Forever Young - Another World

After the loss of Ava. Bonnie and Harry are faced with a whole new set of problems in a whole new world. Being constantly under the public eye may suit some but others cannot handle it. But this moment in time is the most important and the decisions made now will affect everyone forever.


25. 23.

"May all passengers for flight number BA14276 to Los Angeles please make their way to gate number 19 as the flight will be departing shortly" the over enthuse tic air hostess announced over the loud volume of people.

"Come on Harry we're gonna be late" Liam said pulling him away by his bag. Harry resisted, straining the strap before slipping his arm from beneath it

I giggled as he pressed his lips to mine one final time his fingers gently brushing mine edits entwining.

"Go before you miss the plane" I said as our lips barely touched due to me moving away briefly

"Can you come with me please" he begged once again after many failed attempts to persuade me

"You know I can't, I can't miss anymore college especially as my exams are 2 months away"

his bottom lip dropped and wrinkles formed between his eyebrows as his shoulders deflated

"Fine but don't have too much fun revising While I'm gone"

"You won't miss a thing I promise" I said as I pecked his lips again

"Good cause I'm back in 3 weeks"

"Yeah only 3 weeks" I smiled although the pain inside was excruciating. He was coming back in 3 weeks for an anniversary well more of a birthday which was being remembered more than celebrated. In 3 weeks time it would be the first birthday of Ava. Our little baby girl being one years old, how time flies.

"Okay you really have to go now" I mumbled into his chest wiping the thoughts I no longer wanted out of my mind. He pulled away slightly agreeing

"I love you" he held his lips to my forehead

"And I love you" my eyes closed as he pressed harder against my forehead bringing his hand to the back of my neck to support it

"I'll see you soon" he walked away to Liam awaiting with his bag which he lazily picked up and slung over his shoulder before glancing back at me.


There were a few fans still remaining by the departure lounge. The boys managed to meet the majority of them just after they arrived. Me and Savan one of the writers lingered back and the boys walked over to the slightly screamish group of girls creating 5 little groups in the corner as Paul the security guard checked all passports and bags in.

While Savan and I spoke I glanced over at the 5 groups merging together as the boys started conversations. The fans faces lit up with glee as their idols made chit chat, their hands trembling as they held their phones, cameras and pieces of paper for the boys to sign. You could tell they attempted to start conversations with the boys but due to overwhelming nerves all they could giggle at everything the boys said.

The boys stood taller than most of the fans. I was able to see the tops of their hair amount the fans. The boys leant down taking photos with the girls, giving hugs to each of them gently rubbing their backs to calm them down. Signing a few photos, posters from magazines.

As the boys signed posters, posed for and took photos, laughed and chatted away to the fans it was obvious they enjoyed every single part of it. After the X factor they never knew wether it would work or not. Wether they will be signed or not. Wether the fans would stick around but it was apparent that they weren't going anywhere. The boys looked just as comfortable in a huge group of screaming excited girls as they did lying on the sofa with me or being in stage singing their hearts out. They felt at home in all this madness.

Paul had finished with the passport check and it was time to go through security. He walked over to the group gesturing to the boys that it was time to move on. The fans faces dropped realising that their brief encounter with their idols was over. The boys dished out the final hugs and photos before waving the fans goodbye as they followed Paul with me and Savan still on conversation following behind.

We went through security and we heading to the gate as Harry stood beside me grasping my hand in his making me jump

"Oh my god Harry don't do that" I playfully hit him in the chest

"Do what?!" He smirked

I decided to ignore his comment and continue walking through the airport

"A fan asked how you were earlier" he mentioned after a few silent seconds.

"Really? How come?"

"I think they saw you talking to Savan so didn't want to disturb you but they hoped that you are well" he smiled

"Aw that's so nice of them" I smiled to myself seeing Harry smiling too.

We walked behind everyone else until we gathered behind Paul.

"Plane leaves in 40 minutes do whatever you want, go but gifts go eat whatever just don't be late" his voice stern, looking after 5 teenage boys is difficult enough but these 5 teenagers must be a nightmare

Louis and Zayn walked off going back to their conversation while walking over to duty free. A few producers walked with Paul to wait by the gate. Niall walked off by himself probably off the eat so it was left with Harry and I with Liam. Harry stared to pull us back slowly

"Liam we're just gonna- be back in 10" he quickly said before pulling us back further making me giggle

"Harry where are we going?" I managed to get out with my giggles

"We need to say goodbye properly, last night wasn't enough" he said through his cheeky grin. He walked me to the outside of the toilets

"Go in first I'll be there in a minute, can't make it look suspicious" he looked around not making it obvious but failing miserably

I laughed as I walked into the disabled toilet, I know it was wrong using a disabled toilet but this end of the airport was pretty much empty so no one would be needing it any time soon. After sorting myself out in the small mirror Harry walked in locking the door behind him. He dropped his bag at the bottom of the door striding over to me. Lips connecting to mine. One hand between my bum and hip, one on the side of my neck thumb streaking my jawline. My hands moved up into his hair fingers curling around the ringlets. He moaned as the kiss heated. His lips connecting to my jaw my head leaning back as we walked so my back was against the cool tiled wall.

"I can't believe we're doing this of all places" I breathe out as his hand grips around my thigh placing my leg around his waist I lift my other leg completely dependent on him to support me

"You know me full of surprises" he mumbled as he left wet kisses on my collar bones "I fucking love you so much Bonnie" he continued gently biting my skin his hands lifted the hem of my top squeezing my hips as my body forced itself towards him more. Only wanting more


"People are gonna be wondering where we are" I spoke up after we sat in silence. Harry's back against the wall leaning with his long legs stretched out in front of him. Me sitting on his lap facing him head rested on his chest hearing his heart beat gradually slow after the adrenaline from our activities.

"We haven't been gone that long" he said his chin resting on the top of my head. I picked up his arm that was wrapped around me and looked at his watch

"Harry it's been half an hour, you have 10 minutes to get the the gate" I quickly stand up from his lap and collect my bag and his. We both check each other over making sure we don't look like we've done what we just have. He takes both bags and slings them over the shoulder and hands my hand with the other. He unlocks the door and steps out

"Well this doesn't look suspicious" I smirk referring back to the remark he made before

"Right now I couldn't care less, I'm just glad I was with you"


Hi guys! So I hope this comes back with a bang, quite literally ahaha but anyways thank you all so much for your patience I do plan to update again soon within the next 3-4 weeks if possible it will be sooner! A few of you have been asking about the trailers. They have been deleted off my YouTube channel however they will be back on this site soon! Thank you all so much for your support and kind words! It really means a lot! Love you guys

Beth xoxo

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