Forever Young - Another World

After the loss of Ava. Bonnie and Harry are faced with a whole new set of problems in a whole new world. Being constantly under the public eye may suit some but others cannot handle it. But this moment in time is the most important and the decisions made now will affect everyone forever.


13. 13.


we arrived at the table and saw Danielle and Liam waiting there talking to the waiter.

"err, i'll just have on orange juice please. I've got to be good for this show!" Danielle asked the waiter

"can i just have a diet coke please oh with lemon" Liam followed.

the waiter walked away from the table to show me and Harry standing behind him

"Bonnie!" Danielle stood up from her chair immediately running over to me and wrapping her arms around my neck. if i didn't have Harry's hand behind my back we both would have ended up on the floor

"hey Dan" i smiled squeezing her tight. we hadn't seen each other since Christmas and it was now min January.

"how have you been girl?" she asked still in our embrace

i hummed slightly telling her that i could be better but didn't want to say it aloud

"we'll talk about it later" she smiled softly and sat back down at the table next to Liam. the table was round with 7 chairs fitted the edge. i sat next Dani, Harry on my other side.

Harry helped me take my coat off and pulled my chair out for me to sit. him taking the seat next to me he put his arm on the back while i rested my hand on his knee. we both faced Liam and Danielle who mirrored us. we started a normal conversation people would have after a long separation. we all had a good old catch up talking about what Liam and Danielle got up to for new years and the earlier part of the month. Dani's dancing career had now shot up, she started getting professional dancing jobs all over the country once she started an agency while the boys were on x factor. 


Soon after the conversation started Louis, Zayn and Niall walked in, smelling clean and looking fresh. All changing into new clothes all jeans and a nice shirt or polo. they sat down at the table. Niall still awfully quiet. Soon after they sat down everything was in full swing. the waiter had got us drinks and we had ordered our meals. separate conversations were flowing across and around the table. Harry was talking to Zayn sitting next to him about something boyish when i glanced over at Niall. he was looking down, at his lap looking at his phone or something. i got out my phone from my bag and got up my messages with Niall

"whats wrong? you look like you just lost a million quid, and i hate seeing you like this"

i text quickly resting the phone in my lap once i was finished. i stared at him until he got the message. i watched his eyes move through the text before the muscles in his arms move slightly as his fingers text back

"Nothing, i'm fine.

i knew he was lying to me. it was obvious something was eating him up. 

"tell me now or i'll just ask you in person in front of everyone" i know my reply was harsh but i hated seeing him like this. 

i watched him again as he read the message. he knew i want going to give up. he sighed before looking up at me showing that he had replied

"can we talk later about this? i promise i'll tell you then"

"fine. but you promise me you'll tell me?" i suppose better late then never, i trusted him but i knew something was wrong. why wouldn't he just tell me? 

"yeah let's just get this done with. i wanna go home"

"please cheer up. for me" i text back he looked up after reading the text at me and smiled nodding slightly so only i would notice

"thank you" i mouthed to him before returning the smile


"so boys how long does the tour go on til?" Dani asked as our plates were taken away. 

"beginning of April we finish then off recording the album i guess" Zayn answered

"you're going to be away that long?" i turned to Harry 

"yep, but like on days off we'll come back down to Brighton and you can visit us on different dates!" he kissed my cheek

"i guess" it worried me that i'd be spending so much time on my own, not being able to see Harry as regularly as i do. it scared me that the things i could do if i i didn't look after myself properly when Harry wasn't around. i didn't want him to go. or any of the boys for the matter. 

Niall had cheered up a considerable amount since the texting. starting conversations with others instead of just sitting around. we were paying for the bill when i ordered a taxi to pick us up and take us to the hotel. 

we all clambered in the minibus as it pulled off into the dark of the night.

"hey you're that band off the TV right?" the taxi driver asked looking in his mirror.

"er yeah that's us" Louis said

"do you mind signing an autograph for my daughter? shes a big fan she voted every week for you"

"no sure that's fine! anyone got a piece of paper?" Liam asked looking around the taxi. we all looked for a spare piece me and Dani looking in our bags

"no sorry, its alright boys, don't worry about it" the driver said focusing on the road. 

"do you have a phone?" i asked the driver

"yeah here" he passed the phone over the back of the seat and everyone passed it down to me. i went onto the camera switching it to film and pressed record aiming the camera at Harry sitting next to me

"hi...wait whats her name?" Harry asked

"Natalie" he replied

"Hi Natalie, you alright? its Harry from one direction" i span the camera around to Louis and Niall sitting in front

"thanks for all the support Natalie!" Niall shouted over the noise of the car

"Is she going to the tour?" Louis asked

"yeah she was one of the first to!"

"well hope you have fun at the tour Natalie and we'll see you there!" Louis said to the camera before pulling a funny face

the left of me was Zayn i put the camera on him

"hi Natalie sorry we couldn't sign anything but hope this is okay!" he smiled. 

Liam and Danielle were on the front row of the minibus

"hi Natalie! thanks for voting! we love you!" Liam finished before blowing a kiss

"BYE Natalie WE LOVE YOU!" all the boys shouted before i switched the camera off. i passed the camera back to the front of the vehicle

"thank you for that! she'll love it!" he shoved the phone in his pocket before pulling over on the side of the road. "here you are" 

"how much?" Liam asked pulling out his wallet

"after that? its on the house" 

"you sure mate?" Louis asked moving along the seat

"yeah course. it was nice meet you"

"thank you!" Dani said 

we all thanked him and got out the mini bus before the door closed and he drove off. 

we walked into the hotel. The fans had now disappeared thinking the boys had left the hotel. it was also late so was quieter than usual. we walked into the lift going to the floor we all stayed at. and  walked to our rooms. they were all opposite each other. we said our goodbyes and  good nights before all separating into our rooms. me and Harry walked to our at the further side of the corridor. Harry got the hotel key out his wallet pushing it into the door and letting it open. 

"wait for me in there i'll be back in a few minutes" i said pushing my lips against his

"what you doing?" he asked his lips still on mine

"I've got to talk to Niall" 


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