Forever Young - Another World

After the loss of Ava. Bonnie and Harry are faced with a whole new set of problems in a whole new world. Being constantly under the public eye may suit some but others cannot handle it. But this moment in time is the most important and the decisions made now will affect everyone forever.


21. 21.

The boys had now been touring for one and a half months. Which was half the tour complete. The dates on Brighton were the best but probably because they were on hoe turf. The arena in Brighton want too big  so pretty much everywhere was a good seat. They did their usual set and speeches but they laughed a lot more. messing around on stage. plus it was the best ive heard them sing. 

All the boys families were in the arena too. all 4 of Louis' sisters with his mum, Jay and Eleanor. Liam's 2 older sisters came along with his mum and dad. Dani also came along. Niall's brother and girlfriend came with his dad. his mum lived in Ireland so came for the dates in Dublin. Zayn's three sisters and mum came along also with his aunty and Perrie tagged too. then for Harry was me, Gemma and her boyfriend Ben, Anne and Robin. his dad was planning to go to the shows further up north as he lived up there. 

25 together as a group. not only were the boys a tight unit but the families were too. all the mums got on like a house on fire but what mums don't? we went up to the box at the side of the arena. we thought with there being so many of us we were bound to get noticed so got the box which came with a brilliant view and comfy sofas.

I'd never met some of the boys family before. of course id met all the parents before because we all went backstage at x factor but I'd only met Zayn's oldest sister and one of Liam's sisters.

we were all sat down in groups. Ben, Niall's brother Greg and dad, Bobby and Liam's dad Geoff were all talking as they were the only men. all the mums along with Zayn's aunty were talking in a huddle as the arena filled. While Dani was talking to Liam's two sister with Gemma and Gregs girlfriend. Eleanor was sitting with Louis' sisters who were also with Perrie and Zayn's sisters. I walked over to say hello as I'd never met the girls before. 

One of the twins was sitting on El's lap while the other sat to her side. Perrie was in conversation with the 2 younger sisters of Zayn. the eldest of Zayn's sisters was talking to one of Louis's sisters, felicity I think it was, while there was one sister sitting on her phone I decided to go and make conversation. 

"hi! you're Charlotte?" I asked sitting next to her on the sofa

"Lottie! youre Harry's fiance?" she repiled

"girlfriend, im Bonnie" I corrected

"oh sorry" she looked embarrassed

"no biggy! so you're the eldest out of Louis' sisters?" I asked. I had briefly met her backstage at x factor but everyone had changed so much since then

"yeah I'm 14, you're the same age as the boys? right?" 

"yeah, ive known Louis since we were about 5! then he introduced me & Harry and hey presto!"

"mum said not to bring it up but im really sorry for your loss. must be really difficult!" she whispered

"ah its alright, you learn to get throuhg it but thank you!" I squeezed her hand in mine and smiled

"so what's so interesting with the phone?" I nodded down to the mobile she was glued to before I came over

"oh nothing I was just talking to someone" she smirked as she finished her sentence

"oh this isnt any old someone!" I giggled making her blush

"is he hot?" I asked quietly  so no one could hear. she nodded, a grin forming on her mouth.

"what's this guys name?" 

"we are only talking and its pretty recent so nothings happening" she looked slightly dissapointed

"eh! its only early days! it took Harry weeks for me to agree to go on a date with him! he's just waiting for the right moment! but what's his name?" 

"its brad and we sit next to each other in maths" 

"aw very nice! I know its early still and youre 14 and Louis might kill me for saying this but im going to give you some advice. please be safe, im not going to sound like a mother or anything but pregnancy isnt what its made out to be!" she laughed. I think it lifted the awkwardness that was between us

"come on, I think the shows about the start" I got her hand and walked her over to the edge of the box as the lights went down once again. 


We all caught up with each other when it was the final tour date. finishing where it started. the 02 arena in London. all the families caught the train up during the day and met the boys backstage. most of the younger siblings hadn't been backstage at x factor or the tour so when the boys took everyone for a tour of the arena their faces lit up.

about an hour before the show started the tour manager walked in

"boys, boys! BOYS!" he had to shout to get their attention from everyone else.

"someone wanted to say hello. they'll be coming in soon" he explained looking at his clipboard

"er sure, bring them in" Louis said confused. we carried on our conversation as will left the room only to return a few minuites later

"this is the boys" he pointed towards the group. in walked a familar man. Navy jeans and a white low cut t-shirt. a long grey coat and mirrored avaitor glasses.

"hello boys" he lifted the glasses

"Simon!" all the boys jumped up. it was such a surprise to see him not only was he the bands boss but also a friend

everyone was a bit stunned that Simon cowell had just walked in so casually. I think sometimes people forget he is a human too.

"I thought I'd come along and see the show, seeing as I am paying for it! he joked

"its great seeing you si!" Niall went over for a handshake followed by all the boys

Louis breifly introduced everyone to Simon, whoever he knew he greeted with a firm handshake and me a hug.

"I also came along to say that I'll see you in a few weeks in LA. when work on the album starts" he explained as we sat on the sofas in the backstage lounge

everyone else had decided to go to get dinner around 10 minutes after Simon left. I think they thought it was more of a business meeting than a family gathering so it was left to me and the girls, Simon and the boys.

