping in the  tub splashing water everywhere

"bloody hell thats hot!" he said standing back up

"well it is called a HOT tub" i said in a mimicking voice

"oh really! in one of those moods are we?" he said lowering himself down infront of me

"dont know what you mean?"  i smirked

"i'll get my revenge" he said as his lips started touching my neck. i didnt want a repeat of last night but i was craving his touch, his smell, him. 

i was caught in the moment when a splash of water reached my face. making harry giggle as he put his forehead on the crease of my neck.  

i pushed him back making him fall in the water. i let out a chuckle as he struggled to get up. i held out a hand but instead of him coming up he pulled me down under. we ended up having a water fight for a good 10 minutes running around the garden harry mainly chasing after me. he finally got me grabbing his arms around my waist. my hands on top of his pulling my legs up to my chest

"OW OW OW" I shouted kicking my legs out

harry's body froze 

"what?" he questioned quickly

"Cramp!" i continued to kick my legs until the pain went harry giggled letting me down out of his arms. i stumbled and fell to the floor taking harry with me and we lied on the grass looking up at the stars

"i thought i hurt you" harry said putting his arm under my head.

"you've never hurt me" he stayed silent knowing he had hurt me before but never being able to forgive himself. 

"what do you think we'd be doing if she was still here?" he asked

"i don't know, you'd still be doing the tour, we'd come visit you. we'd be normal" 

"i say goodnight to her every night before i go to sleep" harry mumbled

my eyes were watering, i couldn't take it. every time i spoke about her i ended up in tears. 

"what did Liam say?" i asked changing the subject

"i don't know i rang twice but no answer, i'll ring him tomorrow" he said stroking my hair away from my eyes

"come on, we should go to bed" he said standing up helping me up. walk 

"walk in front of me" he said. i laughed walking in front of him his hands on my shoulders. we made our way up to bed, trying to be as quiet as possible which failed...miserably.

we got into our room and i got changed into one of harry's t-shirts and some underwear and climbed into bed while harry just climbed in reading one of the tourist leaflets. 

"what do you want to do tomorrow?" he asked. before i had the chance to answer his phone started to ring. It was Liam

"hello mate"

"yeah its lovely, huge though!" 

"what? you've got to be kidding me?" 


"i cant do that Liam!" 

"fine i'll see you tomorrow!" he put down the phone annoyed

"whats wrong?" i asked putting my chin on his chest

"the tour has been moved forward, rehearsals start day after tomorrow" he huffed

"so we're leaving tomorrow?" i sighed 


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