Forever Young - Another World

After the loss of Ava. Bonnie and Harry are faced with a whole new set of problems in a whole new world. Being constantly under the public eye may suit some but others cannot handle it. But this moment in time is the most important and the decisions made now will affect everyone forever.


12. 12.



I was out the shower and dressed before the boys arrived. I didn't bother washing my hair firstly because I knew I wouldn't be able to have time to sort it out and secondly it was still fresh from yesterday. I quickly got changed into a t-shirt dress and brogues letting my hair fall down my hair in its natural waves and applying a little more make up than usual seeing a we were going out for dinner.

I heard the boys walking down the corridor well when I say walking I mean, running, jumping, screaming, shouting, skipping and whatever else you can think of. I hid all the laundry I did earlier that day making sure the boys see none of my underwear or anything

"BONNAY" Louis shouted walking through the door barging past Harry who was standing in the door way. He ran through and jumped on the bed landing face first followed by Niall and Zayn both joining him. They all snuggled together pretending to fall asleep all intertwining their limbs. And gently snoring.

Harry walked over to me smiling. He put and arm around my waist resting his hand on my hip. Kissing my lips softly

"You smell nice" he commented

"Wish I could say the same for you" I smirked. It wasn't that bad but you could tell the boys had been out through their paces.

"Where's Liam?" I asked

"Oh he's picking up Danielle from the station, she was on the other side of London for dance so he invited her along too! That alright?"

"Yeah course we haven't seen each other in ages need a good catch up! Go shower you stink" I giggled slapping his bum away from me towards the bathroom. He pecked my lips and walked into the bathroom.

I walked around the the side of the bed as quietly as I could

"Louis Niall Zayn GET UP C'MON GET UP YOU'RE LATE! GET UP YOU LAZY FARTS GET OFF YOUR FAT ARSES!!" I screamed jumping on them rolling around making as much noise and movement as I could.

They all sat up screaming continuing to play along that they'd been asleep the entire time. We ended up jumping on top of one another rolling around on the bed screaming tickling each other. Worst mistake was wearing a dress

"Wow Bonnie are those for Harry later?" Niall asked raising his eyebrows as my skirt had risen to my waist showing off simple black lace underwear

My cheeks flushed with embarrassment going a rosy pink colour. I yanked my skirt down covering the most part of my thighs

"Why are you embarrassed?" Niall asked. Louis and Zayn were having an arm wrestle on the other side of the bed

"Niall you just saw me in my underwear!"

"Oh c'mon Bonnie I've seen you in a bikini! That's pretty much the same thing!"

"That's not the point though Niall!" He knew I was self conscious he was one of the I only people to know apart from Harry and Mel

"Bonnie you're not fat or ugly okay! You're beautiful and perfect!" He whispered so Louis and Zayn wouldn't hear

I looked down. Was it really right of him to say that? I mean I'm dating his best friend he's dating mine. We are pretty much brother and sister. I sat up off the bed and walked over to the mirror sitting down on the chair over there. I looked over at Niall and he had stayed in the exact same position as he was when we whispered to me. He looked blank, thoughtful staring into space.

"so how was the rehearsal?" i asked Louis and Zayn leaving Niall in his own little world. 

"bloody hell, that choreographer is an arse!" Louis said through his teeth

"im sure he isn't that bad!" i said questioning him. 

"oh no he is! we did 4 hours straight rehearsing and had a minute break. he's ridiculous" Zayn followed

"seriously! that's terrible!" shocked at how worked they were and still as hyper. 

Harry walked out the bathroom completely stark naked. hair still dripping wet. 

"so where for dinner?" he asked shaking his hair ridding it of droplets. 

"erm i looked up a few restaurants close to the hotel and there's like a few Italian and a nandos and a Indian around the corner" i said checking my phone while Harry put some clothes on. i loved how him being naked affected none of us. 

"i vote Nandos" Niall said, speaking up since the incident a few minutes ago

"you'd have nandos every meal if you could Niall" i said jokingly. he raised his eyebrows rolling his eyes at me. he obviously didnt get the joke. 

"Indian!" Louis said " i havent had a curry in ages!" he continued

"you happy with that babe?" Harry asked me walking around me to go to the mirror

"yeah im happy with anything" i replied

"everyone happy with Curry?" Zayn asked sitting up on the bed

we all agreed on curry, some more happy than others. but at least we made a decision. i got my bag together as Harry finished getting ready. the other 3 boys decided to go first get changed and meet us there.

"you alright Bon?" Harry asked spraying aftersahave as i looked down at my lap. my hands playing with my keys

"yeah im fine! is Niall okay? he seemed down earlier?" 

"yeah i think so, why?" he put on his coat and did a final check in the mirror

"ah no reason" i got up and walked to the door having my own final check in the mirror before i left

"you look beautiful tonight"  he kissed my cheek. 

"thank you! so do you" i smiled as we locked our hotel door. we walked out the hotel and down the road, hand in hand. some of the fans managed to find out where the boys had been staying so in the lobby of the hotel there were like 14 fans all eagerly awaiting the band. when my and Harry walked down the stairs a small shriek was heard. Harry took photos with every one of them. talking to them as he went around. some came and spoke to me briefly asking how we were which i thought was kind of them.  Once Harry was done with all the fans he took my hand and walked out the hotel some fans awh'd as he put one arm over my shoulders holding me closer. i span around slightly giving the girls a subtle wave goodbye.  

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