Forever Young - Another World

After the loss of Ava. Bonnie and Harry are faced with a whole new set of problems in a whole new world. Being constantly under the public eye may suit some but others cannot handle it. But this moment in time is the most important and the decisions made now will affect everyone forever.


17. 17.

"I'll ring you tonight" he said wrapping his arms around my neck pulling my body into his. 

  We were outside the barrier at London Victoria and my train had just pulled into the platform.   

"Have fun with the boys" I knew that they would get up to all types of mischief on their own.  

"Text me when you get back to Brighton"   

"I'll see you next week" I kissed his lips goodbye picking up my hand bag and slinging it over my shoulder and picking up my travel bag.   

"I love you" he said making eye contact.   

"I love you too"

Our fingers entwined together.  I started to walk away extending our arms out so our hands never lost contact. As soon as the distance was far enough to break our hold his hand tightened stopping me from going. He pulled his arm in dragging me making me crash into his chest. His lips came to mine.   

"Harry I'm going to be late" I giggled lips still touching 

  "Fine go. Tell everyone I say hi" he smirked. I peaked his cheek before running to the barrier so I didn't miss my train.    

Today was the day I started my new college. At first I was quite scared about it. The whole aspect of meeting new people scared me. Especially with no one I know being there at all. Harry was planning on going to the same one but he's now starting his career with the boys so it's just me. But I was also excited because I could start afresh. No one there would know about Ava apart from the college. No one would know about me and Harry so I would become friends with people who wouldn't just want to, to know Harry. My train journey was boring and quiet. I just had my headphones in the entire journey. 

  I quickly stopped off at home to drop off my luggage and walked to the campus.Walking closer and closer to the entrance got me more and more nervous. My hands and back of my neck started to sweat. I started picking at my nails and fixing with my hair. As I got closer I soon noticed there were groups of people who must have known each other from school. I either had to become a member of one of those groups or be on my own for the two years Im here. 

 We all went to the assembly hall. The head teacher Mrs Hutcherson waiting at the front for us to take our seats. I sat a few rows from the back near the end of the row. And Mrs Hutcherson began her welcome talk.   

"And we hope you enjoy it  for the 2 years you will be here!" She finished her presentation about the days events.  We got given our timetables and sent to our first classes. Monday morning 3 period - Drama. 

We waited out the front of the drama class. Looking at the rest of our peers. A few girls from a few different groups all talking on one side of the corridor. A few lads waiting outside in the sun. One looking through the window at me as I texted Harry. 

We were welcomed in by our teacher Mr Wallis. Who walked us through to the drama studio which would be our class room for all the practical. As it was our first class we did a few exercises to introduce ourselves. One being in a circle saying our name and two interesting facts about ourselves. I was tempted to say I'm dating Harry styles from One Direction and that I've had a baby. But I thought that was too much for first impressions. 

It was coming up to my go and my hand had been completely blank since we started. It finally got to my go. My heart beating fast.Palms sweaty. 

"Erm hi, I'm bonnie and lived in Brighton my whole life and hate salted popcorn" 

Seriously? That's the best I could come up with. 

"Hey aren't you dating a member of that boy band from X factor?" One girl asked before the next person could have a go.  Oh shit

"Oh yeah you're Harry styles' girlfriend" oh fuck

"Wait  didnt you have his baby?" Oh fucking shit. 

I stuttered my words. Unable to answer. Well done bonnie looking like an utter moron. 

"Give the girl a break, she's just got here! Don't tell them anything you don't want to" a voice broke out. I looked to where it came from. It was from the boy who was looking through the window. 

"Okay moving on" Mr Wallis said as the awkwardness had reached a new level. Once we had gone around the class Mr Wallis gave us a task of creating a piece based on trust in pairs. Everyone moved into pairs without a second thought however I didn't know anyone so just kind of stood there looking around

"Got a pair?" The voice became familiar again. I span around and he was standing behind me looking down

"Uh- yeah they've just gone out- no" I closed my eyes with embarrassment what was wrong with me?

"No they haven't I'm right here" he smiled. I didn't know what to say so I just looked down. Seriously being away from people for so long has completely destroyed my social skills

"You're bonnie right?" He started conversation 

I looked up and nodded

"Yeah and you're adam?"


round of applause for Bonnie for being the biggest loser ever know to walk the earth. 

"Oh sorry Arron" I corrected "thanks for doing that back there, you really didn't have too"

"They were being too nosey, you shouldn't have to tell your whole life story to people you've never met before" 

"Well half the population know my life story so I don't see why not"  

"Well its a good job i'm not that part of the population then isn't it?" He smiled making me giggle. 

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