Forever Young - Another World

After the loss of Ava. Bonnie and Harry are faced with a whole new set of problems in a whole new world. Being constantly under the public eye may suit some but others cannot handle it. But this moment in time is the most important and the decisions made now will affect everyone forever.


11. 11.

I looked at Harry, confused about what to do

"Can't she just stay? She'll sit at the edge and just watch" 

"I'll be quiet! You won't even know I'm here!" 

"You need to leave now" he said with a blank face walking over to his bag. I faced Harry. Looking up at his eyes

"I'll go to the hotel, I need to sort out college things anyway. I'll see you tonight. Being the boys and we can go out for a meal! Yeah?" 

"I'm sorry bonnie, there's nothing I can do!"

"It's not your fault! I was kind of expecting it"

He held my face in his hand. Kissing me softly. His hand on the bottom of my spine he pulled me quickly towards him . 

We went into our own little world. Forgetting about the rest of the people in the room.  

I was woken up from our little world with Louis and Zayn coughing sarcastically. 

i broke my lips for Harry's and looked at them smirking. All four of them fell into fits on laughter. Even Harry had a slight chuckle. I buried my head into Harry's chest with embarrassment hearing his chest vibrate as he laughed along with his 4 best friends. 

"You still here?" Stan asked 

"No" I quickly answered picking up my bag 

"I'll see you later, have fun with the boys" I smiled. I pecked his lips

"For Christ sake bonnie! You'll see him in a few hours! I'm sure you hormones will be fine with out him" louis joked 

"See you later boys" I smiled letting go of Harry's hand. Walking trough the door of the studio collecting our bags. 

I caught a cab to the hotel, feeling slightly nervous as what happened in the last taxi I took in London ended in disaster. 

I got to the hotel, checked in. The X factor was paying for the hotel rooms so we got a mini apartment with a small kitchen and a large king size bed with en suite. Our window was the length of the wall. The hotel was on the outer skirts of London so the view from the window was the sky scrapers. I could also see the spikes from the 02 arena. I bet at night it looked beautiful. I bet this room cost a bloody fortune! But it was X factor the best of the best. 

I sorted through our big suitcase as we didn't have the chance when we were in Brighton. I filled the bath with warm water and a little bit of soap before putting all the dirty clothes in letting them soak. You may ask why I didn't just ask for room service and get the hotel to do it but I do my own washing at home so why not do it know? Plus I didn't want the hotel washing all my underwear that was mine and Harry's eyes only! 

Letting the clothes soak I walked back into the room sitting on the bed. I got out the IPad Harry got me for Christmas and scrolled through my emails. I was starting a new college in a matter of weeks. After Ava I couldn't return to school so had to wait another year to join but after her death I was allowed another few months off and could start in the new year.

It's weird starting a new school. Having to make new friends. Having to start afresh but I suppose that might be a good thing. Well I hope so.

I answered a few emails and got some things ready for my first day. I quickly logged onto twitter going through my mentions and timeline. I saw one tweet 

"@harry_styles: I feel like I should own more velvet tracksuits..." 

"@bonniehaines95: just looked online and found a couples matching one! Think we should get them  x" I tweeted back causing my mentions I explode with 

"@larrysbabe: @bonniehaines95 how about no. @harry_styles is mine bitch" 

"@harrysgirl: @bonnehaines95 is dragging Harry down. Seriously he could do so much better #sorrynotsorry" 

Seeing this regularly on my mentions was hurtful. I know harry could do much better but he's chosen me. I know Harry thinks a lot of his fans. They mean more to him than I ever will but I know he won't admit it. 

I continued looking through my timeline instead of my mentions I see a retweet by Harry

"@BonnieStyles: @Bonniehaines95 is lovely, funny, adorable, cute, gorgeous. She is amazing!" 

"@harry_styles: I couldn't agree more.xx"

It made my heart melt. I followed back the account that harry retweeted and made sure I would remember for harry too as well. I speedily wrote her a Dm saying thank you for the tweet and hope she is well before logging off twitter and locking the iPad. 

After my awakening from my nightmare last night I couldn't sleep, I pretended to just to have Harry stop worrying about me but in reality I slept 4-5 hours a night so whenever I had the chance i tried to get even 10 minutes sleep. 


"Isn't she lovely, isn't she wonderful, isn't she prec-" 

"Hello?" I asked picking up my phone

"Bon?" Harry voice was on the other end. Of course it was that was his ringtone. I recorded it months ago and have had it as my ringtone ever since

"Oh hey, how's rehearsals going?" I asked sitting up, rubbing my eyes

"We just finished so will be back at the hotel in around 10 minutes" what? How long was I asleep? 4 maybe 5 hours without having a single dream. 

"Bon you still there?" He asked down the phone

"Yeah just got up and still coming too, haha" 

"Oh babe I'm sorry I rang you, I didn't mean to wake you up. I just wanted you to be ready for when the boys arrive, they are crazy today Im warning you be wary of their practical jokes, been doing them all day. Stan isn't happy"

"I bet he isn't! But don't worry I needed to get up or I won't sleep tonight!" 

"Why what you planning tonight?" The voice wasn't Harrys. It was Irish. It was Niall. He laughed well chuckled down the phone.

"Boys Harry's getting laid tonight!" He shouted away from the phone. I just heard them all cheering wherever they were. I could just imagine what it looked like. Harry in the middle of the bundle all the boys jumping around on him. Harry not being able to control his laughing along with a mixture of embarrassment. Series I feel guilty cause whenever me and Harry do something it never as fun. I feel like I'm seriously all the time and just pull the mood down 

"No Niall just nev-" 

"Sorry about that, told you they were hyper" Harry was now back in the phone

"HARRY! Is that I boner I see?" I heard Zayn say in the background

"Save it for the bedroom Harry! And stop thinking about her!" Liam followed

I just laughed down the phone

"Right I better go, see you soon babe, love you" he said

"Love you too" and the line was dead. I flopped back on the bed refreshed from my sleep but exhausted by the excitement of the boys. I went into the bathroom got the newly clean clothes out the bath and hung them all around the room leaving them to dry so I could shower before the boys arrive. I went to get my toiletries out the suitcase when my phone buzzed. I looked at it and it was a text from Harry. I just laughed at three the phone on the bed. The text was

"Have to admit I was thinking about you earlier ;) x" 

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