Forever Young - Another World

After the loss of Ava. Bonnie and Harry are faced with a whole new set of problems in a whole new world. Being constantly under the public eye may suit some but others cannot handle it. But this moment in time is the most important and the decisions made now will affect everyone forever.


14. 14.

I walked across the corridor towards Niall's room. I knocked on the door and waited and waited and waited. I knocked again but no answer. That's it I've had enough of all this. I hit the door harder screaming his name. The door swung open. Niall's eyes, cheeks and nose were rosy. He was still in the clothes he had on earlier but had a hoodie pulled over his arms the hood pulled over his scruffy hair


"Hey niall can I come in?" I asked smiling 

"Sure" he stepped out the way making room for me to walk through closing the door behind me. I walked further into the room and it was an utter mess. Clothes thrown all over the floor, glasses and bottles all over the bedside table. I ignored all the mess and faced Niall who was shoving his hands in his pockets and leaning against the wall

"Come here" I walked over opening my arms the were filled quickly as Niall launched into them. My arms going around his neck. He nested his face into my shoulder clinging to me tight.

"What's wrong?" I whispered still in our embrace

"I can see your upset" He whispered back. I pulled away but he stopped me not wanting to make eye contact 

"Me? Why?" I sounded confused. Well I was

"I dunno? You don't seem yourself"

"Niall I'm fine! Why wouldn't I be? Seriously? It was all that cause you think I'm upset?" I pulled harder from the hug forcing him to let go so I could look him in the eye. He looked down at the floor

"Niall, you're not telling me the entire truth are you?"

He shook his head still facing the floor

"Tell me" I dropped my bag on a nearby chair and took off my shoes before sitting down on the bed. He sat next to me our backs against the headboard. My head turned right to Niall who was looking at his lap. 

"I can't" his voice desperate 

"Niall please tell me" I pleaded 

"I'm er I'm breaking up with Millie" 

"Wait? What?! Why?" 

"Bonnie I don't really wanna talk about it!" He looked up for a second before looking back. I got a glimpse of his teary eyes

"Niall, you can't just say that and not explain. C'mon you're my best friend you can tell me anything"

"I know but-"

"What's she done?" I asked eager to get the answer out of him

"Nothing I-"

"What have you done?" I hoped to god that he'd say nothing


"Okay good, who's gotten involved when they shouldn't have?"

"No-one bonnie-"

"She isn't-"

"Course not bonnie I wouldn't leave her for that"

"Good cause if you did, I'd have to beat you up."

"I just don't feel it anymore" he sighed

"You're going to have to explain more than that Niall. I know I'm a genius but I'm not that intelligent"

"I just don't love her anymore" 

"Niall! I'm sure that's not true! You just haven't seen her in ages!" 

"No bonnie it is! I'll always love her but like a friend the connection between us has completely gone."

"How come? Since when?"  

"Just after Ava died, especially at the funeral" 

"Do you know why you feel like it?"
I wanted him to realise that it wasn't the truth that it was just because he hasn't seen her in a while. He missed her and mistook his feelings

He nodded, he just wasn't telling me

"Are you going to explain?" I know I was sounding rude or stroppy but I knew Niall wasn't thinking straight

"Because we're not you and Harry"

"What do you mean?" I questioned

"You and Harry are like two peas in a pod, you're perfect for each other. You have the same personality, you laugh at the same things. Whenever I'm around you two I feel like you've known each other for decades. You make it look effortless. you have the perfect relationship together. I want that and I don't get it with Millie." He sighed glad to get his true feelings out to someone

But why me? Why us? Me and Harry aren't the perfect couple. Yeah we love each other but we have had our moments.

"Wait? You're jealous of Harry and I?"

"Yeah every time I see you I jut wish it was me"

"Niall you will get that some day! But you have to work on it! Me and Harry aren't perfect! You just don't see everything that happens! We had a huge argument while in France and didn't talk all night, I thought we were never getting back together. Remember when I told Harry I was pregnant? In a relationship you both have to constantly out effort in or it won't work! your strength as a couple gets tested too! Just to prove how committed you are! How many times have me and Harry not spoken for a long amount of time! It doesn't come in a click of your fingers Niall"

"I know! Bonnie trust me I do! I just feel like our relationship is going no where! It's like a dead end. And at the end of each day I feel upset and defeated. I just don't want to feel that anymore"

"I completely understand but please just give it a few more weeks, get your head around it"

"I can't bonnie!"

"Why not?"

"I was on the phone to her before you arrived. It's over" 

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