Forever Young - Another World

After the loss of Ava. Bonnie and Harry are faced with a whole new set of problems in a whole new world. Being constantly under the public eye may suit some but others cannot handle it. But this moment in time is the most important and the decisions made now will affect everyone forever.


18. 18.

Aaron invited me to sit with him and his mates at lunch. We all sat around the table after introducing ourselves. I already knew Matt, Jamie and Hayden from drama class but at lunch I met Daisy, Ben, Phoebe and Will. They all seemed really nice and we all got on from the word go which was a relief. Some seemed a little more friendly than others

"so Bonnie, you got a boyfriend?" asked Ben sitting next to me. His mouth turning into a grin as I blushed. I never got this much attention at school apart from Harry and that's how I want to keep it. 

"yeah I have actually, he was going to come here but something came up so he can't come any more"

Ben's face dropped slightly, his eyes loosing contact with mine

"nice try mate!" Jamie said from the other side of the table making us all laugh and Ben go slightly red in his cheeks

"so whats he doing instead of college?" Daisy asked making our attention turn from Ben

I really wanted to keep Harry from the college, I didn't want people treating different because of him but the question popped up and I wasnt prepared for it

"h-he um his-" I stuttered again making an utter dick of myself 

"he's travelling around a bit, with a few members of his family right?" Aaron spoke up. thank god

"uh yeah" was all I managed to get out

"oh cool how do you know Aaron?" Daisy asked again

"uh- I told him in drama we did this exercise" 

I hated lying even if it was to people I met only a few minutes ago. the only person I hadn't lied to was Aaron. I hadn't told him anything about Harry or Ava but he didnt ask questions its like he didnt want to know me for my past. But I trusted him with it

The bell had gone for the end of lunch and we all stood up and said our goodbyes. I got all their numbers into my phone I walked over to Aaron who was looking at his time table

"I feel that im thanking you every 5 minutes?" he looked up and smiled

"stop thanking me then!" he laughed

"you never ask questions though"

"because I wont force you to say anything you dont want to" 

"why dont you come around mine tonight and I'll tell you everything"

"bonnie I dont want you to say anything you dont want to"

"but I want you to know, I'll text you my address and see you later" I said before I ran off to my next class. 

The first day of college had finished and it was completely different to what I thought it would be. I met a group full of friends who are lovely my classes were great and I got along really well with all my teachers and I met Aaron who was so genuine and lovely to be with. 

I walked home quickly dumping my bag on the floor when I got in. I walked upstairs to ring Harry quickly before Aaron arrived. I sat on my bed looking for Harry's contact and my eyes started to drop.


I was woken up with the doorbell ringing. fuck I slept two hours. Aaron was here. I shot up from my bed checking the mirror as I walked past. smoothing my hair I walked down the stairs. 

"hi" I said half asleep 

"you alright?" he smirked

"yeah just fell asleep" I laughed

"oh I can go if you want?"

"no come in you loser" I got his arm and pulled in the house. 

"whats with the suitcase? going somewhere?" he asked as we walked through the hallway where I left it this morning

"oh I got back from london this morning I'll explain soon. do you want a drink? tea? coffee? water? juice? vodka? gin?" I asked walking through the kitchen

"er I'll have a cuppa thanks, too early for vodka maybe later?" he laughed

I made two cups of tea and bought them into the lounge and we sat on the sofa

"oh and because im such an amazing person I bought you something" he said pulling out a box of malteasers and two huge bars of galaxy. 

"oh my god you're amazing"

"oh its nothing really!" 

"I guess I should explain everything then" he didnt say anything just subtly smiled

"its diffucult to explain everything but I'll start from the beginning. Me and Harry started dating when we 15 we went to the same school together and hit it off really well. A few months after our year anniversary I fell pregnant at age 16." he didnt say anything just kept eye contact and listened

"after the news broke out things started getting bad, I moved out of here and moved in with Harry and his family. Living with Harry made me think if I was ready to have a child. Things happened which jeopardised our relationship but we still grew strong. Harry and 4 of his mates started a band when he first came to Brighton and after I saw a advert for x factor I applied for them to have an audition." 

