Forever Young - Another World

After the loss of Ava. Bonnie and Harry are faced with a whole new set of problems in a whole new world. Being constantly under the public eye may suit some but others cannot handle it. But this moment in time is the most important and the decisions made now will affect everyone forever.


22. 22.

Its been two months since the end of the tour and the longest the boys have had off since christmas. However they were set to leave next week to start work on the album in Sweden then lfy to LA to meet some major producers. The two weeks were spent relaxing, partying and socialising. Harry met up with a few of his other mates while I was at college. he also spent a few days with Gemma and Katie, and a weekend up north with his dad. 

I also thought this would be a prime time for him to meet Aaron. Ever since the start of college Aaron and I had gotten on like two peas in a pod And over the past weeks we had gotten closer and closer. I thought seeing as I babble onto them about each other that they should meet. 

I arranged it to be at my house seeing as they both know where it was and was away from the public eye so no interruptions from fans. Harry was with friends during the day as we had college but would be arriving in the evening for a dinner speciality of mine. Takeaway.

Throughout the day I was getting slightly nervous. its like when your dad first meets your boyfriend a difficult challenge I may add with my father . but I dont know why I was feeling it with Aaron and Harry. I suppose it was because I wanted them to get along they were two of the people I love the most so for them to get along would be twice as good. 

Aaron came home with me after college as we had drama last lesson. we were walking out the campus and I could see him getting more and more nervous with every step.

"what do you want for dinner?" I asked as we turned the corner to my street

"not fussed. not hungry to be perfectly honest" he mumbled

"oh come on, you said you were starving at lunch" I pushed him so he walked offline

"I know I'm just not hungry" he shrugged his bag back on his shoulder

"you're not nervous are you?"  I joked. he had no need to be nervous, all he was doing was meeting Harry

He looked at me straight faced and carried on walking

"oh you are" I felt bad that I joked about it

"why are you nervous? there's nothing to be nervous about!" I explained

"I don't know, what if he doesn't like me" 

I giggled quiet enough for him not to hear

"are you kidding? hes been dying to meet you for weeks! hes gonna love you, just like I do!" his mouth broke into a smile

"be yourself, your funny, charming, dramatic, likeable self" I smiled

we reached the front door letting ourselves in. he dumped his bag by the dinner table and walked over to the sofa flopping on it

"we've got lines to learn" I said following him

"ah we'll wing it. we're good at improvisation" 

"no dude, I want a good grade. get your arse up." 

he rolled off the sofa onto the floor and crawled towards his bag recieving his script. we were in the same group in our class and both got the main leads which I was so thankful for. however the lead male and female fall for each other during the play but fall to hard and after various reasons never see each other again. 

dramatic I know but if it gave me the grade I need then I really shouldnt complain. but ive never really thought can someone fall in love to hard? id guess id find out. 


"it was good seeing you daisy" Aaron walked up to be standing in front

"you too Ryan. I had a really good time tonight" I answered back looking at my script getting the right line

"daisy?" he stepped closer


"I really really really like you" our faces almost touching. his hands on my lower back. mine on his chest and shoulders

"then kiss me" I glanced at my script again then looking back into his eyes. there was a long pause. he sighed heavily

"do you really want to do this?" he asked I looked at the script. that wasn't the line? oh he wasn't in character

"well I suppose. we are going to have to do it sooner or later" to me the kiss meant nothing. I was acting no emotion of mine to be changed.

"Harry okay with this?" he asked. I had check when I got the part that Harry was 100% happy with it. he said if it meant me getting a better grade then go for it. in our relationship there is a huge amount of trust. which means he can go off and do stuff as can I without having to worry about each other

"yeah he knows there is nothing between you and me. just acting" I smiled

"okay" he looked like he was building himself up

"shall we go from your line?" 

"ye-yeah good idea" he was stuttering he shook his hands as if he was shaking off the nervousness and walked back to where we started

"it was good seeing you daisy" he repeated with the same actions

"you too Ryan. I had a really good time tonight"

"daisy?" he stood closer again placing his hands in the same place


"I really really really like you" 

"then kiss me" he stopped again. I gave him a small nod in reassurance

he leant his head down 70% of the way getting slower as his face getting closer. I closed my eyes imagining kissing Harry in my mind. I moved forwards so our lips were touching. his tongue begged for entrance as the kiss was becoming more passionate. tongues and lips working together. I broke the kiss leaning down slightly off my tiptoes our faces still cm's apart. he smiled and kissed the tip of my nose. 

"my dad will be wondering where I am" I continued on with the script

"oh yeah right, sure" he stepped away shoving his free hand in his pocket

"ill see you tomorrow?" I smiled

"yeah sure" he returned the smile. I turned away before turning back walking to him, kissing him on the cheek and walking back to the other side of the room

"wow bonnie" he threw the script on the sofa

"yeah I know" 

"have to say it bonnie, youre a pretty good kisser" he smirked

"you're not too bad yourself. wanna cuppa?" I giggled walking into the kitchen him following


we decided to leave it there for the drama homework that night and found some takeaway menus and sat infront of the tv, drinking tea watching friends and deciding on what to have for dinner

Aaron had calmed down a lot considering what he was like walking home. I think it might have been the acting. distracting him, giving him something to focus on. he only started showing his nerves again when the doorbell rang

"calm down" I said standing up walking towards the front door. luckily the door was in the corridor out of hearing and seeing range from where Aaron was sitting.

I opened the door to find Harry. holding 3 pizza boxes. cheeky sod. he was wearing loose chinos converse and a green hoodie. standard Harry clothes. a smirk was plastered on his face

"sorry I'm late babe, these took longer than expected" he walked to me kissing my lips pulling me closer with his free arm

"I said I was getting dinner" I broke off the kiss and leant away from him his arm still holding my back in place

"too late" he laughed

"you're early anyway" he laughed even harder walking into the corridor slipping off his converse

"babe Aaron is super nervous about meeting you" I whispered making sure Aaron didnt hear

"why?" Harry looked confused

"I don't know, he's scared you wont like him. you have to remember you're pretty much a celebrity now. that's daunting for someone sometimes"

"don't worry I'm sure we'll get along just fine" he pecked my lips and smiled

"I know you will, come on he's in here" I held his free hand and walked in him the lounge

"Aaron, this is Harry. Harry this is Aaron." they both held out their hands and shook each others.

"its er good to finally meet you" Aaron spoke up as their hands shook

"you too, I've heard alot about you" Harry spoke back glancing at me standing in the middle of them to the side

"oh not too bad I hope" Aaron joked

"come on this is bonnie we are talking about she would never bad mouth anyone. I um bought some pizza" Harry held up the three large boxes

"I can see" their sense of humour was pretty much identical. 

"er 1 Hawaiian for ma lady" he looked down to me and smiled I went to talk but he interupted

"with extra pineapple" he finsihed my sentence before I even started it

"and two meatfeasts? is that ok? I didnt know what to get" Harry explained

"are you kidding? meatfeast is the best one!" arron exclaimed

"I can tell you two are going to get along just fine" I smiled looking at them both


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