Forever Young - Another World

After the loss of Ava. Bonnie and Harry are faced with a whole new set of problems in a whole new world. Being constantly under the public eye may suit some but others cannot handle it. But this moment in time is the most important and the decisions made now will affect everyone forever.


2. 2.

we walked down the old cobbled roads of Bordeaux. the old streets and different heights of the houses made it one of the most beautiful places in the world. we left the airport in a range rover but couldnt go any further after the roads got too narrow and bumpy. so we just got out collected our bags from the boot and walked down the roads instead of getting a smaller car like the driver insisted. Harry carried the suitcase while i was crying a couple of bags over my shoulder. 

we walked and  talked until we reached a huge pair of oak wooden gates the height of one and a half of me tall, i looked left and right and a brick wall the same height as the gate going on for about 100 meters each way. trees perfectly shaped running parallel with the wall. Harry walked over to where the gates ended and the wall began and stood in front of monitor and screen he pressed the button under the screen and it came to life showing a huge dining table with a punch of flowers in the middle and leather chairs surrounding it. then a small woman came walking up to the camera, smiling when she saw us

"ah! i was wondering where you were! come in" she pressed a button next to the camera and we heard a buzz the gates started to slowly open Harry stood next to me taking my hand  we walked through the gates to see the house. it was mind blowing! it looked old and vintage but at the same time modern but it was huge! we stopped on the path towards the house and looked at it for a moment the windows were lit up it looked homey and christmassy without over doing it. the door swung open and stood there was the lady

"mr and Mrs styles?" she said as we started walking towards the door

"Mrs styles eh?" i giggled Harry laughing too we walked to the door and got to see the woman properly she was weaing a white blouse, black pencil skirt and cardigan with small heeled pumps

"hello im Mrs Davidson" she held out her hand to shake ours

"hi im Harry" he let go of my hand to shake her

"hi im Bonnie, your house is lovely!" 

"its wonderful to meet you both and yes it is however im just the house keeper"

"well the house youre keeping is very lovely!" Harry said in his charming tone

"haha thank you, why dont you leave your stuff here and i'll give you a tour and Peter will take your stuff up"

"oh no its alright we'll take it!" i said protesting

"please, you're here to relax" i didnt want to argue with her she seemed like a lovely woman and i only just met her and i didnt want to start things off badly 

"okay thank you" we walked to the bottom of the stairs and left our stuff there before having a look up at all the floors there were at least 4 floors. Harry took me hand as Mrs Davidson gave us a tour around the bottom floor, we walked through to the dining room which we saw earlier at the gate on the screen but it was more colourful than i remember. we walked into the living room and saw  3 cream sofas stacks of dvd's and a huge flat screen tv. we later walked into the kitchen with a breakfast bar and another small table and a few chairs. we quickly got shown outside the garden was pretty much the size of our school field with a huge oak tree in the middle with a swing on the biggest branch. on the decking by the house was a large hot tub and swimming pool i looked at Harry and he cheekily winked behind Mrs Davidson. we walked back inside and up the stairs to the second floor

"this is your room" she said before opening the door. we walked in and saw a king size bed with a cream bed sheet and cushions in the middle of the room with its back against the wall facing a window taking up 3/4 of the wall on the wall to the left of the window was a 4 doored mirrored wardrobe and too the right was a smaller cream sofa and coffee table with all our bags on, i walked further in and looked around there was a door the other side of the bed i peered in to see a bath tub to fit 5 people and a shower. i walked back out of the en suite and walked over to Harry looking out the window standing next to him putting  his arm around my shoulders and my arm around his waist

"shall i show you the rest of the house?" Mrs Davidson interrupted

"i'd love to" we walked together out the room and walked through the corridors quickly glancing at the photos on the wall some of simon and some of abstract art, there were 2 more bathrooms on the that floor as well as 3 more bedrooms we walked up another flight of stairs to find another bedroom with en suite and a libary taking up half the floor, every wall was covered with shelves of books, magazines. there were 2 chesterfield sofas in the middle with a coffee table in the middle as well as a desk by the window with an apple computer.

once we finished on the third floor we made our way up to the final level. we walked up the stairs and there was a projector playing on one wall with cushions, bean bags, pillows and blankets covering the rest of the floor. the ceiling had windows in showing the stars and moon and thats it the whole top level was a movie theatre

"wow" me and Harry both said amazed by the whole house

"well thats the house i hope it serves its purpose to you but for now can i get you anything to eat or drink?" Mrs Davidson asked

"just wow its amazing here thank you so much for having us" Harry replied

"its our pleasure" she smiled

"but thank you for everything too! i think i might  go unpack our bags im a little tired" i said yawning

"come on lets get you to bed" Harry said helping me down the stairs followed by Mrs Davidson, we stood outside your room

"go to bed, i'll be there in a minute" Harry whispered before he kissed me on the lips softly and i walked in our room and closed the door. 

i walked over to our bags unzipping the suitcase grabbing a couple of items and walking over to the wardrobe sliding one of the doors open and placing the items in there. i did this until the suitcase was empty then moved onto the other bags. i was unpacking the tooth brushes, make up by the sink in the en suite when a pair of arms wrapped around my waist and a chin hit my shoulder. i looked up at the mirror and saw Harry looking back. he kissed my neck pecking at it softly my head lent back resting it on his shoulder

"want a bath?" he whispered in my ear then carrying on kissing my neck

he knew my answer by the smile that appeared on my face and left to get the bath running to a warm temperature before adding different oils and soaps.

"let me just go put all the bags away off the bed" i said walking out after kissing him on the lips. i put all the smaller bags in the suitcase and dumped it in the bottom of the wardrobe and walked back into the en suite

Harrys clothes were in a pile on the floor but he was no where to be seen i walked further in the room and was surprised to be attacked by a naked Harry hugging me from behind

"personally i think you have to many clothes on" he whispered into my ear while finding the bottom of my dress and yanking it over my head leaving my in my bra and underwear

"hhhmmm still to many clothes" he chuckled into my ear and undid the buckle on my bra letting the straps fall off my shoulders. his hands were either side of my hips. he slid his hands down to where my underwear sat. he hooked his thumb in my underwear and slid his hands down even more to the ground. he got my clothes together and threw them in a pile with his. we were now both completely naked 

i span around to face him, he was looking down at me smiling gently 

"you are so beautiful" he whispered i smiled looking down but he caught my chin on his finger raising my head to face him again

"listen to me, here let me help you" he picked me up bridal style gently lowering me into the huge bath it was warm and relaxing

"i can get in a bath" i giggled after he put me down and climbed in behind me i lent back on him lying against his chest. he put his arms over my shoulders resting his hands on my stomach, his fingers brushing over the stretch marks i got during the pregancy

"see you're beautiful" he whispered

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