"oh I think I remember seeing that on tv" 

"yeah so when the boys were on stage at their audition my water broke and I was rushed to hospital. two hours later I gave birth to mine and Harry's daughter Ava." 

"so you're a mum?" he asked

"technically" I mumbled

"after Ava's birth Harry wasnt around as much as he would have liked to be. he was getting ready for the next stage of the competition and looking after Ava on my own was eating me up from the inside out."

letting all this out was difficult but once I started I coudltn stop. it was therapeutic telling someone everything I had locked inside of me.

"the weekend the boys were at bootcamp in london I was found unconscious on the sea front and I was put on a life support machine for 20 days, no one knew if I would survive or not. luckily when they turned the machine off my lungs started to work for themselves and I was out of hospital a few days later. a few weeks later the boys went off to spain for the judges houses, they got through! and later that week their audition was shown. They got alot of attention from the press and media mainly because of me and what happened at the audition." 

"you were a publicity stunt?!" he asked shocked

"yeah the x factor made it so they could get more viewers and Harry wasnt happy about it! we started getting hate because we were teen parents and everything and we couldn't get out the house together without getting things shouted at. We started becoming distant only spending a few hours together as they were rehearsing and we couldn't be seen outside together."

he looked sympathetic and deep in thought. it was alot to take in

"weeks after the boys had to go up to london to start promotion for the x factor live shows which meant nether me and Ava saw Harry properly for a month or so. Being a single parent is one of the most difficult things in the world. doing it at age 16 is worse and doing it while you see your boyfriend in the press looking like he's having the time of his life was even worse. yeah I was proud of him but I wanted him here with us. Once the live shows started we travelled to london every weekend to see Harry perform. even though it wasnt for long it was great until I started seeing a change in him. he became rude and arrogant to me and his friends and family. after seeing rumours all over the tv and newspapers I started having self doubts thinking that I wasnt good enough for him. and those self doubts still havent faded. It was after one of his performances and we were back stage. Ava was missing him so much and it was really affecting her. I missed him. we just wanted to spend time with him but that night we had an argument in front of everyone backstage. I was so embarrassed and ashamed and angry that I left with ava to go back to the hotel. That is the biggest mistakes ive ever made."

"why?" he asked eyebrpws almost meeting in confusion

"the taxi we were in lost control and collided with a concrete wall and rolled a few times" 

his mouth opened in shock

"Ava was killed instantly while I was left with 2 broken ribs and a few scratches" 

"oh my god bonnie im so sorry" he held my hand

"Its fine, you learn to live with it. its been the hardest thing ive ever had to do in my life but im learning." my eyes started watering as memories of her came flooding back

"Anyway the boys were still in x factor so Harry was still in london but came down as much as he could. the funeral was just" I couldn't finish my sentence. the tears just started flooding out

"so the boys got to the final of the competition but only came 3rd which to me is incredible but they didnt think so but Simon gave then a record contract then treated me and Harry to a trip to france to stay in one of his mansions. it was lovely but we had another fight about Ava which was one of the worst arguments we had. but we came out strong again. and now we're here today.that's my story" I sighed

Aaron opened his mouth to say something but then closed it again.

"I know its alot to take in but that's why I didnt want people at college knowing and that's why im so thankful for you today you helped me keep it hidden. people have treated me different because im with Harry and know the boys and I dont want that happening anymore. those self doubts are still there so when people give me hate for dating him it hurts or when people only become friends with me because they want to meet Harry. I dont want any of that" 

"Bonnie I'd never do that"

"I know you wouldn't, that's why I told you"

"wheres Harry now?" 

"you know earlier I said I came back from London this morning? the boys have rehearsals for the x factor tour and I went up for a few days to stay with Harry. he's spending the next few months travelling up and down the country and ireland then in march hes travelling the world to record their album" 

"wow you must miss him"

"yeah every day"

"I can't imagine how stong you are"

"its takes its toll, I sometimes have these moments when all the feelings come flooding back. and I need them here. but they never are" I broke down into tears holding my hands over my face to catch the tears. 

"I know im not as close to you as Harry or ava but if you ever have one of those moments and he can't be here you know I can" he moved closer wrapping his arm around me

"and your story is safe with me" he whispered

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