"tour gone well lads?" Simon asked

"yeah fantastic! loved every minute of it!" Niall answered

"yeah definetly! makes me wanna work on the album harder now!" Liam responded

"good, im glad to hear that! earlier today I got an email saying savan is able to work with you along with producers for justin bieber and the jackson family. I can tell that this is going to be good, hard work but the outcome will be worth it" Simon explained as the boys nodded in excotement

"that's great, working with savan. havent seen him in a while"  Harry was getting excited. he loved working with savan during x factor and sees him not only as a work collgue but a good friend. I only met him quickly but from stories ive heard he sounds like a really funny guy

"Niall, you might be able to beet biebs again!" danielle chuckled

"oh har-har! he's my mate now actually! ive got his email!" Niall said proudly

"he probably made it up on the spot though" Liam joined in laughing with dani

Niall looked upset and confused then it changed to a fed up look realisng we were all messing with him

"oh shut up guys!" he got even more annoyed as we all burst into laughhter includig Simon

"right boys, im off to get my seat but I'll see you next week at the meeting about america. good luck in the final show. you'll smash it" Simon got up and oulled his coat on

"cheers Simon thanks alot!" zayn got up to shake his hand

he walked around the group shaking the boys hand and giving the girls kisses on the cheek. he got round to me and Harry

"you liked the house?" he asked kissing my cheek

"liked it? we loved it! we both wish we could have stayed longer but duty calls" Harry answered

"that's what I like to hear but here" he handed him a set of keys

"you're welcome any time you like! just let Davidson know the day before but you keep the key!"

our mouths both opened widely in ashtonisment 

"Simon. no we cant-"

"its fine, think of it as a well done for all your hard work" he smiled

"thank you Simon" Harry and Simon hugged hitting each other on the back

"no problem kid" Simon smiled

Once Simon left the boys started getting ready doing vocal warm ups and stretches while getting changed and having hair and make up done. The 3 girls and I sat on the sofas spreading out over 2. we all went to different colleges so hardly saw each other but when we did we had a lot to spill. 

we were in mid gossip when Louis walked over 

"Bonnie! you deaf or something?" he asked shaking my arm

"oh sorry we were just talking" I pointed at the girls

"Harry just walked out looking like he was about to burst into tears. I followed him but he's locked himself in our changing room and isn't letting anyone in. can you come and try?" I looked confused and without an answer I stood up walking to the door of the dressing room.

"Harry?" I asked knocking on the door quietly

"Harry its Bonnie. please let me in" I kept my voice calm. something must be wrong. I heard the key turn in the locks and the door open slightly. I pushed the door open further. revealing Harry looking out the window back facing me. 

"its okay Bon, I just need to sort myself out!" he walked over to his bag on the table going through it. keeping his head down, his face hidden.

"why? what's wrong?! I asked walking towards him. I walked so I facing him placing my hand on his cheek. it was wet with tears.

"Its fine Bonnie" he could sense my worry

"no, look at me" my voice still gentle. he took a deep breath and looked up at me. his eyes slightly puffy and red. they were bloodshot too. he sniffed a few times another sign of him crying

"what's the matter?" I questioned

"I don't want this to end. the tour has been one of the best experiences of my life. after this I wont know what will happen. the album may flop. the fans may hate the first single. it might just go back to how it was before." 

"babe don't feel like that! isn't that the exciting part not knowing how things will turn out! whatever you do you'll have your family and friends isn't that the most important part! the fans will love the new album and single. they love you all so much already! that isn't going to fade honey. I just think the pressure is getting to you and im not surprised. you've just done an arena tour and nationwide competition. after tonight you'll have a good break. you'll calm down a relax. you'll be right as rain! just relax and enjoy your last show and if you need me, you know where we're sitting. okay?" I wiped away a tear as his hand went on top of mine. 

"yeah I guess you're right. I think I was driving myself insane. thank you Bonnie. I love you" he pulled me into a tight hug. breathing out deeply relaxing a bit. 

"you'll do perfect! just focus, breathe and have fun!" he bent his head down to kiss my lips. I broke off from our embrace

"oh and I love you too" I giggled as he wrapped his arms tighter around my waist. 

The boys got their calling that the show was about to start so the girls and I ran to our seats. The show started but we all knew the set list by heart now. the atmosphere in the arena was wild but im guessing that was because its the last show. due to the crowd being so lively all the acts were so much better, everyone put their all into singing and were full of energy.

When the boys came on the screams were one of the loudest I've heard. the boys completed their songs adding thank you's to everyone involved. they did a special shout out to Simon sitting a few blocks below us.

Although the boys were energetic I could tell they were all saddened by the fact it was over. like Harry none of them wanted it to end and they were all so nervous for the future but really they were just getting started.

Towards the end of the set the boys wee getting sadder, less energetic they calmed down and got quite emotional. At some point of the gig they all teared up but being the men they are didn't show it. 

At the end of the show all the contestants came on stage in order of where they came in the competition. obviously the boys got a huge scream when they walked out. 

they were standing in a huddle arms around each other. they a did a bow. they faced each other, the camera for the big screens going past them. they were all crying. but smiling though the tears. they looked up to the crowd, eyes squinting due to the spot lights. they laughed again then looked at each other forming a group hug. their shoulder shook as they cried together. they looked up to the right side of the arena where the rest of the families were then to the left where me and the girls were all doing their signature moves.

Zayn waving one arm left and right in the air stretched out. Louis doing a little salut then pointing out to the crowd. Niall doing a little Irish jig and ending it in a bow towards the audience. Liam clapping with his arms stretched out towards the crowd. and Harry kissing his finger tips and raising them straight up.

the ending of one chapter and the beginning of another.

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