Forever Young - Another World

After the loss of Ava. Bonnie and Harry are faced with a whole new set of problems in a whole new world. Being constantly under the public eye may suit some but others cannot handle it. But this moment in time is the most important and the decisions made now will affect everyone forever.


15. 15.

"What did she say?" 

  "She cried and didn't understand why. She thought everything was okay."    "She never expected it" I whispered   "No"   "Who did to be honest? How are you about it?" I asked   "It hasn't sunk in yet. It's like it's the end of something. It was an important part of my life but it's now time to move on." He looked up at me for the first time without looking like he was going to burst into tears   "At least you're happy?"   "We'll wait and find out" he gave a hopeful smile. I sat up on the bed going onto my knees and going over to Niall pulling him in for a hug. I held him tight rubbing his back with one hand before getting off the bed    "See you tomorrow?" He asked as I walked past the bed   "Um, I'm going home tomorrow but don't know when yet so maybe but text me" I smiled waving goodbye and closing the door behind me.    Once the door was closed. I pressed my back against it resting my head back aswell. Just when I thought everything was going ok, but if they're happy then that's what matters. I pushed myself off the door walking back towards mine and Harry's room. I took a minute before knocking on the door to compose myself. A few seconds after I knocked Harry answered in a pair of black boxers    "Everything okay?" He asked as I walked in the room him closing the door behind me   "Niall broke up with Millie" I fell on the bed fully clothed spread out taking it all up.    "What? When?"  He asked following me in. Repeating the exact same words I said when I found out.    "Before I went to his room"   "Is he okay?"   "Yeah he's fine now I think" I reached down to undo my shoes but Harry got there before me undoing my laces for me. Slipping my shoes off and placing them by his. His large hands travelled up my legs towards my hips taking the material of the skirt with them.  He moved me further up the bed crawling on top of me pulling my dress over my head leaving me in my underwear. His hands either side of my head his lips touched mine softly before moving them to my neck and jawline. My body squirmed beneath his as he tickled my neck. Licking and sucking the skin every so often.    "Harry" I whispered out   "Yes babe"   "Not tonight" I closed my eyes shut. I knew we both wanted to but I just couldn't. The moment had passed.   "Why not?" He said continuing kissing down my neck onto my chest   "I can't stop thinking about Niall and Millie"    "Why? You said they were both happy with the decision" Harry went up on his arms face above mine   "Yeah but-"   "Bonnie I've wanted you so bad ever since I saw you in this dress this evening" he returned to where he stopped   "They broke up because of us" his kissing stopped but his presence didn't leave   "What do you mean?" He asked gently lowering down on me. Head resting on my stomach.    "He broke up with her because of us. He's jealous of the thing we have together and wants it but he doesn't get it with her." My fingers combed through his curls   "But it's doesn't come that easy" he said lifting his hand up to my stomach. Brushing over my stretch marks with his thumb.    "I explained that, but I don't know wether I should be feeling guilty" he looked up at me. Eyes questioning my every sentence   "You shouldn't it's not your fault. Niall just doesn't feel that way. Not your problem!"    "Yeah but he feels that way because of me because of us. Don't you feel guilty?"   "We can't help the way we are bonnie.  I think what we have us real, I know you do too. Niall just doesn't feel like that with Millie. They're not right for each other like we are."    "Yeah I suppose" I sighed. i saw where Harry was coming from. But me and Harry had been through so much to get to how close we are. Harry's head was still on my stomach. I wiggled from beneath him walking over to the large window facing the city. I crossed my arms over my chest. I saw in the reflection Harry stand up and get one of his hoodies pulling my arms through the sleeves up to my shoulders.    He stood behind me. Arms around my hips clasping to each other. His chin resting on my shoulder we gently rocked side to side in sync. I felt safe. I felt at home.    "Do you ever have one of those moments where..." He paused unsure of how to describe it   "You don't know how you ended up here? You feel like it's all gone to quickly" I finished   "Yeah"   "I have one of those moments everyday" I whispered just loud enough for him to hear   "So do I" he kissed the top of my head. I stared at him in the reflection of the mirror. He closed his eyes tightly as he pressed his lips to my head   "I love you so much bonnie" he whispered his lips still in place   I placed my arms over his, tightening our embrace    "I love you too Harry" 

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