Forever Young - Another World

After the loss of Ava. Bonnie and Harry are faced with a whole new set of problems in a whole new world. Being constantly under the public eye may suit some but others cannot handle it. But this moment in time is the most important and the decisions made now will affect everyone forever.


19. 19.

"But darlin i'll still catch a grenade for ya,

 throw my hand on a blade for ya,

i'd jump infront of a train for ya,

you know i'll do anything for ya"   

Eleanor and I were sat in the 02 arena however it was empty. Apart from a few crew members doing lightning or technical runs. We were listening to the boys sound check before their very first gig of the X factor tour and you could tell they were nervous. They stood in a line on the end of the stage. Niall playing his guitar on the end. All the harmonies were at the right time. together making the song sound better than the original.   

We were sat on the end of one of the rows on the floor seating looking around at all the seats which would be full of fans screaming their hearts out.   

"How weird is it that I've only just fully appreciated how big the boys are?" Eleanor asked as we continued to look around

  "It hasn't kicked in for me yet" I murmured when actually it had a lot. In fact I think it hit me more than anyone else.   

The tweets I received grew in numbers and in hate. I was getting thousands of tweets some good but they were always out weighed by the bad. And it was getting to me. I ended up crying myself to sleep some nights other times I would just break down in tears as I read the tweets. I couldn't help it. I broke down in front of Aaron a few times. It was only Harry, Mel or Aaron who could calm me down from the states I reached.   

boys had finished their sound check and jumped off the stage to walk over to where we were seated  

"What do you think?" Louis asked walking behind Eleanor putting his hands on her shoulders  

Loved the song, you just need to relax a little but once you're up there you'll be fine babe"   Harry stood me up sat down then sat me on his lap. His hands were sweaty with nerves.  

"You'll be brilliant babe" I whispered in his ear.   

Things with Harry has started to look up. We called pretty much every night once I started college. I didn't tell him about what happened with Aaron but I did tell him about him. He was glad I made new friends. He saw it as me moving on from my past and in a way it was.   

Harry visited Brighton during his two days off. Out of three weeks he had 5 days off. We spent most of the weekend at his house. Lying in bed talking or sleeping or watching films. We also went out for dinner with all his family which was nice. It was good spending time with him after so long. I missed him like mad. Not only was it good seeing him but it was good spending some down time with him everything was so quick paced recently and we hardly got anytime in France together so doing normal stuff felt so good.   

The boys had to go backstage to start getting ready for the show and we had to leave the arena as people would start entering soon. It was only me and Eleanor as Danielle was on holiday with her sister and Perrie was with family as it was her granddads birthday or something we did invite Millie but I don't think she was really up to it.   

I hadn't spoken to Millie much since before we left for France. I briefly spoke to her asking if she was okay about the whole Niall break up thing but then had to go to class so couldn't respond to her text. I felt kinda bad as I we went from inseparable to completely distant to close and now we were just friends. I know she didn't take the break up well. Not knowing the full reason as to why it occurred but I couldn't blame her it was a shock for most people.     

Me and Eleanor went back to the hotel to change. After the gig we were going out to this club with the other contestants so wanted to look the part. Eleanor wore this black slim fit dress with black brogues while I wore a white shirt and blazer blazer combo with skinny jeans and ballet pumps. Before we knew it we were back at the arena walking in to get our seats. Walking through the crowds Eleanor gripped onto my hand tightly. We stayed quiet keeping our heads down walking through the people. Hundreds of girls were here just for the boys and we were bound to be noticed at some point.   

In fact it was when we were walking around looking for the door to go through to get us to our seats when a couple of girls walked up to us

  "Hi can we have a photo? You're Eleanor and bonnie right?" They asked excitedly speaking so quick I could just understand them  

"Er sure" Eleanor giggled   I got the fans phone and took a photo of all four of us in a huddle and gave the phone back  

"There you go! Enjoy the show!" I smiled  

"Thank you so much! Can you tell Harry I love him and that he is so talent and yeah" the other teenage girl said embarrassed 

  "Of course darling! Why don't you both give me your twitters and I'll give them to him!" 

  "Omg are you serious? That would be amazing! Thank you so much bonnie! We think you and Harry are so cute together!"  

"Aw thank you!" I got my phone out my bag and went onto notes giving it to them to type their twitters. They gave back my phone squealing slightly   

"We better get to our seats! It was lovely meeting you girls enjoy the show!" I gave them a quick hug and walked to our seats with Eleanor. 

  "You're so good with the fans!" Eleanor said as we sat down  

"What? I'm just talking to them as I would anyone"   

"But you handle everything so well" she said. However she didn't know the whole story. She didn't know that I broke down into tears every other day due to fans but I didn't want that getting out to anyone.   

The lights faded down and the screams started. The arena look amazing! It was completely packed I didn't see a empty seat at all. First out was Cher. I hadn't had the best experiences with Cher but give her credit she was really good at opening the show, she really got the crowd ready for the rest of the show.   

After Cher went off Mary Byrne came on. She was the Irish woman who was the mother of the house during the competition and my god she had a voice. She belted out ballads which gave me goosebumps once Mary and finished Aiden Grimshaw came on with his huge quiff and unique voice. He got a few screams as he walked over to the sides of the stage. But you knew just from the screams when the boys were on.  

The beat to the beginning of forever young started and fans went wild. Fans were crying hysterically. They were screaming, chanting the boys names. Banners and posters were held up then you saw the circle in the middle of the stage begin to rise. They were there in front of 10,000 people playing the sold out date at the 02 arena. My boyfriend. The screaming went crazy! Deafening in fact.  

Liam started singing his verse and the memories came flooding back. This song meant so much to me and Harry and him singing it on the tour meant even more. He wanted everyone to know it was our song. During his solo he walked over to the side of the stage closest to us. He must have known where we were seated because as he sang his line   

"Youth is like diamonds on the sun and diamonds are forever" he pointed up at us. Kissing his lips and easing them up. I was going to cry. He knew how much it meant to me. I covers my mouth and nose with my hands hiding the fact that I was starting to cry. Eleanor put her arm around me pulling me into a hug while the fans around us screamed because Harry just pointed at them.  

"We are so grateful for being here today, just being on this stage in front of all of you is amazing!" Liam said once the song had finished   

"Can we have a round of applause for you guys?!" Louis held his hands out to the audience. Everyone cheered in response.   

"I can't hear you!" Louis said into the microphone. The crowd cheered once again but this time louder. Eleanor was right. Once they'd gotten her the nerves from the first song they became themselves. They were messing around on stage bouncing off what they were all saying. They did a few more sings from the show. Including only girl in the world and summer of 69 and then they did the cover of grenade which the audience loved.

  "So before the last song we all wanted to do some thank you's" Niall said smiling to the audience   

"Firstly thank you to all of you for being here today! Thank you to everyone who voted for us on the show and got us to where we are today! We couldn't be more grateful and hope we make you proud!" Zayn said sorting out his ear piece   

"Next we want to say thank you to everyone at X factor the crew all the contestants, Simon all the tour crew and backstage staff on the tour! With them this tour wouldn't have happened!" Liam said putting his arm around Niall's neck

  "Lastly we want to say thank you to all our friends, family and girlfriends! We would be no where with out any of them! In fact some of them are here today!" Harry pointed over to us again making everyone turn and scream at me and Eleanor 

  "However not everyone we wanted could be here today. But that's okay because we know they are still watching! To the people who aren't here today, you know who you are we love you, we miss you." Harry said looking up into his spot light, his eyes glistening with tears

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