Forever Young - Another World

After the loss of Ava. Bonnie and Harry are faced with a whole new set of problems in a whole new world. Being constantly under the public eye may suit some but others cannot handle it. But this moment in time is the most important and the decisions made now will affect everyone forever.


4. 4.

The door slammed shut. And I didn't know what to do with myself. Should I go back in and talk to him or should I stay away for a while let him and me go through what just happened. I looked down to realize that I was only wearing one of his t-shirts. Should I go back in? I can go downstairs like this. What would Mrs Davidson say? Oh shit she must have heard that. God would she think. 

I panicked and walked out. I didn't know what to do. I was annoyed and angry and confused. I stayed quiet listening to see if I could tell what Harry was doing but I heard nothing. It was silence. 
I had to get away. From the room I needed to clear my head. Go over everything that just happened then I remembered that this house has 5 more spare rooms. I wandered down the corridor trying not to make so much noise pulling the t-shirt down to attempt to make it longer. I opened the door which I thought was a spare room but I was surprised to see Mrs Davidson sitting up in bed reading a book. Her face turned to the door as it creaked open


"Ah Mrs Styles, can I help you with anything?" 

"Oh no thank you, I just got the wrong room and please call me Bonnie" I smiled trying to convince her 

"Is everything alright?" She asked

"You heard?" I winced

"I think everyone in the village could my dear, come here you look like you need a hug and a good old chit chat" 
she climbed out of bed putting her book down and walked around the bed towards the door she was dressed in an almost floor length night gown and her neat hair taken out. She was a lot smaller without her heels on. She came walking over closed the door behind me and hugged me tightly rubbing my back relaxing me. I started crying again into her shoulder 


"Ssshhhh it's alright darling everything's going to be okay" she reassured me swaying slightly

"Come through and we'll pop the kettle on and make sure everything's okay? Sound like a plan?" She asked

"Lots of milk no sugar" I smiled We walked through past the bed to see a small kitchen and bathroom on the opposite side of the bed it was like a mini apartment in the kitchen there was a small round table with 4 chairs I sat down on one as she walked over to the kettle popped it on and started making two teas 

She sat down next to me placing the mugs on the table as well as a plate of fancy French biscuits. 

"So what's happened?" She asked taking a sip of tea

I explained everything to her. Finding out about Ava, Harry leaving, telling our parents, the proposal, the attack, the break up, getting back together, X factor, Georgia, the audition, Millie, bootcamp, the night I almost died, judges houses, the live shows, Cher and Harry, Harry's attitude, the car accident, Ava's death, the funeral, the X factor final. Everything all just flowed out as if it were a river which could never be broken. And she just sat there taking it all in

"And then that argument" I said looking down, I'd cried during most of the explaining 

"You two have been through a fair bit then" she sighed I just nodded playing with the empty mug

"From what you've told me it seems like he worships the ground you walk on, he loves you I noticed today the way that he looks at you it's something I've only seen a few times" 

"And I love him too I just..I don't know what to do anymore"

"You have to remember you're still young you've got a whole life ahead of you"

"And I want to spend it with him!"

"But he's got to let people make their own mistakes and know that he can't control everything that happens" 

"Have you ever been in a situation like this?" I asked regretting it as soon as I said it
She laughed to herself


"No I haven't. I met my husband when I was 11 years old we became good friends then when we got older thing started getting more serious we were a couple of years older than you when we got married and a year later I fell pregnant but you see he was in the army and at the time many British soldiers were going over to Ireland due to the riots and protests one day a car bomb went off and my husband was in the car." She wiped a tear away from her eye. We had both lost someone close to us so tragically 

"I'm sorry" I said holding her hand

"Oh don't be! It was a very long time ago!" She smiled weakly 

"Thank you for this evening, you don't have to listen to me race on about my life" 

"It's fine darling don't you worry about a thing! It's all going to turn out okay soon! Come one we'll get you to a room where you can rest you must be exhausted" she held out her hand for me to grab it and walked out the door of her apartment along the corridor and into another room

It was like the other bed room but instead of cream overs and wall it was black and white and the window was smaller

"Will this do?" She asked holding open the door 

"This is lovely thank you!" 

"Okay well I best be off to bed, goodnight hope you sleep well" she said closing the door until almost shut

"Thank you for tonight and sharing everything" I smiled She poked her head around the door

"It's alright darling, everything's going to be okay just wait and see" and she closed the door 

I walked over to the bed pulling the sheet back and climbed in. resting my head on the pillow and pulling the duvet up over me. my head throbbed from the crying. my eyes ached from the crying. my whole body exhausted and before I knew it I was asleep. 

the duvet lifted slightly and a gush of air came in from the side. the bed sinked down a bit and the duvet moved up. they came closer to me. I felt their breath on the back of my neck. I stayed deadly still keeping my eyes closed. they knelt up on the arm leaning over my shoulder. they rested their elbow on the pillow and rested the head on the hand. close to my face. they pulled back my hair which had fallen on my face. 

"Bonnie im sorry, I never meant any of that back there.. I was just annoyed at myself and took it out on you and I should never ever do that. im so sorry baby. I love you" he kissed my hair I felt his soft curls tickle my face. I knew he didnt mean it deep down inside but I just couldnt believe it. he stretched his arm out over the pillow and laid back on the bed. I rolled over facing him resting my head on his arm and putting my hand on his chest. I looked up at him. he was smiling softly dimples showing. 

"im sorry too, I've just been feeling so confused lately I don't know whats going on" 

"I think we all are, its alright Bonnie we'll be fine" 


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