Forever Young - Another World

After the loss of Ava. Bonnie and Harry are faced with a whole new set of problems in a whole new world. Being constantly under the public eye may suit some but others cannot handle it. But this moment in time is the most important and the decisions made now will affect everyone forever.


16. 16.

The duvet lifted up and the bed tilted down on the other side. i felt his warmth, his touch.  i heard his breathe. the duvet fell back on us. my eyes locked shut. he moved rolling over then back to stillness.

"goodnight Bonnie, i love you so so much" he whispered as he gently kissed my forehead trying not to wake me. he went on his back lying next to me. i moved over to be in his touch. he moved an arm around me pulling me in closer, tighter. i rested my head on his shoulder. my hand on his bare chest. he put his head on mine. breathing softly. this felt nice, this felt safe. 

but it didn't last long. the following morning was the day i left to go back to Brighton to start my new college. i woke early still embraced in harry's grasp. i wriggled my way out letting him spread of the whole of the bed. i stepped in the warm shower soaking my muscles in the hot water. the majority of my showers i spent thinking about things that had happened, problems i faced my day to day life. this shower didn't differ. my thoughts kept going to Niall and Millie. i couldn't stop thinking it was my fault. i stopped the shower got out wrapping a towel around my body and walked out the bathroom. Harry hadn't moved still blissfully sleeping. i got dressed quickly pulling on a pair of black leggings and white converse on my feet. i pulled my hair into a bun at the back of my head and pulled together all my things folding them into the bag. Harry started stirring

"afternoon" i smiled continuing to fold my clothes, it took him a few moments to gather himself 

"what time is it?" he asked rubbing his eyes

i glanced at my phone charging on the table it said 9:38 but i thought id be cheeky

"just gone 1"  he shot up out of the bed leaving the duvet pulling on the first pair of trousers he saw

"oh shit im going to be late!" i chuckled to myself pursing my lips together to stop the laugh from escaping my lips. he looked over to me pulling a top over his head. i saw the realization flash in his eyes. 

"oh so you think that's funny eh?" he launched himself at me making us both fall on the floor in laughter. him tickling my sides, me trying to hit is hand away but ending up having spasms of movement as i get tickled

"say sorry" his knees either side of my hips holding both my wrists above my head with one hand. tickling my side with the other

"never!" i giggled again

"that really was the wrong answer" he tickled harder making me wriggle even more under him. 

" sorry" i said quieter 

"sorry i could hear that say it again" he chuckled

"IM SORRY HARRY" I laughed out louder so people either side could hear. 

"ah its alright babe i knew it wasn't 1 i put an alarm on for 10" he smirked leaning down so he could kiss me. our faces centremeters apart

"oh of course you did" he pushed his full soft lips against mine. although the time Harry and i had been together and the amount of kisses shared. every time we kiss a spark runs through my like it did the very first time. 

it was outside my house after our first date. We went bowling in town and then he took me for fish and chips by the pier nothing overly expensive nothing overly big. just how i like it

we walked up to my front door laughing at one of his awful jokes. we stood facing each other. 

"i had a really good time tonight" i smiled

"good so did i" he replied making me feel at ease. i pulled my bag out in front of my to find my keys. i hadnt had the chance to dejunk it before i left so i had like 4 water bottles, 2 make up bags and everything else a teenager needs in a bag. i was struggling to find the god damn keys. harry reached his arms out. holding the bag

"here let me help" he lowered his head so we were both looking for it. i felt the keys in my hands

"got them!" i lifted my head quickly catching Harry's on mine. we both instantly raised our hands to the hit areas

"ow! sorry" i said embarrassed. my cheeks going bright red. "i'll just go" i turned towards the door with the key ready to make a sharp exit. my upper arm was caught in his hand

"hang on a minute" he pulled me back to my original place. within one smooth movement his lips were against mine. my hand holding one of his cheeks as his hands joined at the bottom of my spine. i pulled my head away but his was there again following mine. 

"when can i see you again?" he asked face still close to mine

"im free next weekend" i smiled

"how about tomorrow?" he asked dimples forming in his cheeks from his smile

"sure" i giggled 

"i'll be around tomorrow then Bon" dimples remaining

"er its Bonnie" hating that nickname

"im gonna call you Bon" he smirked before pecking my kips before walking down the pathway and out of sight 


"oh sorry i kinda ruined your packing" harry voice bought me back to reality

"its alright i don't want to go anyway" we were still in the same position 

"oh c'mon! you're starting a new college!" harry was trying to be enthusiastic but neither or us wanted me to leave.

"come on. i'll help you with all this then i'll walk you to the station" he sat up giving me a hand too. we quickly  folded the clothes and sorted them in to his and hers piles. then got all my bags ready and he got dressed in grey trackies and printed t-shirt. 

"harry its 11 you're going to be late!" i said pulling my bags onto my shoulder walking out the door

"i'd rather take you to the station than go back to that twat of a director" he said closing the door behind him. carrying a gym bag on his shoulder

"well don't make him angry then!" 

"no and tha'ts final" he took the bags off my shoulder so i only had my handbag left. he started walking down the corridor towards the elevator

"harry give me those!" i stood after him reaching my arm out for a bag. 

"come on Bon we're late!" he said facing away from me but i knew he was smiling. 

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