Forever Young - Another World

After the loss of Ava. Bonnie and Harry are faced with a whole new set of problems in a whole new world. Being constantly under the public eye may suit some but others cannot handle it. But this moment in time is the most important and the decisions made now will affect everyone forever.


5. 5.

My eyes fluttered open to the sun beaming through the curtains. i squinted slightly letting my eyes adjust. i rolled over expecting harry to be there peacefully sleeping but the space he lay was empty. i hardly slept last night. i spent most of it watching harry sleep, my mind going over everything. replaying memories i never want to return to, while harry slept calmly knowing he had me in his arms. although during the night he cried softly murmuring words i couldn't understand. whenever he did i just stroked through his hair to calm him down and he returned to peace. when i finally fell asleep i knew it was early i saw the sun starting to rise through the spaces in the curtains. my eyes ached from last night. they had been drained from all the tears left of me.

i lifted the duvet off me and walked around the bed to the other side lifted the duvet into the air making it settle neatly. i placed the pillows back in their original places and walked out the room into the corridor rubbing my eyes. i was still wearing Harry's t-shirt from last night. i pulled it down to mid thigh not wanting to reveal anything. i opened the door to mine and Harry's bedroom. expecting harry to be there  but he wasn't. in fact the room was pretty much untouched from last night. the bed was still the same from where we were. all our things were in the same place apart from Harry's hand luggage which was sitting by the sofa the cushions were moved like he was sitting there earlier. on the coffee table his phone and keys. i grabbed a pair opajama shorts and slipped them on also putting on a pair bed socks before checking in the mirror to see what a state i looked like. i had mascara marks down my cheeks and my hair was a mess. i quickly tied it up in a bun and washed all the makeup off my face with a few splashes of cold water. and i looked half decent but really i didn't care that much. 

I walked down the stairs and heard talking coming from the kitchen. i walked in to see harry standing there in a pair of pajama bottoms, his hair messy. he looked up from the counter where he was working. he smiled softly

"morning beautiful" he voice husky

"morning" i smiled back walking around the counter next to him. kissing him on the lips quickly

"oh sorry I'm disturbing something!" Mrs Davidson said backing out of the room from another door

"oh no! its fine i just woke up!" i smiled

"ah i see! sleep well Mrs-  Bonnie!?"  i giggled at her mistake

"yes i did thank you" i lied. i didn't want her to feel bad or sorry for me

"what you doing?" i asked harry wrapping my arm around his naked waist changing  the subject

"well i got up early so i came down here to make you breakfast in bed but Mrs Davidson was already up and had made breakfast so i was helping her clear up things. then you came down" he smiled down putting his arm around my shoulders

"aw thank you!" i kissed his cheek quickly while Mrs Davidson carried on putting things away in the kitchen. i joined in with the cleaning and the job was over within 5 minutes

"lets go eat! im starving!" harry said holding my hand and pulling me towards the door. i halted in the door way

"would you like to join us? seeing as you made it all!" i asked Mrs Davidson

"oh no dear its alright I've already had mine! go enjoy yourselves!" she smiled

"well tomorrow you must join us!" i smiled

"that would be lovely!" she smiled back.

we walked over to the dining table and sat down. there was fresh orange and apple juice. french bread that was still warm, croissants and pan au chocolate, fresh fruit and yogurt, bread for toast and various other cereals. 

Mrs Davidson walked in with a mug of tea and a jug of coffee

"wow this is amazing! thank you so much!" i chuckled

"you're more than welcome! let me know if you need anything else!" she said before walking through the door. 

we dived into the food. helping our selves to more and more servings, drinking more tea and coffee and different juices. i leaned back in my chair after finishing my last mouthful and harry took his. i looked at the table and there was still a good 3/4's left of the food. through out the meal we talked but when we didn't i noticed him looking at me. i looked up and smiled taking a piece of what i was eating in my mouth and he just smiled back chewing his food. 

"so what would you like to do today?" he asked

"i don't mind what would you like to do?" i replied cheekily 

"well i was talking to Gale and she said that there is a beautiful walk into the village, over the bridge and along the river i thought we could go see the village and have a look around! what do you think?" 

 "sounds lovely but who's gale?" 

"oh that's Mrs Davidson" he chuckled

"oh first name level now!" 

"oh sssshhh you!" he said tickling my feet under the table with his

"make me" i giggled trying not to laugh

"oh yeah?" he got up and walked around the table towards me, keeping eye contact smirking hands out ready to tickle me

"oh bugger!" we both heard from the kitchen after a huge bang we both looked over to the door and ran through. Mrs Davidson was by the other door with a large plastic rubbish bin on the floor with all the contents scattered on the floor. she bent down and started to pick it up. we ran over and helped her putting the contents back in

"no its alright dears I've got this" she said picking up more

"no its alright we've got it" i said helping her up and sitting her down on the chair before going to the sink to pick up a cloth to clean the floor as harry took the bin outside. i finished wiping the floor and walked over to the sink to rinse the cloth

"Harry's a lovely boy isn't he!" she said walking over

"yeah he is, he's amazing" i smiled

"if you don't mind me saying you are a very adorable couple!" 

"haha thank you!" i giggled

"what you girls whispering about? harry asked walking back in again

"oh nothing" Mrs Davidson said giving me a quick wink

"we'll help you clean up breakfast!" i said walking to the dining room door

"you two can come more often! people have never helped this much before!" she smiled walking out with us.

we got the dining table cleared and cleaned within 10 minutes and then got all the spare food away and rubbish out and cutlery washed and put away in a further 5

"what would you like for dinner this evening?" she asked putting the final knifes and forks in the draw

"how about we cook tonight?" i asked harry

"sure don't see why not!" he replied cheerfully

"we'll cook tonight!" i repeated to her

"are you sure?" she asked

"yeah! we're popping out today so will get some things and make dinner tonight! seeing as you made such lovely breakfast!" harry replied walking behind  me putting his hand on my hip.

" well thank you that is very kind of you!" she blushed with embarrassment

"our pleasure!" we both said in sync, looking at each other afterwards and falling into fits of laughter

once we sorted out this evenings plans we headed up stairs to get ready for the day. i brushed my hair harshly to get out at the nots and tangles so it was straight. i slipped on a simple sleeveless white dress with blue and pink flowers were dotted all over and stepped into flat brown sandals with minimal make up and sunglasses. Harry wore a sky blue thin t -shirt and beige shorts with white converse and sunglasses. he picked up his wallet and phone and put them in his pocket while my purse, camera and phone went in a small brown bag.

it wasn't that far of a walk into the middle of the village and we did it the previous night so pretty much knew the whole way. we walked with his arm around my shoulder with me holding that hand while i have my other arm around his waist. we talked the whole way into the village looking at all the beautiful buildings, mosaics and statues. we got a few photos by the ones we liked the best some photos smiling, some doing silly faces. but the funny thing is that it seems that last night never happened 



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