Forever Young - Another World

After the loss of Ava. Bonnie and Harry are faced with a whole new set of problems in a whole new world. Being constantly under the public eye may suit some but others cannot handle it. But this moment in time is the most important and the decisions made now will affect everyone forever.


20. 20.

The boys were continuing the tour around the country. playing in different arenas every week. but it had all been leading up to when they spent the week in Brighton. They had 3 shows at the Brighton centre out of the week, technically meaning we had four full days together. however we al had college or work so whenever we ha a free hour we'd rush to see each other. Thankfully I have a day where I don't have any lessons so I met up with Harry and the boys.

I got up from Harrys bed walking through my clothes Harry had thrown on the floor from the previous night. laughing slightly remembering last nights happenings.

"bonnie come back to ed" Harry groaned as I tripped over the clothes

"get up you lazy git! today is my only full day with you! come on get up" I walked over to the bed sittig next to where he was lying leaning over him

"5 more minutes?"  he asked lying under me

"no come one" I giggled standing up pulling the duvet iff him, revealing his naked body

"make me" he laughed lying straight. I walked out the room to the bathroom

"dont styles, youll regret it" I smirked


"what d you want to do today?" I asked dressed, getting my bag from the pile of things I always keep at Harry's

"whatever you want babe, I wanna spend it with you" he came up behind me and got the bag I couldn't reach at the top of the wardrobe

"good because I wanna go shopping" I kissed his cheek as he reached up

"shopping it is! there you go" he passed me the bag and kissed my lips placing his hands on my hips

"thank you! are you sure you'll be okay in town? wont you get noticed?" I asked

"it will be alright, most fans will be outside the arena anyway, also Cher's recording so some may think we are too."


who knew Harry could be so wrong. we walked into town picking up Zayn and perrie on the way and meeting the Louis, Liam and Niall there. Just on the out skirts of town Harry and Zayn were getting more and more noticed and by the time we met the boys we had a crowd of 20 girls following us.

in shops we got stopped by people asking for photos. perrie and I carried on shopping, trying on clothes as the boys signed autographs but soon it got annoying as we werent spending time with the boys and as we walked into the shop we got the security to stop any fans following so we were left in peace. it was good spending time with the boys. Having down time with them instead of go, go, go. they all seemed happy and under no stress whats so ever.

Niall was particularly care free. Hearing his laugh from the other side of the shop. sine he broke up with Millie I hadnt really spoken to him. of course I'd seen him with the other boys but we used to have our own little conversations- heart to hearts most people call them. I missed him, he was on of my best friends.

we were strolling through the shop, looking through the rails.

"oi horan" I rasied my voice getting his attention

"eeeeeeeyyyyyy bonbon!" he span around holding a handful of clothes

"whatcha buying?" I walked towards him holding my hands out to the clothes. he held up a t-shirt which was mint green and had 'free hugs' written on the front

"what do you think? it sums me up pretty well huh?" 

"yeah I love it!" I laughed

"eerm then just some chinos and stuff" he went through the clothes

"speaking of hugs, I havent had a horan hug in a while" I opened my arms out making a puppy dog face.

"what? well we cant have that happening!" he joked walking towards me. whenever Niall hugged you he put his head on your shoulder, squeezing you tight. I know it sounds naff but he puts so much into the hug and thats why they are so god damn good!" he let go of my pulling away but I continued to hold him

"okay whats up?" he asked

"nothing! cant a girl hug her best friend?"

"you're a special one my friend" his Irish accent becoming strong

"says the one who can fart the alphabet and think its the best thing since sliced bread" I giggled

"what? its a talent! but we better go, ive got to pay before the boys leave. we caught up with the others who were waiting for Liam to pay for something. After much retail therapy we decided to go otu for lunch in a restaurant alig the sea front. walking down the high street again caused a crowd to form but with a bit of walking through back roads and all 7 of us having a race to the end of the road we all managed to lose them. 

as we walked to the restaurant Harry put his arm around my shoulder, my hand reaching up and holding his. he took my handbag and shopping bags in his other hand making my other hand free, so I wrapped it around his back.

Niall was two spaces down from Harry, talking to Liam who was next to Harry. As he and Liam spoke I caught Niall's eye. he was looking at me and Harry. his face saddened. he looked down at the floor then looked the other way. Harry glanced at me smiling, I smiled back ad rested my head on his shoulder but looked back to Niall who was now facing us again. I curved my mouth to form a smile I got one in return but it wasnt the one I usually got.


the regular daily updates of one direction had been posted. Photos of us shopping had been released and photos of the boys with fans had been shared. I was sat on Harry's bed while he helped gemma get katie to bed. katie turned 1 last month which was crazy. just thinking that ava would have been turning 1 in a matter of weeks was mind blowing. 

I was scrolling through my timeline on my twitter. I know I was asking for trouble but I go on twitter to see my friends tweets not hate. I do have a social life away from the boys.

I sighed as I saw more and more tweets fill my mentions

"@1Dcarrotgang: @bonniehaines95 dont you think having one of them is good enough? youre getting in the way, you greedy cow."

erm what? I was used to seeing fat or unwanted or skank or ugly but greedy was a new one and I had no idea why. I decided to go onto this account to see what the heck they were on about.

"@1Dcarrotgang: look! how could she do this to Harry? right under his nose! I always knew he was too good her her" 

what had I dont to Harry? I would never even think about doing anything to him. I saw the photo attached. it was a picstitch. one photo of me and Niall in the shop. it was during out hug. we were on our own. nialls head on my shoulder, you couldn't see my whole face but you could see I was grinning/ the other photo, when we were walking towards the restaurant when mine and nialls eyes caught each other. Niall was smiling, from a distance it was his normal smile but more charming. but from what I saw it was so much more. sorrow, despair all showing through a smile.

They had got it all wrong. completely wrong! they thought I was having an affair with Niall! for god sake sometime they do really come up with some shit. I clicked reply and wrote

"@bonniehaines95: @1Dcarrotgang you have all this wrong. Harry & I are as strong as ever and I only see the boys as friends. there is nothing go on with anyone else."

I quickly shut down twitter and the laptop. shutting myself off from the world. I wasnt even famous but fame was affecting me. but I couldn't give them the reasons to hate me. I wasnt going to go to the extremes and never been seen with the boys but I had to be careful or god knows what would happen.

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